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Finally I am #free YassinJuma: Kenya Journalist Yassin Juma after he was released from Ethiopian prison he wrote this letter while in the hospital fighting COVID! August 24, 2020

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Yassin Juma, Independent Journalist,Filmmaker,Fixer, Media-Consultant


I, Kenyan Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker Yassin Juma would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to the Oromo community in Africa and the Diaspora for the support extended to me while I was incarcerated.

This is also to confirm that I have been released from detention and I’m currently under isolation at a Covid-19 government facility in Finfine.

According to a statement by the Ethiopian government the reason for my release after horrendous and endless 48 days (and a re-arrest) was that they realised I had been “wrongfully detained” because of “Language barrier”.

I was touched when I called my family for the first time in 50 days and they all again and again would mention the support extended by numerous Oromo people who called from the diaspora or visited them at the family home in Nairobi to find out how they were doing. That really touched me. I can’t thank you enough. I needed that support while in detention as I was overwhelmed by responsibilities taking care of a large extended family, a paralysed hospitalised brother’s medical bills and two orphans. You made it easier for them by having my back and holding their hands.

I cant talk much as am still in Ethiopia and all my focus is exerted on my current battle i.e fighting Corona. Kindly remember me in your prayers. The Oromo community offered 4 brilliant Lawyers to represent me in court at zero fee. I cannot thank you enough for this selfless act. Many thanks to Lawyer Kedir Bolli, Lawyer Abdelatef Elemo and the rest of the team. Lawyer Kedir, a formidable lawyer, would always say this before our court proceedings….”Rabbi Jira,” and yes indeed Rabbi Jira!I also have a message sent to the Oromo community from the detainees I left behind which I will officially share with you once once I’m back on social media.


Yassin Juma, Kenyan Journalist


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