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Meet Beekan Guluma Erena : Author of more than 29 Afaan Oromoo Books Dargaggoon waggaa 30 kitaabota Afaan Oromoo 29 barreessee, kitaabota 85 ol akkasumas barruulee adda addaa gulaaleera:BEEKAN GULUMMAA IRRANAA July 2, 2015

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Beekan Guluma Erena Short biography

By  Sabboontuu Inkoosaa,   gibetube.com

Beekan Guluma Erena was born in April 24, 1984 at West Oromia, East Wollega zone, in a district called Nunu Kumba. He was born in a very extended family. His father had three wives of which Beekan’s mother was the third. Finally, he had 16 children from those three wives. There were only few children that got educational opportunity. Most of them remained farmers.  Beekan faced many ups and downs of life due to the number of his brothers and sisters and unbalance of resource with the number of family households.11700626_458769627635233_5656259770064106142_o

Most of the time, his brothers and sisters had continues conflict on the issue of land. This made Beekan face great challenges until he joined Jimma University, Ethiopia for his BED degree. He even remembers that there was a time at which he was forced to drop his education because he couldn’t continue. He was educated without the support of his family.

When he was primary school student, he used to purchase commodities like coffee, salt, lemon and so on and bring them to the market from a distant area walking more than 30 kilo metres on his feet. The he sells the commodities and makes use of its benefit. He spend some years on street with homelessness.

After he joined University to attend higher education, somebody gave his a photo camera called “Yashka.” This was good opportunity for Beekan. Then he used the device for commercial purpose in the campus free times and this was the only financial source he had in the University.

Beekan was medium student at primary education level. Though he made sure that he had educational potential, the bad situation he lived in restricted his ability not to be released. Whatever his situation was, he firmly believed that the best tool to eradicate poverty is education.beeee

He had many memories of what he contributed for his society. To mention one, when he was grade 9 student, he made a tent whose width was only about 2 metres and began to teach uneducated people in his area. Because most of his students were farmers, the only conducive time for this activity was from 5:00 am to 6:30 am. He taught more than 78 people who never got the education opportunity to go to school. At last, 40 students could successfully be promoted to grade two. Now they are in the university. The local government that understand his innovative works supported him by providing him necessary materials like chalk and books. Finally, Mr. Guluma Erena—Beekan’s father—disallowed him not to teach people in his compound because he was afraid that the government may take the land from him and build school there. He got a certificate for this contribution. Finally, Beekan disappear from the area for the difficulties he face many times. Then after his mother passed away and he grown up without family.

Beekan had a dream to be lecturer when he was only grade 7. Fortunately, his childhood dream was realised and he became a lecturer in Ambo University, Ethiopia. Having taught for one years in Ambo University, he was sent to Addis Ababa University to pursue his second degree. He received his M. ED by Oromo language teaching and literature from there and got back to Ambo University. Based on his successful performance, the University after teaching three years sent him again to Addis Ababa for for his PhD education. He is one of the students from the department of Documentary Linguistics and Culture. He is conducting research on a title called ‘Documenting oral poetry and its semantic analysis.

Besides his teaching profession, he is also successful writer. He remembers that he used to write what was in his mind during his primary education. He wished to be a good writer and now he has realised that. Currently, he wrote and published 28 books in his mother tongue that is Oromo. He has been edited more than 60 books which also written in Afaan Oromo. His literary focus is politics, language skills and indigenous oral tradition.  His contribution in Oromo literature is bidirectional. First, he wrote many books and made it available for the Oromoo people. Second, he has motivated and supported hundreds of young people to write what is in their mind. As a result, many young people became good writers. Most of his books were published by businessmen and Beekan got no financial support from them. This is because of his financial limitation. Whatever it is, he is happy to give his books to business men because his attention is to help his people rather getting money.bekan

