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Top ten factors that have been hastening the collapse of Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed’s government October 7, 2020

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Top ten factors that have been hastening the collapse of Abiy Ahmed’s government.

by Bontu Geda

➡️10) Failure to understand how to deal with Habeshas (Both Amhara and Tigre).

➡️ 9) Fear and lack of clue for negotiated power sharing (Both within and outside his own party).

➡️ 8) Zealous obsession with project implementation rather than strategic long-term decisions.

➡️ 7)Overestimation of the stupid Habesha project: ኢትዮጲያዊነት, which is falling apart at a speed of light.

6) Trying to please everyone.

➡️ 5) Obsession with lies, even when not forced by situations.

➡️ 4) Trying to use #Gandummaa as a means of divide-and-rule among Oromos. The faltering Oromo unity is only a temporary event. Oromos, are generally tolerant to act harsh. It is only the matter of time for that diamond-grade unity to come to become operational. That will be the end of the beginning for this man!

➡️ 3) His Illusion about the nonexistent glorious Ethiopian history. The country has been #Jaanjoo since ever its formation! Most people, including the Habeshas who forcefully promote it, know this simple fact. He should have known as well!

➡️ 2) Not understanding and addressing the ‘Oromo Question’. Everyone knows and recently started to acknowledge that this country is what it is because of Oromos. Ignoring the Oromo concerns will be the cause for the true demise of the rotten empire!

!➡️ 1) Endless ambition to forge a strong, unitarist central government. If there is only one chance left to save the crumbling empire, it is the multinational federation. This implies an ever weakening central government and burgeoning autonomy for Ethnic states. No force (Worldly or Heavenly) can maintain this country by overlooking the autonomy of multinational states!

PS: Namni dhagahu yoo jiraate, kuni gorsas ni ta’a. Namni dhagahu dhabamnaan, ‘himan didduun du’a hin diddu’, jennee dhiifna! #Kanuma.


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