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How to Overcome Creativity Roadblocks May 6, 2015

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There’s always going to be space for reading, curating and cheering on others’ work. But there should also be a space for building on it and creating stuff of one’s own. Each of us has something to say, and we have the responsibility and privilege of adding to the discourse. It’s up to us to find and nurture the right balance and feel inspired by—not intimidated by–the work that others do. After all, everything is a remix.

Oromia:Historian Obbo Edao Boru Narrates the Life of Badho Dachaasaa and Muhe Abdo May 6, 2015

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Oromo historian Obbo Edao Boru narrates the life of Badhoo Dachaasaa and Muhe Abdo. Muhe Abdo was one of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) senior leaders and founders. It was Muhe Abdo who wrote the first OLF manifesto.
Badho Dachaasaa was the first to join the Oromo  Liberation armed struggle lead by Jarraa Abbaa Gadaa, Baaro Tumsaa and Lenchoo Lataa.

Hayyuun  seena Obbo Edao Boru akka jedhanitti, Muhe Abdo warra ABO dhaabanii fi calqaba ogganuun nama tajaalilan  keesa isa tokko. Labsa ABO calqbaa kan barreesse Muhe Abdo akka ta’e Obbo Edao Boru ibsan. Badhoo Dachaasaa sabboontota Oromoo  calqaba WBO  seenani qabsoo geggeesan keessa isa tokko.