Finally, Beekan has received many trainings and certificates for his multidirectional contribution for his people in one way or another (see his CV attached). But due to his scholarship and cultural and literary activism, the leading political party in Ethiopia has placed him on a blacklist. The current Ethiopian government heavily censors Oromo writers from writing about the political circumstances of the Oromo people. He currently living under a lot of mental and emotional stress and worrying about his safety and life because of the threats he has been receiving from different individuals. These threats to his safety and life are hindering his Ph.D studies at Addis Ababa University. He cannot focus on his studies. He feel afraid and terrorized and he do not move around freely. Sometimes he   leave home and go home in a very timely manner out of fear that something will happen to him. Those who are threatening him believe that there is nothing he can do to defend himself from them, and so they continue to threaten. It is as if these men have been appointed official judges and have passed a death sentence on him, without any interrogative examination or involvement of the court. Currently, he is on writing ofNovels, short stories and reference books in Afan Oromo (his mother tongue).

all of his books are available at www.borofa.com. You can order them now.

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Sabboontuu Inkoosaatiin,    gibetube.com

Hojii inni hamma ammaatti hojjete umurii isaa waliin wal hin simu. Dargaggoon waggaa 30 kitaabota Afaan Oromoo 29 barreessee, kitaabota 85 ol akkasumas barruulee adda addaa gulaaleera jechuun waan ulfaatuuf, namoonni yeroo hedduu akka waan inni jaarsa ta’eetti yaadu. Yeroo jalqabaaf yommuu isa argan wanti gaaffii namootatti ta’u umurii isaa kana waan ta’eef, “Ani dargaggoo akkanaa si hin seene!” isaan jedhu. Yeroo isaatti haalaan fayyadamuun beekama. Isaaf tokkoo tokkoon daqiiqaa sa’atii keessa jirtuu, tokko tokkoon sa’atii guyyaa keessa jirtuu, tokkoo tokkoon guyyaa torban keessa jirtuu, tokkoo tokkoon torban ji’a keessa jirtuu, tokkoo tokkoon ji’a waggaa keessa jirtuu hiika addaa qabdi. Nan boqodha jedhee hiriyyoota waliin taa’ee utuu bashannanuu hin argamu. Guyyaanis—isaaf—halkanis yeroo hojiiti. Hojiif ilaalcha adda ta’e qaba. Dadhabbii fi nuffa malee yeroo dheeraa taa’ee hojjechuun hojii ajaa’ibsiisaa hojjeteera. Ofii barreessuu isaa qofa miti wanti nama ajaa’ibu. Dhaloota qubee keessaa barreessitoota hedduutti hamilee taasisuun, jajjabeessuun, hojii isaanii harkaa fuudhee toora qabsiisuun, onnachiisuun hedduu isaanii kaaseera.bekan

Lixa Oromiyaa, Godina Wallagga Bahaa, aanaa Nuunnuu Qumbaatti maatii qonnaan bulaa irraa kan dhalate Beekan Gulummaa Irranaa, yeroo ijoollummaa isaa rakkoo gurguddaa dabarseera. Abbaan isaa obbo Gulummaa Irranaa dubartoota sadii qaba ture. Isaan keessaa harmeen Beekan sadaffaa yoo taatu, abbaa isaaf ijoollee lama (dhiira tokkoo fi shamara tokko qofa) deessee boqotte. Abbaan isaa garuu ammallee lubbuudhaan ni jira.

Abbaan Beekan—obbo Gulummaan—walumaa galatti ijoollee 17 waan qabaniif ijoollee isaanii keessaa carraa barnootaa kan argate muraasa qofadha. Kaan isaanii hojii qonnaa irratti bobba’anii jiru. Walii galteen gidduu isaaniitii hagas mara dhibuu isaaf tarii baay’inni isaanii sababa ta’uu akka hin oolle shakka.

