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HRW: The Long Arm of Ethiopia Reaches for Those Who Fled September 21, 2017

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist


The Long Arm of Ethiopia Reaches for Those Who Fled

Ethiopia’s Refugees Unsafe in Kenya and Elsewhere

Fascism: Genocide: TPLF Ethiopia: Prompting conflict among Neighboring Nations does not rescue the stumbling Fascist TPLF Ethiopia’s regime from defeat January 21, 2017

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomist

OMN: English News ( January 18, 2017)

OLF logo


Prompting conflict among Neighboring Nations does not rescue the stumbling TPLF regime from defeat (OLF Statement)


The Ethiopian empire was founded not based on the will of its nations and nationalities. It was formed by force by elites from the north with help of the European powers. Since its formation, Ethiopia has never respected the interests of other nationalities in the empire. Today, as in the past, the empire is serving only elites from the Tigray, particularly TPLF and members of its pseudo organizations, while majority of ordinary people from other nationalities, particularly the Oromos, are languishing under its tyranny. Subsequently, the economic, socio-cultural and political exploitations have continued unabated. Tired of such tyranny, the Oromo revolutionaries and the youth has stepped up an uprising that has engulfed the entire nation since 2014. Though the responses of the TPLF security forces were brutal, killing hundreds of peaceful protesters and detaining tens of thousands, the protest has continued and even expanded to the Amhara regional state and to the southern Nations and Nationalities regional state.

Desperate to control the people’s uprising, TPLF first declared a command post rule and then a state of emergency. However, neither of the command post nor the state of emergency has stopped the protest as TPLF hopes. Today, there is no political order in the country especially in Oromia and Amhara regional states. Failed to control the situation in the country, TPLF and its pseudo allies used various strategies to silence people’s quest for freedom and democracy. Since clinch on power, TPLF has been instigating a conflict along national and religion lines. Interestingly, after selfinstigating conflict using its undercover security agents, often it presents itself as a mediator while supporting one group with all sorts of logistics up to militarization. Subsequently, TPLF uses this self-instigated conflict as a propaganda on its statecontrol media to tell the people that TPLF is the best, perhaps the only, remedy for the state to continue as a nation. These are among the strategies that this minority group uses to stay on power. Contrary to this fact the TPLF and its dictatorial rule that are destroying the integrity of the country it claims to maintain.

In Oromia, there are countless instances where TPLF intentionally created a conflict between Oromos and other ethnic groups such as Somali. The current “Oromo -Somali conflict” in East and west Hararge, Bale, Borena and Guji zones seem unique in its nature from previous incidents. A well-trained special police forces (aka Liyu police) solely composed of ethnic Somalis are the fore front of the conflict. This conflict, perhaps a war, has been going on for now three weeks and hundreds of innocent Oromo people have been killed by this special police forces.

Although these special forces are composed of carefully selected ethnic Somalis, it is commanded by a TPLF general Abrhaa Qurater and is also enforced by TPLF Agazi Special Force. The Ethiopian government, as usual, is trying to divert this war as if it is just a conflict between Oromo and Somali farmers. Unlike previous conflicts, this is a large-scale war encompassing East and West Hararge, Bale, Borena and Gujii zones. It is also worth noting here that this Somali special forces are trained by Britain for a so called counter insurgency. The UK- and US-governments also finance the training and supported with all the logistics, which are now murdering innocent Oromo farmers in the East, south-east and southern Oromia bordering the Somali regional state. The TPLF government is using this special police forces, trained supposedly for counter insurgency, to raid just unarmed Oromo farmers. It not a simple conflict to ransack cattle and camels, as TPLF tried to present, however, it a war of ethnic cleansing by a well-trained police forces. Not only those directly involved in the war but also those who trained and armed them will be responsible for such atrocity on hundreds of innocent people.

Our people are fighting back with what they have, but one should note that these are a well-trained and armed forces. Thus, they need support from all Oromos in Oromia and across the globe. This is the time that we standup for the right cause, and show our support for those in dire need, putting aside our little differences. Thus, we call upon all Oromo in Oromia and in diaspora to stand with those who are facing the TPLF special forces with bare hand. The only ever lasting solution we have at stake now is to remove TPLF from power for once and for all. This is possible only when we all united and act as one people for one goal, remove TPLF, the killer of our people. We also call upon all Oromos who are currently serving at various posts in police and military camps of the TPLF to turn their weapons against the enemy of your people.

