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Ethiopia: Now what can you call this regime of the 21st century that denies medical treatment to political detainees August 17, 2020

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Down with injustice

By Ibsaa Gutamaa

Nobody can tell brutality of Darg than those who were prisoners of Maa’ikalaawii. But it did not deny prisoners medical treatment. Just for instance, Dajaazmach Asegaheny, an elderly detainee despite his going to be executed was taken to hospital when he seriously fell ill before that day. I also was allowed to stay in hospital until I recovered. Several prisoners were sent even for simple treatments, when prison clinic cannot handle. Even if there was no known epidemic Maa’ikalaawii was never without water supply for an hour for cleanliness to keep it at bay. That was in 20th century. Now what can you call this regime of the 21st century that denies medical treatment to detainees and driving Oromo to overcrowded prisons without any protection despite pandemic, COVID 19.

What can be more shameful and dishonorable for a Nobel Laurette than denying medical treatment for those in dire need and intentionally exposing people to COVID 19. Compare and contrast with the Darg, what do we call such a regime? It is the most brutal rabid man-eating dictator we never experienced.

There is no reason why Jawar and compatriots should stay in prison even for an hour. What did they do to them except having different stand with them on the Oromo question? Such fascistic act has a consequence.

Oromo are not only the calm that drink only milk; after Tadddee Birruu’s advice there are also those that take hot pepper. Don’t provoke them and pile up vengeance. Remember that Mussolini was hanged with head turned down by the Italian people. Even Darg and Wayyaanee the most powerful forces in sub-Saharan Africa could not survive peoples’ rage. They can subject them to inhuman sufferings or even kill these heroes and heroines to add to numbers of Oromo martyrs. But days of dictators and Nafxanyaa system hopefuls are numbered and they can never stop Oromo revolution. If our people with whole family and their domestic animals go out on the streets and point their fingers to Waaqaa they can destroy it.

Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!


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