…Sababa baay’ina keenyaa haa ta’u hin beeku walii galteen nu gidduu hagas mara hin jiru…

Ijoolleen obbo Gulummaa Irranaa deddeebi’anii dhimma lafaa irratti wal lolu turan. Kun immoo hanga gaafa Yuunivarsiitii seenuutti Beekan gidiraa gurguddaa akka dabarsu taasiseera. Rakkina irraa kan ka’e yeroon inni itti barnoota isaa addaan kutellee akka ture yaadannoo isaati. Sababa walii galteen maatii isaa keessa hin jirreef gargaarsa maatii malee barate jechuun ni danda’ama. Gabaa keessa foqoqee kanneen akka ashaboo, buna, loomii fi kanneen biroollee bitee gurguruudhaan akkasumas fageenya KM 20 oliirraa midhaan garaa garaa bituudhaan mataatti baatee daldalee bu’aa sana irraa argamuun barnoota isaa sadarkaa tokkoffaa fi lammaffaa barate. Erga Yuunivarsiitii seeneehoo akkamitti barate jettanii gaafattu ta’a. Seenaa kana barreessuuf yeroon odeeffannoo walitti qabachaa ture gaaffii fi deebiin isa waliin taasise keessatti natti himeera. Anis darbee darbee jechoota isaa kallattiidhaan nan fayyadama. Waa’ee barnoota isaa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa akkana naan jedheera:

….Ergan Yuunivarsiitii galees kaameraa “Yaashikaa” jedhamu namni naaf biteetu, yeroo boqonnaa koo Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa keessaa suura kaasee dhiqsiisee gurguruunan baradhe. Kaamerattiin ammayyuu ni jirti…beeee

Kutaa gadiittii barnoota isaatti barataa giddu galeessa ture. Dandeettii (potential) qabaatullee, ijoollummaa isaatii ka’ee yaadnii fi yaaddoon isa xuuxaa waan tureef, samuu isaatti haalaan fayyadamuu dadhabuu isaarraa kan ka’e dandeettiin yaaduu isaa yeroo irraa yerootti gad bu’aa deema ture. Ta’ullee, kellaan hiyyummaa qabsoo barnootaatiin akka diigama jala muree beeka ture. Barnoonni humna dhokataa keessoo keenyaa karaa ittiin ifa taasisnu akka ta’e ni amana ture. Barnoonni gosa lama qaba: idilaawaa fi mit-idilaawaadha. Barnoonni mit-idilaawaan maatii fi naannoo irraa yommuu argamu idilaawaan immoo mana barnootaatii argama.

Ilmi namaa kallattii hedduun barnoota akka gonfatu beekamaadha. Maatii irraa, naannoo irraa, mana barnootaa fi muuxannoo/mudannoo jiruu fi jireenyaa keessa isaatti walitti qabame irraa ta’uu danda’a. Uummanni Oromoo bara dheeraaf barumsa karaa mit-idilaawaa ta’e waan dubbatamuun (oral) muuxannoo bara dheeraa walitti dabarsaa tureera. Har’a garuu maddoonni beekumsa irraa argannu baay’achaa jiru.

…Isuma dur afaaniin darbaa turetu gara barruutti dhufuu danda’e/a. Saayinsaawaa ta’eetu falaasamni keessaa waraabama. Qabeenyumti uummatichaayyuu falaasama!…

Beekan Gulummaa gumaachawwanii fi mudannoowwan hedduu qaba. Gumaachawwan inni taasise keessaa mee tokko haa ibsu. Barataa kutaa 9 fi 10 yeroo ture mana citaa dhumdhuma 4 taatu ijaaree ijoollee naannoo sana jiran keessatti barsiisuu eegale. Yeroo sana humni ibsaa naannoo sana waan hin qaqqabneef faanosii tokko bitatee boba’aa itti guuttatee barsiisa ture. Hojii qonnaa waliin deemuuf yeroon barumsichaaf mijataa ta’e ganama obboroo sa’a 11:00-12:30 qofa ture.beeekaanKanaafuu, yeroo hundumaa ganama ganama barsiisee akkuma hojii barsiisuu isaa xumureen gara hojii qonnaatti bobba’a jechuudha. Hojii kanaan ijoollee carraa barnootaa tasuma hin arganne 78 barsiisuudhaan isaan keessaa namoota 40 ol gara kutaa lammaffaatti dabarseera. Waajjirri barnootaa aanichaa kana dhaga’uun deggersa barbaachisaa kanneen akka kitaabotaa fi boronqii taasiseef. Gumaacha kanaaf Waraqaa Ragaa inni yeroo lama fudhate hanga ammaatti harka isaa jira. Suurri barattoota sanaas muraasni yaadannoof isa bira jiru. Hojii gaariin inni eegale sun yeroo inni barnoota sadarkaa lammaffaaf gara Arjoo deeme achuma irratti dhaabate. Itti dabalees addaan cituu hojichaaf sababa kan ta’an wantonni biroon turaniiru. Fakkeenyaaf, abbaan isaa obbo Gulummaan namoonni waajjira barnootaa aanaa irraa deddeebi’anaa daw’achaa fi jajjabeessaa akka turan argee mootummaan lafa isaa waan irraa fudhatu itti fakkaannaan sodaatee achii isaan ari’uudhaan lammaffaa akka isaan wal hin barsiifne taasiseera. Namoonni Beekan barsiisaa ture kanneen umuriin isaanii barnoota irra darbee fi gurguddoo waan turaniif, hawaasi naannoo ijoolleen isaanii hojii qonnaa dhiisanii barnootatti waan jalaa goran itti fakkaannaan itti gumguman. Sababoonni kunneen walitti ida’amanii hojii baruu fi barsiisuu mana citaa dhumdhuma 4 keessatti eegalamte addaan kutan.