Those who supported the TPLF killing machinery financially as well as in logistics will not escape from accountability. Thus, we call upon the Western governments, specially the government of USA and UK who financially sponsored the training of such killing machinery should immediately withdraw their support and held the TPLF government accountable for all the killings and destruction. Finally, we would like to call upon all people in Ethiopian to stand together to bring an end to the TPLF tyranny.

Victory to the Oromo people!
Oromo Liberation Front
January 21, 2017

Read more in Amharic,  Afaan Oromoo and English

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Gaaddisa RAABAA DOORII (LIVE) Amajjii 17, 2017, Qabxiin Marii: Weerara Liyyuu Poolisii Oromoo Irratti Bane.

OMN: ODUU (Amajjii 18,2017)

OMN: ከቀድሞው የሶማሌ ክልል ፕሬዚዳንት ልዩ አማካሪ ከአቶ አብዱላሂ ሁሴን የተደረገ ቃለመጠይቅ

Abdi Illey’s recent attacks on Oromian territories with TPLF Generals


(Ayyaantuu News):There has been frequent, but in fact subsequent, attacks launched by what is called the Liyu Police Force of the Somali Regional State on different districts of Oromia along the South, South east and east particularly along the Hararghe, Bale and Borana lowlands. More than 200 people are estimated to have been killed so far. The Liyu Police, as commanded by the psychopath Abdi Illey did repeatedly commit war crimes and crimes against humanity on civilians in the Ogaden region. Most of the units of the Liyu police are said to have been recruited from Illey’s own clan. After he established the murderous militia group and took the command and control of it, Mr. Illey has literally turned himself into a war lord. He never gives sh* about what the officials at the federal gov’t had to say. It’s even with in the public domain that he spitted on the face of the puppet prime minister HMD in Jigjiga while he was there as a ‘guest of honor’ during the celebration day of what they call “nations and nationalities day” in 2013. While even most of the cabinet ministers of the federal government go on the routine per diem scales on trips to foreign countries, Abdi Illy makes it so differently. The man even contracts and commissions top security guards while reserving hotel rooms in some of the top hotels of the cities he goes for trip to.

2/3: “Liyu police” is an equivalent of the Janjaweed militia in the Sudan (Arabic: جنجويد) but armed by the TPLF to raid districts in Oromia

In this short commentary, I argue that Abdi Illey’s recent attack on the Oromo territories is part of his strategy to “take back” the land he lost during the backdoor deal with the TPLF Generals.

The land dispute with Afar Regional State
It has been a matter of generic knowledge among the public that the Afar-Issa-Somali conflict over land was the cause for the dismissal for three-fourth of government cabinet members in the Somali regional State a couple of years back. At the heart of the conflict lies, as the Afar diaspora network claims, the Somali-Issa militia forces did expand their control into the heart of the Afar land reaching to the banks of the Awash River and the strategic highway linking Addis Ababa to the port cities of Assab and Djibouti. Apparently, the dispute was halted by TPLF’s interventionist deal that favored the position of the Afar. But insider informants had it that the TPLF-imposed decision to seal the deal favoring the position of the Afar asymmetrically divided the 12-membered cabinet of the Somali Regional State into a fiercely fighting group of 4 to 8 members. Accordingly, 8 of the 12 cabinet members including the then vice-president did reject the decision while 4 of them (including the president Abdi Illey) accepted the TPLF-imposed decision. But the whole saga then went astray so much so that the 8 cabinet members in the Somali Regional State who opposed the move had to be all fired out to implement the land dispute deal proposed by the TPLF, at the end of the day. Abdi Illey’s 4-membered group in the cabinet, a minority by any democratic sense, had to turn victorious by firing all the 8 others (including the vice-president) because Abdi Illey & co had the keen supported from TPLF Generals. What is more??
Why the TPLF wanted to favor the Afar in the tribal land dispute/conflict?
For the TPLF, the Afar region is just part of the greater Tigray it envisions. If article 39 of Ethiopia’s facade federalism is to be first invoked by the TPLF (the maker and its breaker) any time it reads greater risk in the wider Ethiopian politics, Tigreay will secede taking Afar along with it — we all know it and they all know it too. Tigreans have not only political and economic supremacy in the Afar areas but they even dominate the urban culture in there – much like the Amhara do in Oromia due to the lingering legacy of the imperial era and that of the derg. Most businesses in the Afar towns are owned by business men of Tigray origin who are affiliates of the TPLF, more often than not. So, for the TPLF, it’s a natural instinct choice for any land dispute deal between the Afar and the Somali being sealed in favor of the former. But more importantly, the TPLF can make sure that the later won’t lose the land it claimed or at least be compensated for it by what could possibly be paid by a party that had no involvement either in the conflict or in the deal to seal it at the end of the day. Here is where Abdi Illey’s attack on Oromia, as supported by the TPLF Generals comes in. He has already been declared as “the best person of the year” by the TPLF’s mouth piece called “Tigraionline.com”. Sooner or later, we will be told that some remote territories disputed among some tribal pastoralists of the Oromo and Somali have been given to the later. And that seals the backdoor deal between Abdi Illey and the TPLF Generals.


