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Mail & Guardian Africa: Ethiopia’s political ripple a big test for infrastructure-led Chinese approach January 8, 2017

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Ethiopia’s political ripple a big test for infrastructure-led Chinese approach

 NIV HORESH, Mail & Guardian Africa, 06 JAN 2017 

Both the US and China could lose out if chaos spreads in the Horn of Africa.

Violence broke out during an Oromo religious festival, and in some instances foreigners seem to have been targeted. (Tiksa Negeri/Reuters)
Violence broke out during an Oromo religious festival, and in some instances foreigners seem to have been targeted. (Tiksa Negeri/Reuters)

Nearly three months into the state of emergency declared by Ethiopia, the atmosphere on the streets of its bustling and impressively modern metropolis and capital, Addis Ababa, feels tense.

At 2 355m above sea level, the climate is pleasantly mild most of the year. Its broad thoroughfares are studded with magnificent cultural attractions. These are infused with the glow of an ancient yet resilient civilisation that could withstand both Jesuit and Wahhabi encroachment.

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Yet, at present, tourists are understandably few and far between. There have been reports of hundreds of deaths in districts surrounding the capital in recent weeks. But these have been played down as an exaggeration by Prime Minister Heilemariam Desalegn.

Violence broke out during an Oromo religious festival, and in some instances foreigners seem to have been targeted. In response, the predominantly ethnic-Tigrean government clamped down on social media, took a few TV channels off the air, and restricted the movement of the opposition leader and foreign observers.

For the past few years, Ethiopia has been able to partly shed its association with abject poverty and famine. Arguably inspired by China, the country became a developmental success story and one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. At much the same time, Addis Ababa was able to capitalise on being the gateway to the politics of the African continent and foreign aid.

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It is evident just how rapidly China’s stakes here have grown over the past few years. Just as evident is China’s different approach to development as compared with the West. It is also easy to see why the recent instability in Ethiopia is a real test to China’s approach.

Behind the veneer of Ethiopia’s parliamentary federalism lies an authoritarian system of state-led development that is preferred by Beijing over the country’s ragtag opposition forces. The question is whether the fruits of fast economic growth can be distributed sufficiently effectively in Ethiopia so as to forestall ethnic rural unrest.

Showcase infrastructural projects

Rather than providing grants directly aimed at poverty alleviation or promoting civil society, Chinese state-owned enterprises have been busy erecting showcase infrastructural projects. The aim is to attract further private business investment and to boost tourism.

The new sparkling African Union conference centre in Addis was fully funded by China. A new six-lane 87km highway to Adama has cut travel time from three hours to just one hour. And the international arm of China State Construction will soon give the capital a state-of-the-art stadium and upgrade its airport.

But perhaps a more persuasive productivity-booster is Addis Ababa’s new light-rail network completed in 2015 by China Railway Engineering Corporation. Often, the Chinese developmental approach is portrayed as construction frenzy ahead of genuine consumer demand.

Yet, far from being at risk of becoming a white elephant, it is already heavily used by local commuters just over a year after inauguration. In a city where taxi fares are exorbitant and buses are often in bad repair, the network is making a real difference to ordinary people’s lives.

But Beijing also runs a real risk here. In 2007, for example, 65 Ethiopians and nine Chinese expatriates were murdered by Somali separatists in an attack on a Sinopec-run oilfield in the east of the country. There is clearly a strong case for Heilemariam to broaden his government’s ethnic support base and heed various regional and rural concerns about disenfranchisement as a result of foreign investment.

No zero-sum game between the US and China

Unlike the Chinese Foreign Affairs ministry, the US State Department has expressed concern over the imposition of the state of emergency.

But the Ethiopian government is likely to remain in the US’s good books. This is primarily because of its role in countering the spread of fundamentalist terrorism in the Horn of Africa. In fact, it is that role that has helped endear Ethiopia to the world, and facilitated Western relief aid.