…Humna dhabee malee ammallee mana barnootaa daa’immanii adda ta’e tokko utuun hundeessee baay’een dheebodha. Namni barate nama kamiifuu garba hin ta’u…

Dhalootumaan mul’anni uumaa biraa namaaf kennamu ni jira. Beekan barataa kutaa 7 yommuu ture barsiisaa ta’uuf akka jiru ni beeka ture. Gaafa guddate naal ta’uu akka inni barbaadu namoota isa gaafatan maraaf deebiin isaa tokkoo fi ifaa ture: Barsiisaa sadarkaa ol-aanaa ta’uu! Hawwiin isaa ganamaa milkaa’eefii amma sadarkaa ol aanaarra barsiiseera. Yuunivarsiitii Ambootti barsiisaa Afaan Oromoo fi Oguma (Literature) ta’ee hojjechaa tureera. Barsiisuutti dabalee, barreessuunis mul’ata isaa ganamaa akka ture ni yaadata. Yeroo barataa ture walaloowwan hedduu fi wantota sammuu isaa keessa dhufan mara waraqaa irratti barreessee ol kaa’aa ture. Wanti barreeffame tokko gara kitaaba ta’uutti akka dhufu garuu yeroo sana waan isaaf hin galiiniif wantota yeroo sana barreesse amma argachuu hin dandeenye. Amma garuu bokokni keessa isaa jiru futtaafachuu waan eegale fakkaata.beekaan

Jalqaba akkuman ibse hanga ammaatti kitaabota 24 barreessee maxxansiiseera. Kitaabota hedduu immoo barreessee gulaalee maxxansaaf qopheessee jira. Beekan xiyyeeffannoon isaa hojii mataa isaa qofa irra miti. Barreessitoota biroo kaasuu fi deggeruun beekama. Kanaafuu, kitaabota hedduu gulaaleera. Qabiyyeen kitaabota inni barreessee fi gulaalee walumaa galatti asoosamoota, kitaabota walaloo, kitaaba xiin-sammuu, kitaabota seenaa fi kan barnootaati.

Beekan kitaabota isaa keessaa harka caalaa akka isaan tola maxxanfataniif namootaaf kennaa ture. Kun sababni isaa dhabinsa maallaqaati. Kaayyoon isaa kitaabota isaa irraa maallaqa argachuu irra ni caala.

…Kaayyoon koo inni guddaan maallaqa argachuu utuu hin taane, qaawwaa ogbarruu Oromoo duuchuudha…

Kitaabota isaa fi kan namoota inni gulaaleefii—karaa isaatiin—kitaabonni kooppii 130,000 ol ta’an guutummaa Oromiyaa irra rabsamaniiru.