So what?
It’s conceivable that the OPDO are neither aware of it nor capable of stopping this deal. They are created to contradict the Oromo in the very first place. While the Liyu police not only raids Oromo villages crossing borders but also killing their cadre sitting in office, the OPDO did nothing other than dialing on the old digits of the Arat kilo palace. The response was loud and clear though: ‘the number you calling doesn’t exist’. But they are still calling….so amazing…….
So, the public should defend itself against these TPLF’s mercenary group called Liyu police by all means possible. We believe semi-organic bodies like the Oromia Police shall stand by the side of the public. We will overcome this dirty war of the TPLF too!
la luta continua vitoria e certa!!!

Oromia (#OromoProtests): Partial list of Oromos mainly students that have been killed by Ethiopian regime police, security agents, Special and armed force during peaceful demonstration of last three months (updated stand. March. 2016) March 18, 2016

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Odaa Oromoo#OromoProtests iconic pictureOromo Woman confronts Agazi in CalanqooWomen mourn during the funeral ceremony of a primary school teacher who family members said was shot dead by military forces during protests in OromiaHanna doja. Oromo child, 1st grade student in Kombolcha, Horroo Guduruu, Oromia. Attacked  by Ethiopian regime fascist  forces on 31st December  2015Sabboona Oromoo Baayyisaa Taaddasaa#OromoProtests global solidarity rally organised by the Australian Oromo community in Melbourne, 10 March 2016 p2

Partial list of Oromos mainly students that have been killed by Ethiopian regime police, security agents, Special and armed force during peaceful demonstration of last three months (updated stand. March. 2016)

cropped-qeerroo-edit.jpgPartial list of Oromos mainly students that have been killed by Ethiopian regime police, security agents, Special and armed force during peaceful demonstration of last three months (updated stand. March. 2016)


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ABC News: Right Group:Oromia: #OromoProtests: Ethiopia’s security forces carrying out serious rights abuses, killings and rapes in clashes with protesters in Oromia


ABC News: Right Group:Oromia: #OromoProtests: Ethiopia’s security forces carrying out serious rights abuses, killings and rapes in clashes with protesters in Oromia March 15, 2016

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Odaa OromooHanna doja. Oromo child, 1st grade student in Kombolcha, Horroo Guduruu, Oromia. Attacked by Ethiopian regime fascist forces on 31st December 2015Agazi, fascist TPLF Ethiopia's forces attacking unarmed and peaceful #OromoProtests in Baabichaa town central Oromia (w. Shawa) , December 10, 2015#OromoProtests‬ (1st March 2016) in Qarsaa town. Oromo nationals Muraadii and Kadir Siraj Ahmed killed by Agazioromoprotests-tweet-and-share1

Group: Ethiopia Forces Kill, Rape in Clashes With Protesters

A rights group is accusing Ethiopia’s security forces of carrying out serious rights abuses during recent protests in the country’s Oromia region.

