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In London and other countries main cities, Oromo civil youth activists engulfing Ethiopian Embassies around the world August 27, 2020

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In London and other countries, Afaan Oromo speakers made use of Ethiopian Embassies for the first time in their history, albeit in protests.

By Dr Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni

In London and other countries, Afaan Oromo speakers made use of Ethiopian Embassies for the first time in their history, albeit in protests. The screenshot below shows BBC Amharic reporting on “London Qeerroo”, London Oromo Youth in solidarity with the #OromoProtests by Oromia Qeerroo, hoisting Oromo resistance flag on the Ethiopian Embassy in London protesting the mass political killings and mass political detention of the Oromo people by the repressive Neftagna Regime in Ethiopia. Similar #OccupyEthiopianEmbassies protests are being Organized around the World by global Oromo Qeerroos networks. In Minnesota, the Ethiopian Consulate General in Saint Paul has been occupied by the Oromo Qeerros there for weeks, shutting down the Consulate, in one of the most sustained protests by the Oromo people around the world protesting the assassination of Artist Hachalu Hundessa, extrajudicial execution of hundreds, and the detention of tens of thousands of Oromos, including Jawar Mohammed in Ethiopia. It is also important to note that the anger and grievances of the Oromo people run deep, since, the Ethiopian Embassies around the World are funded by the resources extracted and exploited from Afaan Oromo speaking areas while serving only Amharic speaking minority. The Amharic speaking minority regime’s legitimacy in Ethiopia is crumbling before our very eyes as the Oromo and other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia are mounting their resistance, in unison, against the racist regime’s political, economic and cultural exclusion and discrimination. No wonder, the Amharic speaking media outlets, the mouthpiece of the regime in Addis Ababa in the Amharic speaking Diaspora, are crying foul by complaining of the occupation of “their embassies”, meaning: the Amharic speakers Embassies, as Afaan Oromo speaking Oromo Ethiopians and others challenge the exclusive and racist privileged status quo of the Amharic speakers by “occupying their Embassies”, wanting to make it ‘theirs too’ , and make their presence felt. Ethiopian government officials in Addis Ababa and in these respective embassies with an inclusive mindset should be proud of these developments around the world as long marginalized Afaan Oromo speakers stood up to take their rightful place by #OccupyingEthiopianEmbassies. The Ethiopian foreign ministry, therefore, should thank, not complain, about the Western Countries, particularly the United Kingdom, for respecting the rights of the Afaan Oromo speaking Diaspora to peacefully protests, and for allowing them to resist peacefully the racist practices of the Neftagna Regime against the Oromo people by occupying “their Embassies”. On a related note, reports coming from Washington DC indicates that handful of Amharic speaking Diaspora went to Ethiopian Ambassador’s residence there to do their own #Occupy, and get chased away after being showered by water hoses by the Ambassador’s young son who happens to be at home. Although the Amharic speaking extremist media outlets in Washington DC did report on this incident, handful of Amharic speaking Diaspora went to the Ambassador’s residence to ask for the release of certain detainees.


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