Barreessaa fi barsiisaa Beekan Gulummaa dhaloota qubee keessaa barreessitoota hedduu of duukaa hiriirsee jira. Barreessitoonni isa waliin hiriiranii jiran kunneen guutummaa Oromiyaa irraa kan argaman, akkasumas laga gamallee kan jiraniidha. Dhugumaaf taataan, namoonni isa waliin hiriyyaa ta’an hedduun waa barreessu. Yeroo murtaa’eef erga waliin haasa’ee booda namichi yaadaan kan bilchaate ta’uu isaa yoo argate akka inni barreessuuf jajjabeessa. Beekumsi namoonni qaban ukkaamfamee akka isaan keessatti hafu hin barbaadu. Hamma dandeenyu dhalootaaf qooduun bu’aa malee miidhaa akka hin qabne ni amana. Keessumaa hayyoonni dhaloota haaraa kana keessaa ka’aa jiran hamma malee akka isa gammachiisan deddeebi’ee dubbata.beekaann

….Oromiyaan hayyoota amma ka’aa jiran kanaan boonuu qabdi…

Ijoollee kanaaf ogummaa tolaa fi gargaarsa hayyummaa isaa yeroo qoodu gammachuun isaa daangaa hin qabu. Qabeenyi isaa isaanuma akka ta’e dhugaa ba’a.

Kitaabota isaa maxxansiisuu keessatti gufuuwwan isa mudatan maal maal akka ta’an akka naaf ibsuuf gaaffii ani gaafadheef deebii naaf kennee jira. Gufuuwwan hedduun akka jiran ibsa. Rakkoolee ilaalchaa tokko tokko (namni kitaaba Afaan Oromoo bitus ta’e gurguru doorsifamuu fi reebamuu isaa), rakkoo mana maxxansaa Oromoo bal’inaan dhabuu fi qaalawuu gatii maxxansaa, rakkoo raabsaan wal qabatee jiru, rakkoo qeeqxota barruuwwan kanaa dhabuu, rakkoo imaammata afaanii fi sirna barnootaa faana wal qabate, rakkoo deggersa dhabuu, dhaabbata giddu gala waa’ee afaanii, seenaa fi aadaa Oromoo qoratu dhabuu, hojii hojjetamaa jiru kana fuudhee sabaan kan nuuf ga’u miidiyaa dhabuu, rakkoo Oromoo fi Oromoon wal hubachuu dhabuu fi aadaan dubbisuu saba keenyaa gidduutti akka mucaa reefuu daa’imtuu ta’uu isaati.bookaa

Ilaalcha siyaasaa inni qabu akka naaf himuuf gaaffii ani gaafadheef deebii bilchaataa naaf kenne:

…Barreessaan garee siyaasaa kamiyyuu miti. Giddu gala taa’ee waan haqaa fi dhugaa ta’e loogii tokko malee barreessuutu irraa eegama…

Sadarkaa yaadaatti garuu gama haqaaf hojjetu cina hiriiruun dirqama sammuu akka taatu amana. Haalli qabsoo guyyuu namni guyyaa guyyaatti keessa jiraatuyyuu siyaaasa akka ta’etti  yaada. Namni siyaasa irraa bilisa ta’ee kan hin jiraanne yoo ta’es, siyaasa wal-qixxummaa fi haqaa akkasumas jijjiiramaaf hojjetu ni ajaa’ibsiifata. Gama Oromummaatti yoo deebine immoo, eenyummaan Oromoo Oromummaa isaa akka ta’e jala muree dubbata. Saba biraa irraa adda nu taasisee, Oromoo akka jedhamnu kan nu taasise Oromummaa keenyadha. “Nuti Oromoodha” kan ofiin jennu, yookaan ormi “Isaan Oromoodha” kan nuun jedhuuf Oromummaan keenya ibsituu eenyummaa keenyaa waan ta’eefidha. Kun immoo kan itti dhalanneedha.