The Ethiopia-based Human Rights Council said Monday that it found evidence of extrajudicial killings, tortures, beatings, illegal detentions, forced disappearances and arson attacks during and after the protests.

In November, protests erupted in the Oromia region over a proposed plan to expand the municipal boundary of the capital, Addis Ababa, which some believed would lead to the displacement of farmers.

Authorities have since abandoned the plan but clashes continue. The Human Right Council said at least 103 people have been killed.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn recently told lawmakers he is “apologetic for the death and destruction” that happened during the protests.



Group: Ethiopia forces kill, rape in clashes with protesters



UNPO: Ethnic Cleansing in Gambella Region, Ethiopia: What Is to Become of Its Minorities? February 4, 2016

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Odaa OromooUNPO

Ethnic Cleansing in Gambella Region, Ethiopia: What Is to Become of Its Minorities?


Unfortunately it is not unusual for the Ethiopian government to conduct ethnically-based human rights violations in its own country. Only a few weeks go, Oromo civilians were specifically targeted and killed in their home towns following peaceful protests. Today it is the Anuak community who is suffering from oppression by national authorities. The government seems to have started the conflict to repress a group of civilians suspected of affiliation to the Gambella Peoples’ Liberation Movement (GPLM). The People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) condemns these atrocities and pleads the international community to take these continuous human rights violations in consideration when engaged in relations with the Ethiopian Government.


Photo courtesy of Julio Garcia @Flickr


On January 27, 2016, around 2:00 am local time, ‘special police’ from the regional administration of Gambella aided by local militia attacked Anuak civilians all over the region. Subsequently, the death of more than four dozen of Anuak civilians have been reported; and the indiscriminate massacre of unarmed Gambella civilians is said to be continuing. Moreover, the local militia close to the regional administrator attacked a prison in Gambella town and residential areas by killing more than 8 people and destroying the regional state prison.

In Gambella, the Ethiopian government arms and trains both the special police forces and the local militias. Therefore, the government is believed to have instigated the current conflict after it has suspected that the Anuak are affiliated to Gambella Peoples’ Liberation Movement (GPLM), one of the founding members of the ‘Peoples’ Alliance for freedom and Democracy’ (PAFD). The instability of the South Sudan is also said to have negatively impacted on the intra-communal harmony.

Between 13 and 16 of December 2003, in Gambella region, the Ethiopian army has massacred over 424 Anuak people, wounding further 200 and causing the disappearances of about 85 people.

Time and again, we have witnessed such profoundly disturbing crimes perpetrated by the current Ethiopian government on civilians of all regions. Since November 2015, the Ethiopian government’s forces are committing similar massacres and brutally treating unarmed Oromo civilians in various Oromia villages and towns. The Oromo civilians are peacefully protesting TPLF’s land-grabbing policies under the pretext of expanding Addis Ababa.

The regime blatantly continues committing similar massacres in Ogaden Somali, Sidama, Tepi-Mezenger, Beni-Shangul and other regions in front of the international community. Civilians and opposition groups and their supporters are arbitrarily imprisoned, continually tortured and denied legal representation. Millions of farmers are continually uprooted from their livelihoods to vacate their land for TPLF’s business. Journalists for writing the truth and all those who dare to exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights are classified as terrorists.

Therefore, PAFD

– Categorically condemns the Ethiopian government’s systematic instigation of the current conflict in Gambella and urges it to stop the arming of one ethnic group to stand against their own people.

– Calls upon all the Gambella civilians to exercise utmost restraint; stop massacring their own brothers and sisters- instead uniting to resist authoritarian TPLF’s regime

– Calls upon all Gambella related democratic movements and liberation fronts to unite in unanimously denouncing the Ethiopian government’s heinous tactics of inciting conflicts between fraternally co-exited brothers and sisters.

– Calls upon all the international and Ethiopian related democratic forces to unite in condemning the on-going Gambella massacre orchestrated by the Ethiopian government.

– Calls upon all the international humanitarians and Western politicians to rethink their position whilst supporting the Ethiopian TPLF’s authoritarian regime.

– Call upon all foreign groups to desist from interfering in the internal affairs of the Gambella peoples.


For the original press release please download this.