On the other hand, it would be a mistake to conclude China’s growing stakes in Ethiopia immediately offset Western interests. For one thing, Ethiopia’s recent troubled history suggests the enemies of government often denounce oppression. But they do not necessarily champion human rights when they seize power themselves.

In addition, Western aid is still far greater and more vital to the running of the country than anything China provides. For all the speculation about the Chinese currency replacing the US dollar as global reserve currency soon, most hotels here do not seem to readily exchange China’s currency for Birr yet.

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There is, in short, no zero-sum game between the US and China over Ethiopia, at times quite to the contrary. Neither power is interested in Ethiopia purely for exploitative colonial-style mineral extraction, or is purely motivated by altruism. The budding, somewhat desultory Chinatown in Addis Ababa’s Rwanda Vegetable Market hardly comes across as an insular colonial outpost. And the Chinese embassy compound is vastly outsized by the American one.

What plays out instead are perhaps different approaches to the low-income world where the US has prized the diffusion of individual freedoms and human-rights norms and China has prized collective economic betterment. And both the US and China are set to lose out if chaos spreads in the Horn of Africa.

China’s approach may be benefiting Ethiopia

Amid capital scarcity, China’s different approach seems to benefit Ethiopia. Put simply, it opens up another avenue for development where the World Bank and IMF doctrines have until recently been the only show in town.

In concrete terms, it means Chinese companies nowadays bid for projects often with concessional terms – where, in the past, only Western companies had the technological capacity to deliver.

Hydro-electricity is perhaps the best example for that: a healthy competition seems to be building up between Italy’s Salini Impregilo and Sinohydro when it comes to damming Ethiopia’s rivers. Local and foreign NGO oversight would still be vital in order to minimise the dislocation and environmental degradation that both companies can cause.

But, at the same time, with better planning, the untapped potential of hydro-power might mean cleaner and lower-cost energy in a part of the world where power cuts are all too common.

Niv Horesh, Visiting Research Fellow, School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.


Oromia (WBO): Abdii fi Gaachanni Ummata Oromoo WBOn Falmaa Godhu Jabeessee Itti Fufuun Diina Haleele January 8, 2017

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomistwbo

WBOn Godina Kibba Bahaa Mudde 16 hanga 19,2016tti Falmaa Diina Waliin Godheen Injifannoo Galmeesse.

(SBO/VOL – Amajjii 08,2017) Oduun tarkaanfii waraanaa Ajaja WBO Godina Kibba Bahaa irraa bahe akka ifa godhutti, irree fi gaachanni ummata Oromoo WBOn Godina Kibba Bahaa waraana weerartuu wayyaanee sakattaan duubbee isaa jeequu fi isa dhabamsiisuuf karaa adda addaan humna guddaan itti bobba’e hamilee fi gootummaa guddaadhaan dura dhaabbatee falmaa godheen loltoota wayyaanee 95 ol hojiin ala gochuun qawwee AKM 19, Girinoova 1, boombii harkaa F1. 25 fi rasaasa hedduu dhuunfatee jira.

Haaluma kanaan Mudde 16,2016 WBOn Godina Kibba Bahaa Baalee keessa sossohu Ona Haroo Dibbee bakka Burii jedhamutti humna komand postii wayyaanee duraa fi boodaan itti bobba’e waliin falmaa godheen diina irraa 12 ajjeesee, 15 madoo taasisee jira. Falmaa kana irratti WBOn qawwee AK-47 10, boombii harkaa F1.25 fi rasaasa kilaashii 1000 ol booji’uun qabsoof oolchee jira. Lolli kun waaree booda 2:00 – 3:30tti geggeeffame.

Mudde 17,2016ttis humni WBO Godina Baalee Ona Galleey Diimaa bakka Eela Roqaa jedhamutti waraana wayyaanee bishaan eelaa irra qubatee ture weeraraan haleeluun 12 ajjeesee, 10 ol ammoo madoo taasisee jira.

