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Ethiopia Crisis that need urgent actions: Open letter to international organizations, embassies, media houses, United Nation and African Union August 20, 2020

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Open letter to international organizations, embassies, media houses, United Nation and African Union

Subject: A call to international organizations, embassies, United Nations, African Union to intervene in an ongoing major political crisis in Ethiopia to help stop mass killings and arbitrary arrests by Nobel laureate Abiy Ahmed.

Abiy Ahmed who came to power two years ago through Oromo protests who promised to bring change and democracy to Ethiopia turned into a dictator who kills innocent people just for exercising their freedom of expression. Since he took power, Abiy Ahmed has been eliminating his opponents. Using his military and intelligence skills, many think he has orchestrated the killings of influential people who he thinks are contenders to his power.The following list of people assassinated or killed under his leadership.

1) Seare Mekonnen – Cheif of staff of the Defence Forces of Ethiopia – June 2019

2) Amhara Regional State President – late Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen and Security chief of Amhara region and more than 20 people of the regional state’s staffs – June 20193)

Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Dam project manager – Eng. Simegnew Bekele – July 2018)

4) Dangote Cement PLC- Ethiopia Country Manager – Mr. Deep Kamara – assassinated in May 2018.

5) Jawar Mohammed – an assassination attempt made but Oromo youth have saved him

6) Hachalu Hundessa- influential Oromo superstar singer and help him come to power two years ago and who was very critic of Abiy Ahmed leadership assassinated few days after giving an interview, which many believe that his assassination is orchestrated by Noble laureate Abiy Ahmed. Following the assassination of Hachalu, the country turned into major crisis where more than 374 civilians have been killed and more than 9000 have been jailed by Abiy Ahmed’s Government security forces. The above list is some of the high profile killings that took place under the leadership of Abiy’s government.

Most people suspect and believe that Abiy’s government organised and ordered the killing of all the above people and made a cover-up story as if it was inter-ethnic and religious violence to mislead the local and international community.

Many international human rights organisations have reported in details the ongoing mass killing and arbitrary mass arrest by the government on thousands of civilians every day across the country. Abiy Ahmed didn’t stop there. He jailed the prominent politician Jawar Mohammed who has more than 2 million followers on Facebook and who is his contender to become the next prime minister of Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed also has shut down the largest media house, the Oromia Media Network. He also has put his former close friend and defence minister Lamma Megersa under house arrest, the person who helped him to become prime minister.The noble laureate has turned into dictator and warmonger, leading the country into civil war. Instead of calming the situation, he is escalating the conditions every day.

He is doing mass arrests across Oromia. Nearly more than estimated 120,000 people have been arrested and some of them have been exposed to COVID-19 and he is using this virus as a weapon of war. Currently, most schools and universities across the Oromia region have been turned into prisons and concentration centers. Just only yesterday more than 120 innocent people have killed by order of Abiy’s security forces. What is going on in the country is a major political crisis that needs the attention of international community. He is committing genocide and international war crime against civilias by conducting mass extrajudicial killings and also exposing people to COVID-19.

Currently, a nationwide protest mainly involving road blockades underway in Oromia to request:

1) Immediate release of all Oromo politicians (more than estimated 120,000 people in prisons) including influential political figures like Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Abdi Regassa, Lami Benya, etc.

2) Stop the mass arrests and killings in Oromia and across Ethiopia.

3) Immediate withdrawal of military and security forces from Oromia

4) Immediate resignation of the PM Abiy Ahmed

5) Starting of a national dialogue lead by independent international body to form a transitional government, which all parties involved.

We call upon the international organisations, embassies, United Nations, African Union to intervene and put a maximum pressure to release all politicians and assign international independent body to start a national dialogue to form a transitional government in Ethiopia.We also call upon international organisations to urgently take all necessary actions to stop any financial and diplomatic support from Abiy Ahmed’s government who is leading the country into a major political crisis and civil war.


African Union,

United Nation

European Union Commission,

USA Embassy Addis Ababa

US state Department

UK Embassy Addis Ababa

Germany Embassy

China Embassy

Russia Embassy

Canada Embassy

Australia Embassy

Noble Prize Committee






Trt world

World Bank


Note : Share and send email to the above mentioned Organizations.


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