Oromia: Ethiopia (Human Rights League Urgent Action): Life-Threatening Situations in Kalitti Jail February 2, 2016

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 Odaa OromooStop Torture

Oromo Voices from Ethiopia Prisons

HRLHA Urgent Action, 1st  February 2016

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) would like to express its deep concerns regarding the safety of Oromo prisoners in the Kalitti Jail in Addis Ababa/Finfinne in Ethiopia. According to information leaked out from the Jail and obtained by the HRLHA, Oromo prisoners are discriminatory subjected to torture in a very harsh jail condition in underground dark rooms.

Qaallitti (Kaliti) mass torture jail

In an inhuman and extrajudicial action taken against some Oromo prisons on the 29th of January, 2016, a lot of Oromo inmates were subjected to tortures that last for over ten hours and left those victims in life-threatening situations. The attack on Oromo prisoners by the prison guards and administrators was executed in two rounds on the same nights in two different compounds of the Jail. According to the leaked documents, it first started in the compound known as “Number Two”.In an after-hour operation, a handful of Oromo inmates was taken out of their prison cells on this Number Two compounds. They were beaten up and tortured for hours and eventually taken to the compound called “Tanker”. They were all naked, their bodies covered with blood, cuts and woulds, and broken limbs.

Tanker is a compound where most of the dark prison cells are located, according to the document obtained by HRLHA. Shocked by the conditions of those tortured Oromos, the Oromo inmates who were previously in the dark cells of the Tanker compound asked as to why they were not allowed at least to have clothes on themselves. This very question triggered another round of assault and torture on some of those who raised the question. These include Kadir Zinabu, Abdisa Ifa, Fakada Abdisa, Abdii Birru, Banti Daggafa, Dajjazmach Bayyana, and Hasien Abdurahman. They were all severely beaten up; and finally transferred to another dark room within the Tanker compound.Husien Abdurahman in particular was separated from all others and taken away to a yet unknown destination; because he was bitterly crying and screaming due to the severe injuries and woulds he received from the assaults and torture. Mr. Husien Abdurahman was not seen or heard from since then (the morning of January 30, 2016). There has been a very deep fear among his fellow prisoners that he might not be alive any more.

This inhuman and extrajudicial operation of torture was headed by a prison official called Gabriel-Igzi’abiher, and took place from around 9:00 PM to about 11:00 AM Ethiopian time. According to the information obtained from the Jail, Mr. Gabre-Igzi’abiher was further threatening the whole Oromo political prisoners verbally, mentioning that he and the government led by his TPLF party could, if need be, drag Oromo prisoners out of their prison cells one by one and shoot them dead.


Such inhuman and cruel treatments added to the already harsh prison situation like that of Kalitti, the safety of political prisoners, who are categorized as enemies by the Ethiopian Government, is undoubtedly at risk. Therefore, HRLHA calls upon all regional and international human rights and diplomatic agencies so that they do all that is at their disposal to ensure the well being of the political prisoners in Kalitti Jail and elsewhere in Ethiopia.

Copied to:

  • UNESCO Headquarters Paris.
    7, place de Fontenoy 75352 Paris 07 SP France
    1, rue Miollis 75732 Paris Cedex 15 France
    General phone: +33 (0)1 45 68 10 00
    Website: http://www.unesco.org
    UNESCO Office in Abuja
    Mail: j.ngu(at)unesco.org
    Tel: +251 11 5445284
    Fax: +251 11 5514936
  • Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
    United Nations Office at Geneva 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland Fax: + 41 22 917 9022 (particularly for urgent matters) E-mail: tb-petitions@ohchr.org this e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view itOffice of the UNHCR
    Telephone: 41 22 739 8111
    Fax: 41 22 739 7377
    Po Box: 2500
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • African Commission on Human and Peoples‘ Rights (ACHPR)
    48 Kairaba Avenue, P.O.Box 673, Banjul, The Gambia.
    Tel: (220) 4392 962 , 4372070, 4377721 – 23 Fax: (220) 4390 764
    E-mail: achpr@achpr.org
    Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Council of Europe
    F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex, FRANCE
    + 33 (0)3 88 41 34 21
    + 33 (0)3 90 21 50 53
    Contact us by email
  • U.S. Department of State
    Laura Hruby
    Ethiopia Desk Officer
    U.S. State Department
    Tel: (202) 647-6473