Gootichi WBO Godina Kibba Bahaa Baalee keessa sossohu tarkaanfii isaa itti fufuun, Mudde 18,2016 Ona Gooroo bakka Gooroo Mudhii Sonsaa jedhamutti waraana wayyaanee sakattaa WBO irra turee galgala gara mooraa isaatti deebi’aa ture haxiidhaan rukutuun 17 irraa ajjeesee, 9 ammoo madoo taasisee jira. Qabeenyi diinaa qawween AKM 9, PKM/Girinoovi 1 fi rasaasni AKM 950n diina irraa booji’ameera.

Mudde 19,2016tti Godina Baalee Ona Haroo Dibbee bakka Kaarra Buruurii jedhamutti humna WBO aamna irra turee fi waraana wayyaanee gidduutti galgala sa’aa 6:00 – 6:30tti lola geggeeffameen diina irraa 9 ajjeefamee 11 ol ammoo madeeffamee jira.

Mootummaan wayyaanee duubbee WBO Godina Kibba Bahaa jeequu, WBO duubbee akka hin qabaannee fi lafa akka hin qabanne gochuuf walitti fufiinsaan maqaa sakattaan gammoojjii Baalee keessatti humna komandpostii fi waraana dhaabbataa akkasumas miliishota gosa adda addaa bobbaasee sakattaa bal’aa geggeessaa jiraatus, WBOn wareegama guddaa kafalee diina dura dhaabbatuun falmaa hadhaawaa taasisaa jiruun, injifannoo boonsaa galmeessaa akeeka diinaa hongeessaa akka jiru Ajaji WBO Godina Kibba Bahaa beeksiseera.

Ethiopian Security Chief of Eastern Command Assassinated

Source: SBO
SBO (OLF Radio) status update from Adami Tulu, E Shoa Jan. 5, 2016:
An agriculture complex owned by a TPLF higher official is destroyed by “Special Force” on Dec. 31, 2015 in Adami Tulu District [Woreda], E Shoa. Among destroyed are:
– 5 water tanker trucks,
– 1 tractor,
– 1 corn peeling machine,
– 5 iron (qorqoorroo) houses

      Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo

Tiki Olaanaan Wayyaanee Gochaa Yakkaa Bakkoota Adda Addaatti Ilmaan Oromoo Irratti Raawwachuun Beekamu Magaalaa Harar Keessatti Humna Addaa WBOn Ajjeefame

Abdii fi Gaachanni Ummata Oromoo WBOn gartuun Humna Addaa Godina Bahaa Amajjii 03, 2016 magaalaa Harar keessaa bakka Dakkar jedhamutti basaasaa fi tika olaanaa gartuu abbaa irree wayyaanee kan ta’e Haayluu G. Tsaadiq kan lammummaan Tigree ta’e irratti tarkaanfii xumuraa fudhateen ajjeesuu Ajaji WBO Godina Baha Oromiyaa beeksise.

Tiki wayyaanee kun waraqaa eenyummaa (ID) kan Itophiyaa, Jibuutii, Somalilandii fi Puntland kan qabu oggaa ta’u, biyya keessa dabalatee biyyoota kanneen keessa naanna’uudhaan ilmaan Oromoo Oromummaan ykn miseensota ykn deggertoota ABO ti jechuun akka hidhaman, ukkaamfamanii fi ajjeefamaniif yakka hiriyaa hin qabne kan raawwataa ture ta’uun beekameera.

Humni Addaa WBO Godina Bahaa tika olaanaa wayyaanee Haayluu G. Tsaadiq irratti kan tarkaanfii fudhate konkolaataa inni ittiin deemaa ture dhaabsisuun oggaa ta’u, shugguxii tokkoo fi maallaqa Itophiyaa 9000s irraa booji’uu Ajaji WBO Godina Bahaa dabalee beeksiseera.

Gama biraan Humni Addaa WBO Godina Bahaa Amajjii 04, 2016 guyyaa kaleessaa naannoo Qobbootti tarkaanfii hidhattoota wayyaanee irratti fudhateen 4 ajjeesuun injifannoo galmeessuu isaa Ajaji WBO Godinichaa ifa godhee jira. Tarkaanfiin diinaa fi basaasota diinaa irratti fudhatamu cimee kan itti fufu ta’uus hubachiiseera.

