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Oromia: Oromo-TV: With Luba Balaay Mokonnin: Is this time for Oromian Orthodox Synodos? September 29, 2015

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Oromo-TV: With Luba Balaay Mokonnin | Is this time for Oromian Orthodox Synodos?

Fulbaana/September 29, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com |


Editor’s Note: The ‘Ethiopian’ Orthodox Church Synodos has unashamedly aligned itself (or more appropriately, it has continued to align itself) with the national agenda of domination of the Amhara and Tigray regions of Abyssinia over the non-Abyssinian regions in Ethiopia. Today, Oromo Orthodox Christians are debating, according to information we have gathered from our sources, whether to continue to be part of the Abyssinian-dominated ‘Ethiopian’ Orthodox Synodos, or form an Oromian Orthodox Synodos; after all, even the Amhara and Tigrayan regions of Abyssinia have their own Synodos (each headed by its own Abune). According to sources, many Oromos are thinking of forming an Afan-Oromo-speaking Orthodox Church, for starters, in order to spread the gospel of the Bible (following the Orthodox Doctrine) in their own mother-tongue. Oromo Orthodox Christian believers should not have to be silent when the ‘Ethiopian’ Orthodox Synodoses (whether it’s the exiled Amhara-aligned one, or that which is said to be aligned with the TPLF government) are continuing the Abyssinian national-domination (covered under religion). It’s time that the Diaspora leads in forming Afan-Oromo-speaking Orthodox Church; an Oromo person shall not have to be forced to abandon their faith over their rejection of the “national-domination agenda” of the ‘Ethiopian’ Orthodox Church, or an Oromo person shall not be forced to support the anti-Oromo national agenda of the ‘Ethiopian’ Synodoses in order to sustain their faith. We should hear the good news of the first Afan-Oromo-speaking Orthodox Church soon.

Oromo-TV: With Luba Balaay Mokonnin

The new book by Luba Balaay Mokonnin, “KIRISTAANUMMAA FI OROMOO DUR IRRAA HANGA AMMAATTI!,” is available on Borofa.com.RELATED: Farfanaa Ortodooksii | Afaan Oromoo (“Akeekakee”) – Be Blessed!

History of the National-Domination and Unchristian of the ‘Ethiopian’ Orthodox Synodos:
Before the 1974 Revolution that ousted the forced assimilation of the colonized nations and nationalities in Ethiopia into the Abyssinian cultural and linguistic fabric, it used be openly preached by the Abyssinian-dominated ‘Ethiopian’ Orthodox that “having sex with Galla and Camels are not allowed” – equating the Oromo as ‘beasts’/’animals.’ It’s this Church that has revamped its national-domination agenda over the last decade under the cover of religion. All Oromo nationals, especially Oromo Orthodox believers, should reject this national-domination agenda of the Abyssinian Orthodox Church without having to lose their Orthodox faith. This is one such crime against Oromos (and others) propagated by the Abyssinian Orthodox Church under the disguise of religion. In addition, the Abyssinian Church is using the Holy Baptism to de-Oromonize Oromos by re-naming them in Geez; such baptismal names should be changed to Afan-Oromo.

PHOTO: From “Ra’eye Mariam” religious book of the ‘Ethiopian’ Orthodox Church (see the front cover of the book below), in which the Abyssinian priests equated the Oromo with camels, donkeys and horses; an Oromo Orthodox believer should not be forced to support such teachings of the Abyssinian Orthodox priests just because they want to continue to be faithful Orthodox believers; it’s possible to continue to be faithful to the Orthodox doctrine by forming an Afan-Oromo-speaking Orthodox Church that is clean from such biased and unchristian national-domination agenda.



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