Oromia: Maaster Pilaanii Finfinnee irratti Qorannoo qoratame ilaachisuun gaafii fi deebii Dr. Gizaachoo Teessoo waliin taasifame.Say no to the master killer. ‘Addis Ababa’ master plan is TPLF Ethiopia’s grand genocidal plan against Oromo people. September 5, 2015

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???????????Tigrean Neftengna's land grabbing and the Addis Ababa Master plan for Oormo genocide

Say no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is TPLF’s grand genocidal plan against Oromo people.
”As we have heard ‪#‎TheMasterKiller‬ implementation is just around to evict thousands of Oromos from their land and homes. More then that to destroy Oromummaa as well. In addition also The So Called Master Killer will cut Oromiyaa into two like Gaza and West-bank. Guess what will happen then?. We must all stand together and stop this, remember last time mostly students were participated but this time around we must all prepare for inclusive resistance (all of us) to save guard Oromiyaa and Oromummaa. Remember without OROMIYAA NO OROMOS!” OFC

Say no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people



The tale of two countries (Obama’s/TPLF’s Ethiopia and Real Ethiopia): The Oromo (Children, Women and elders) are dying of genocidal mass killings and politically caused famine, but Obama has been told only rosy stories and shown rosy pictures. #Africa #Oromia August 2, 2015

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In Tyrannic fascist TPLF  Ethiopia war, poverty and famine were not only in the past but also very true in this very moment, right now.  It has spatial variations as rulers and time changes. In 1960’s and 1970’s (Hailse Sellasie Regime)  Wollo and Afar regions were the mainly affected. As documented in Wikpedia:-

In 1973, a famine in Wollo killed an estimated 40,000 to 80,000, mostly of the marginalized Afar herders and Oromo tenant farmers, who suffered from the widespread confiscation of land by the wealthy classes and government of Emperor Haile Selassie. Despite attempts to suppress news of this famine, leaked reports contributed to the undermining of the government’s legitimacy and served as a rallying point for dissidents, who complained that the wealthy classes and the Ethiopian government had ignored both the famine and the people who had died.[12  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1983%E2%80%9385_famine_in_Ethiopia

In 1980’s  Tigray was severely affected but not the only.

Five Ethiopian provinces—Gojjam, Eritrea, Hararghe, Tigray, and Wollo—all received record low rainfalls in the mid-1980s.[17] In the south, a separate and simultaneous cause was the government’s response to Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) insurgency. In 1984, President Mengistu Haile Mariam announced that 46% of the Ethiopian Gross National Product would be allocated to military spending, creating the largest standing army in sub-Saharan Africa; the allocation for health in the government budget fell from 6% in 1973–4 to 3% by 1990–1.[18]

Although a UN estimate of one million deaths is often quoted for the 1983–5 famine, this figure has been challenged by famine scholar Alex de Waal. In a major study, de Waal criticized the United Nations for being “remarkably cavalier” about the numbers of people who died, with the UN’s one-million figure having “absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever,” a fact which represents “a trivialization and dehumanization of human misery.”[19]

Nevertheless, the magnitude of the disaster has been well documented: in addition to hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions were made destitute.[20] Media activity in the West, along with the size of the crisis, led to the Do They Know It’s Christmas? charity single and the July 1985 concert Live Aid, which elevated the international profile of the famine and helped secure international aid. In the early to mid-1980s there were famines in two distinct regions of the country, resulting in several studies of one famine that try to extrapolate to the other or less cautious writers referring to a single widespread famine. The famine in the southeast of the country was brought about by the Derg’s counterinsurgency efforts against the OLF. However, most media referring to “the Ethiopian famine” of the 1980s refers to the severe famine in 1983-5 centered on Tigray and northern Wollo, which further affected Eritrea, Begemder and northern Shewa.[21] Living standards had been declining in these government-held regions since 1977, a “direct consequence” of Derg agricultural policies.[22] A further major contributing factor to the famine were the Ethiopian government’s enforced resettlement programs, utilized as part of its counter-insurgency campaign.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1983%E2%80%9385_famine_in_Ethiopia