Godina Baha Shawaa Ona Adaamii Tulluu Keessatti Qabeenyaan Angawaa Olaanaa Mootummaa Wayyaanee Tokko Gartuu Humna Addaan Daareffame.

Godina Baha Shawaa Ona Adaamii Tulluu ganda Aneenoo Shiishuu keessatti kan argamu qabeenyi maallaqa hedduutti shallagamu kan qabeenyummaan isaa kan angawaa wayyaanee olaanaa tokkoo ta’e Mudde 31, 2015 gartuu Humna Addaan tarkaanfii irratti fudhatameen barbadeeffamuu oduun SBO dhaqqabe hubachiise.

Angawaan wayyaanee olaanaan kun ummata irratti haalaan roorrisaa kan ture oggaa ta’u, qabeenyi isaa meeshaalee gara garaa of keessaa qabu maasii misooma qonnaa Musxafaa Geraanyi jedhamu keessatti argamu tarkaanfii Humna Addaan guutuutti barbadeeffameera.

Gartuun Humna Addaa waardiyoota maasii qabeenyaa angawaa olaanaa mootummaa wayyaanee kanaa eegaa turan erga ukkaamsee to’atnaa jala galcheen booda, meeshaalee maasicha keessatti argaman Taankera Bishaanii 5, Tiraakteera qonnaa 1, Maashina Boqqolloo falfalu 1, Doqdoqqee (Motorcyklii) 1, manneen qorqorroo 5 fi maallaqa callaa kan biyyattii 100,000 olitti shallagamu waliin guutuutti gubuun akka barbadeesse oduun kun ifa godha.

Tarkaanfii Humna Addaa kanaan kan baarage mootummaan faashistii wayyaanee waraana isaa baay’inaan naannoo kanatti bobbaasuun sakattaa geggeessuu itti fufee kan jiru oggaa ta’u, abbootiin qabeenyaa wayyaanees sodaan liqimfamanii qabeenya qaban mara waraanaan eegsisaa akka jiran hubatameera.

Qabeenyi qondaala wayyaanee tokko barbadaa'uun gabaafame Naannoo magaalaa alamganaatti kan argamu warshaan oomishaa meeshaalee ijaarsaa kan obboo Gabruu walda amaanu'el kan jedhamu barbadaa'uun isaa oduun amma as bahe ni hima. Kan hafes haa gubatu

Qabeenyi qondaala wayyaanee tokko barbadaa’uun gabaafame.
Naannoo magaalaa alamganaatti kan argamu warshaan oomishaa meeshaalee ijaarsaa kan obboo Gabruu walda amaanu’el kan jedhamu barbadaa’uun isaa oduun amma as bahe ni hima. Kan hafes haa gubatu

Gootichi WBO Godina Bahaa Amajjii 05, 2016 Har’a Ganama Ona Xuulloo Keessatti Lola Waraana Gabroomfattuu Wayyaanee Waliin Taasise Irratti Loltoota Diinaa 13 Ol Hojiin Ala Godhe.

Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa fi Bilisummaa Oromoo deebisuuf falmaa hadhawaa gochuu irratti kan argamu gootichi WBO, Amajjii 05,2016 guyyaa har’aa ganama Lixa Harargee Ona Xuulloo naannoo Masalaatti waraana gabroomfattuu wayyaanee kan ummata keenya gaaffii mirgaa finiinsaa jirutti roorrisaa ture  haleeluun 8 yeroo irraa ajjeesu, 5 ol ammoo akka madeesse Ajaji WBO Godina Bahaa ifa godheera.

Humni WBO lola kana geggeesse diina irraa meeshaalee gara garaa akka booji’es gabaafameera.

Tarkaanfiin diinaa fi farreen QBO ta’an irratti fudhatamu karaa hundaan haala kennate mara keessatti ciminaan kan itti fufu ta’uu Ajaji WBO Godina Bahaa mirkaneesseera.