…Kan Oromummaa isaan hin boonne garbicha, bitamaa fi isa wallaalchifameedha. Amantii, kutaa fi gosaan gargar ba’uu malla. Oromummaan garuu maqaa fi qabeenyaa Oromoon marti waliin qabuudha…

Walumaa galatti, Beekan Gulummaa Irranaa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa irraa akkuma eebbifameen dorgomee Yuunivarsiitii Ambootti barsiisaa Afaan Oromoo ta’ee ramadame. Yeroo xiqqoo erga barsiisee booda Yuunivarsiitii Finfinneetti ergamuudhaan barumsa digirii lammaffaa Afaan Oromoo fi Ogumaan eebbifame. Sana booda gara Yuunivarsiitii Ambootti deebi’ee barsiisuu fi qorannoowwan adda addaa qorachuu eegale. Ammas baay’ee utuu hin turiin digirii sadaffaa (doktorummaaf) gara Yuunivarsiitii Finfinneetti deebi’e. Yeroo ammaa kana muummee “Documentary Linguistics and Culture” jedhamu keessaa barataa Ph. D waggaa sadaffaati. Mata duree “Documentation and semantic analysis of some selected Oromo Oral Poetry” jedhamuun qorannoo isaa hojjechaa jira.beeeaaak

Barnoota isaa barachuutti dabalee kitaabota Uummata Oromoo biratti bal’inaan beekamoo fi jaallatamoo ta’an hedduu barreessee maxxansiiseera, ammas barreessuutti jira. Hanga ammaatti hojiiwwan hojjeteef akkasumas leenjiiwwan yeroo adda addaatti fudhateef waraqaalee ragaa fi badhaasawwan hedduu argatee jira. Kanneen keessaa muraasa caqasuuf, Waraqaa ragaa qophii kitaabota barnootaa kutaalee 5-8; Hirmaannaa guddina afaanii fi aadaa Oromoo irratti taasiseef Yuunivarsiitii Amboo irraa waraqaa ragaa; Bara 2011 leenjii bu’uraa Kompiyuutaraa fudhateef dippiloomaa; Hirmaannaa dagaagina afaanii fi aadaa Oromoo irratti taasiseef Biiroo Aadaa fi Tuuriizimii Oromiyaa irraa waraqaa ragaa; Leenjii poolisiiwwan mootummaa federaalaa Itoophiyaa irratti; Bara 2010 leenjii sagantaa fooyya’insa afaan Ingilizii barsiisotaaf kenname; Bara 2006 Tokkummaa Barattootaa Kiristaana Oromoo leenjisuu, barsiisuu fi geggeessuu; Hojii fi sochii barsiisummaa keessatti Fiixaan Ba’umsa guddaa taasiseef Yuunivarsiitii Ambootti waraqaa galataa; Peedaagoojiitti dippiloomaa ol-aanaa, Yuunivarsiitii Finfinneetti tola ooltummaa taasiseef waraqaa tajaajilaa; Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaatti Tokkummaa Barattoota Yuunivarsiitichaa tajaajiluuf waraqaa ragaa (1998); Sagantaa Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) jedhamu irratti hirmaannaa taasiseef waraqaa ragaa; kanaa fi kanneen kana fakkaatan hedduu argatee jira.

Kanatti dabalees, rakkoolee baruu fi barsiisuu hedduu furuuf yeroo adda addaatti qorannoolee hedduu taasiseera. Moojuloota barnootaas kan qopheesse hedduu qaba.

Dhugaaf taanaan dargaggoon kun ogummaa fi kaka’umsa qabu walitti fiduun gara fuula duraattis hojiiwwan gurguddoo hojjechuuf akka jiru hin shakkisiisu.

Kitaabootaa isa www.borofa.com irrati argaachuu nii dandeesuu.