Since 1991 as rocky Tigray has been prospering through political favoritism, nepoltism and resource transfer from green Oromia and the south that have been subjected to underdevelopment, exploitation, land grabbing, evictions, genocidal mass killings and famine.  It is not Ethiopia that has been growing fast and rising, it is rocky Tigray at the expenses of the suffering Oromia and the south. What the TPLF propaganda machine shows to the world is rosy pictures of  its business empire that serves only the Tigray, genocidal cliques and new colonizer from the region. During the Obama visit, what the president was shown were Coffee ceremony in government office, Lucy’s skeleton, Fafa factory near Finfinnee, Ethiopian Air Line’s Boeing plane, Abyssinian women and their cultural dances and the Chinese built African Union building in Finfinnee.

Obama Ethiopia visit, picture with president Mulatu Teshome Wirtu JulaObama Ethiopia visit3Obama Ethiopia visit4Obama Ethiopia visit5Obama Ethiopia visit6Obama Ethiopia visit2

Obama Ethiopia visit Africa Union

Realities in Ethiopia that  Obama have not seen:-

Systematic genocidal killings, mass eviction going on against Oromo people in Burrayyuu (Central Oromia, near Fifinnee) and in Bishoftuu (Central Oromia). Thousands have been become homeless and destitute as their homes have been destroyed by Agazi (TPLF) fascist forces that has targeted Oromo for land grabs in its genocidal (Addis Ababa) master plan:-

TPLF Ethiopian forces destroyed Oromo houses in Ada'a district, Central Oromia, July 2015


Maqaa Master Plaaniin Qonnaan Bultooti Oromoo Qe’ee fi Mana Isaanii Irraa Humnaan Arihamaa Jiru!


TPLF Ethiopian forces destroyed Oromo houses in Central Oromia, July 2015TPLF Ethiopian forces destroyed Oromo houses in Central Oromia1, July 2015

The following pictures are children, women and adults that has been exposed to famine in Eastern Oromia at the time Obama Africa/ Ethiopia visit. Thousands  are exposed to famine and dying but help is reaching them.  The pictures are on social media. The main stream media, TPLF and Obama are in Ethiopia’s fast growth hype, democratically elected government and war on terror. No one of them are talking war on politically caused famine.

Suuraaleen armaan gadii kun daa’imman dabalatee namoon kumaatamaan lakaawamani  Godina Hargee Lixaa keessatti beelaaf saaxilaman jirachuu kan mul’isu dha. Ogeessonni fayyaa balaa beelaa hammaataa jiru kana dormannoof yoo waywaatanis haga ammaa dhageetti hin arganne.  Gargaarsa tokko illee argachaa hin jiran.

People are dying of famine in Ethiopia, Hararghe including children, mothers and adults July, August 2015 during Obama  Africa visitPeople are dying of famine in Ethiopia, Hararghe including children, mothers and adults July, August 2015 during Obama  Africa visit1People are dying of famine in Ethiopia, Hararghe including children, mothers and adults July, August 2015 during Obama  Africa visit2People are dying of famine in Ethiopia, Hararghe including children, mothers and adults July, August 2015 during Obama  Africa visit3

Ummanni keenya keessattuu ,ummanni harargee, beela hamaaf saxilamaa jiran. Ummanni naannoo baadiyyaa jiraatan inumaa nyaata isaanii dhabanii magaalaa naannawa isanii jirtutti godaananii kadhachuutti jiran . Haati daa’maa qabduus daa’ima isii fudhattee godaanuuf dirqamteerti.I irra caalatti beelti tun kan isiin hubaa (miidhaa) jirtu manguddootaa fi daa’mmani. Ani gama kiyyaan hanga ammaatti hoongee(beela) nu mudatte tana miidiyaa gabaase ykn qaama wanta kana furuuf yaade hin dhageenye. Rakkoon nu mudatu kamiyyuu dilii teenyaaf tahuu beeynee gama Rabbii haa deebinu. Suuraan asiin gaditti argitan tun magaalaa awwadaayitti kadhaaf hawaasa godaane agarsiisti.