AFCON 2017: African Cup of Nations 2017 – Match Schedule January 8, 2017

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomistafrican-cup-of-nations-2017african-cup-of-nations-2017-teams

2017 African Cup of Nations Live Stream Online (14 January-05 February)


Premier international competition in Africa will be taking place in January 2017 which is widely known as “African Cup of Nations”. Gabon will be hosting the 21 day competition starting from 14th January 2017 and will be played through 05 February 2017. Many top African players will be leaving their club sides in Europe to be part of the premier African competition. There will be 16 teams participating in the tournament which starts with group stage of 4 groups with 4 teams each. Top two qualify for the knockout stages and the final takes places on Sunday, 05 February 2017 at Stade de l’Amitié, Libreville.

2017 African Cup of Nations Live Stream

This will be the 31th ediction of African Continents premier football competition. It was started back in 1957 when only three teams competed in a tri-nation competition but with the passage of time football has evolved in africa and now 16 teams take part in what is a very competitive competition. So far 18 nations in Africa has hosted the competition and 2017 African cup of nations will be taking place in Gabon who are hosting it for the very first time.

Ivory Coast will be defending their title which they won back in 2015. They will be favourites alongside Egypt and Cameroon.

Ivory Coast will be defending their title which they won back in 2015. They will be favourites alongside Egypt and Cameroon.

14 nations have won the competition so far with Egypt being the most successful team in the competition having won it 7 times while Ghana and Cameroon has won it 4 times each. Samuel Eto’o of Cameroon has the all time leading goal scorer in African cup of nations and he will be part of Cameroon squad.

African Cup of Nations 2017 – Match Schedule:

The competition will start with the opening game between hosts Gabon and Guinea-Bissau on 14th January while the final match will be played 5th February 2017. here is the complete match schedule of the tournament.

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1 Gabon vs Guinea-Bissau (Group A) 14 January 17:00
2 Burkina Faso vs Cameroon (Group A) 14 January 20:00
3 Algeria vs Zimbabwe (Group B) 15 January 17:00
4 Tunisia vs Senegal (Group B) 15 January 20:00
5 Ivory Coast vs Togo (Group C) 16 January 17:00
6 DR Congo vs Morocco (Group C) 16 January 20:00
7 Ghana vs Uganda (Group D) 17 January 17:00
8 Egypt vs Mali (Group D) 17 January 20:00
9 Gabon vs Burkina Faso  (Group A) 18 January 17:00
10 Cameroon vs Guinea-Bissau (Group A) 18 January 20:00
11 Algeria vs Tunisia (Group B) 19 January 17:00
12 Senegal vs Zimbabwe (Group B) 19 January 20:00
13 Ivory Coast vs DR Congo (Group C) 20 January 17:00
14 Morocco vs Togo (Group C) 20 January 20:00
15 Ghana vs Mali (Group D) 21 January 17:00
16 Egypt vs Uganda (Group D) 21 January 20:00
17 Cameroon vs Gabon (Group A) 22 January 20:00
18 Guinea-Bissau vs Burkina Faso (Group A) 22 January 20:00
19 Senegal vs Algeria (Group B) 23 January 20:00
20 Zimbabwe vs Tunisia (Group B) 23 January 20:00
21 Morocco vs Ivory Coast (Group C) 24 January 20:00
22 Togo vs DR Congo (Group C) 24 January 20:00
23 Egypt vs Ghana (Group D) 25 January 20:00
24 Uganda vs Mali (Group D) 25 January 20:00
25 Quarter Final #1 (Winner A vs Runnerup B) 28 January 17:00
26 Quarter Final #2 (Winner D vs Runnerup C) 28 February 20:00
27 Quarter Final #3 (Winner C vs Runnerup D) 29 February 17:00
28 Quarter Final #4 (Winner D vs Runnerup A) 29 January 20:00
29 Semi Final # 1  01 February 20:00
30 Semi Final # 2  02 February 20:00
31 Third Place Playoff  04 February 20:00
 32 The Final  05 February 20:00

table seperater