    • DIINQA KEENYA: Bissii Walaloo 2015
    • CAFII: Oguma Oromoo 2015
    • BISSII FOOKILOORII; Afoola Oromoo 2015
    • KIKIKSABaacoo Gaggabaaboo Oromoo 2015
    • QASAATII: Baacoo Oromoo, 2015
    • DIMDIMOO: Seenaa Ce’umsa Barruu Oromoo, 2015
    • DANBALII: Oguma Afaanii, 2014
    • GIIMII: Asoosama Dheeraa, 2014
    • HIRQINFUU: Kuusaa Walaloo, 2014
    • KOOMTOO; Documentation of Oral Tradition, 2014
    • HAANQUU; Kuusaa walaloo, 2014
    • KOOTICHA KOTA’AME: Asoosama Dheeraa.2014 Finfinnee.Eleni Printing Press.2013. Novel.
    • LOOKOO JAALALAA: Asoosama Dheeraa.Finfinnee. Subi Printing Press.
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    • GAACHANA DHOMMOQE, Asoosama Dheeraa. (2013). Finfinnee,  Subi Printing Press.
    • GUUBOO SEENAA: 2013. Asoosama Dheeraa.
    • BU’UURA BARUMSA AFAAN OROMOOfi AFOOLA OROMOO. (2013). Finfinnee, Subi Printing Press.
    • IMAANAA JIREENYAA. 2013. Book.
    • BAKKALCHA: Oduuu Durii Oromoofi kan biroo;. (2013). Finfinnee. Subi Printing Press.
    • HAMUUMMANNAA: Kuusaa Weedduu Oromoo.(2013). Finfinnee, Subi Printing Press.
    • OONNATA: Geerarsa Oromoofi kan biroo.2013.  Finfinnee, Subi Printing Press.
    • DHIKKIFANNAA:KuusaaWalaloofiSaayinsiisaa. Finfinnee. Subi Printing Press.
    • GUUBOO SEENAA: 2012. Gaaffii Deebii Dhabe. FinfinneeSubi Printing press (Asoosama Dheeraa)
    • BIIFTUU: GuddinaAfaanii; 2012 SubiFinfinnee
    • WAL’AANSOO: Gorsa Dhalootaa; 2012 , SubiFinfinnee
    • YANDOO: Ogumaafi Ogwalaloo Oromoo 2012 Finfine
    • NAATOO: DuudhaaGaa’eelaOromoo 2011, Finfinnee
    • KATTAA: OgummaaBarreessuu 2011 Finfinnee
    • SANYII: OgummaaDubbisuu; 2011, Finfinnee
    • DILBII:Bu’uuraAfoolaa,OgafaaniifiAfwalalooOrom:
    • DIMDIMOO: Oromo Cultural Book
                     …kan itti fufuudha….




Africa: Obama’s Visit To Ethiopia Sparks Controversy, Concerns Nigeria Was Snubbed July 2, 2015

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President of the United States Barack Obama

Activists and some media organizations have expressed concern that President of the United States, Barack Obama, will visit Ethiopia but not Nigeria during his Africa trip next month. Many have pointed out that Nigeria just experienced an historic democratic transfer of power while Ethiopia has a deplorable human rights record.

In addition to the recent democratic transfer of power Nigeria plays a crucial role in African security and is the US’s largest trading partner on the continent. The US also announced a 5 million dollar commitment to Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram.

According to Nii Akuetteh, an independent Africa analyst, who spoke with SaharaReporters, people should not see President Obama’s decision as “a huge slap in the face to Nigeria.”

Mr. Akuetteh said that “planning a presidential trip abroad is extremely cumbersome” and “one month is too short notice to prep a major trip like this.” He also said that “many in Washington DC would not admit it but they are happy that [former President] Jonathan is no longer in power” and that Obama would not have planned for a trip to Nigeria if he was in power.

President Obama plans to visit Kenya, the country of his father’s birth, for a global entrepreneurship summit before flying to Ethiopia. It should also be noted that Kenya has an abysmal human rights record, with police death squads and ethnic discrimination against Somali communities routine.

Mr. Akuetteh stated that “as an activist I am not happy when the United States supports dictators or that President Obama is visiting the Ethiopian regime” however “my reading of the trip is that President Obama is going to meet with African Union leaders, which happens to be located in Addis Ababa.”

The White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, said something similar that Obama “will build on the success of the August 2014 U.S. – Africa Leaders Summit by strengthening ties with our African partners and highlighting America’s longstanding commitment to investing in Africa.”

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, will visit President Obama in mid-July during his first official visit as President to the United States. It is expected that President Obama and President Buhari will discuss security, terrorism, and trade between the two countries.