Source:- Adem Abdela Adem, social media

People are dying of famine in Ethiopia, Hararghe including children, mothers and adults July, August 2015 during Obama  Africa visit4People are dying of famine in Ethiopia, Hararghe including children, mothers and adults July, August 2015 during Obama  Africa visit5People are dying of famine in Ethiopia, Hararghe including children, mothers and adults July, August 2015 during Obama  Africa visit6

Godina Baalee, Aanaa Gaasaratti, lafeeleen namoota dhibba tokkoo argame July 10, 2015

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Godina Baalee, Aanaa Gaasaratti, lafeeleen namoota dhiiba tokkoo olii argame. Skeletons of  more than 100 human bodies found buried together in Bale, Gaasara district, Dambal locality, Oromia


(OMN:Oduu Adol.09, 2015): Godina Baalee aanaa Gaasaraa magaalaa Danbal ganda Askaalatti, lafeen namoota 60 ol ta’an, jumlaadhaan boolla tokkotti awwaalaman argamuun dhagahame.

Jiraattonni naannichaa akka jedhanitti,ammayyuu lafeen namoota heddu argamuu nutti himuun, gochaan raawwatame kun, sirna bulchiinsa mootummaa kam keessa akka ta’e, haga ammatti wanti beekkame hin jiru.

Godina Baalee,aanaa Gaasaraa magaalaa Danbal araddaa Askaala ykn Hirbaayyee jedhamutti, lafeen namoota 60 jumlaadhaan ajjeefamanii boolla tokkotti awwaalaman, guyyaa kaleessaa jechuun Adoolessa 8 bara 2015tti, argamuu isaa jiraattonni kun OMN tti kan himan.

Jiraataan magaalaa Danbal akka jedhanitti, lafee namootaa hedduu jimlaadhaan awwaalaman kana, ija isaaniitiin arguu nutti himuun, yoomiif eennuun, gochaan kun akka raawwatame hin beeknu jedhan.

Lafeen namoota jimlaadhaan boolla tokkotti awwaalamanii turan kun, namoonni naannawa san jiraatan osoo karaa deeman kan argan yoo ta’u, ammas lafeen namoota awwaalamanii, laakkofsaan hedduu akka ta’ellee namni kun ibsaniiru.

Akka namni kun nuuf himanitti, gochaan raawwatame kun, sirna bulchiinsa mootummaa kam keessa akka ta’e haga ammatti wanti beekkame hin jiru.
Haata’u malee, lafee namoota argamee kanarraa hubachuun akka danda’ametti, awwaalcha baroota dhihoo kan fakkaatuudha jedhan.

Jiraattonni aanaa Gaasaraa magaalaa Danbal akka jedhanitti, lafeen namoota jimlaadhaan boolla tokkotti awwalamanii argaman kunniin, namoota umriidhaan gaheessa ta’aniidha.
Wanatoonni raawwatamee ture kun, naannawaa isaanitti yeroo jalqabaa akka ta’e kan nutti himan namni kun, gochaa raawwatamee ture kana akka qorataniif, gara bulchiinsa aanichaatti ibsuu isaanillee dubbatan.

Ji’a Adoolessaa bara 2014 darbes, godina Harargee Bahaa magaalaa Harar araddaa Hammarreessatti, lafeen namoota jumlaadhaan ajjeefamanii awwalaman keessaa 400 kan ta’an, deeggartoota Adda bilisummaa Oromoo akka ta’an, jiraattota naannichaa waabeeffachuun gabaasuun keenya ni yaadatama.

Keessahuu bara 1998 hanga 2000tti, yeroo Itoophiyaa fi Eritraan waraana irra turanitti, dargaaggootaa fi manguddoota Oromoo, Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo deeggartu jechuun, naannoo Jijjigaa fi Soomali-land irraa, mootummaa Itoophiyaatiin qabamanii kan hidhaman oggaa ta’u,nyaata fi dhugaatii dhorkamuun lubbuun isaanii gaaga’amuun, jiraattoonni kun dabalanii saaxiluusaanii wayituma san gabaasuun keenya kan yaadatamudha.

Gabaasaan Usmaan Ukkumee ti.