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Human Rights: Oromia State under Siege December 15, 2015

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???????????Human rights League of the Horn of Africa


Agazi, fascist TPLF Ethiopia's forces attacking unarmed and peaceful #OromoProtests in Baabichaa town central Oromia (w. Shawa) , December 10, 2015Stop killing Oromo StudentsOromo people of  VS Fascist (TPLF) Agazi forces. #OromoProtests. 14 December 2015.


Ethiopia: Oromia Regional State under Siege

December 15, 2015 Human Rights
HRLHA Urgent Action


15 December, 2015

The brutal crackdown against Oromoprotesters by the Agazi Special Squad and Liyu Police (literally special police) continues unabated in different parts of the regional state of Oromia. Reports coming from all around Oromia Regional State indicate that Oromia Regional State is already under Command post.

brutalityAccording to information obtained by HRLHA (today) from its correspondents, the Agazi Special Squad has been deployed in Jaldu district, west Shewa with heavily armed vehicles and security forcesengaged in indiscriminately killing and kidnapping the local people from the streets and throwing them into detention centres in the area.

militaryAlthough the protests against thegovernment’s plan to annex some central small towns of Oromia into the Capital Addis Ababa/Finfinne have involved Oromos from all walks of life, age and gender, the prime targets have been children and youth, farmers, university, college, and high school students in particular.

Amongthe many massacred, the HRLHA has received the following names:
Partial List of killed Oromos since protested on 14, November 2015 to present.

(Note: The names of killed Oromos listed in HRLHA’s UA issued on Dec, 8. 2015 also included in this list)

mass killings and arrests in Oromia by fascist TPLF Ethiopia as of December 15, 2015

Since the protest started in different parts of the regional state of Oromia two weeks ago, more than 10,000 Oromos have been arrested and detained from the following areas:West Shewa:Ambo, Gudar, Bako,Ginci, Gindabarat, Jaldu,Skukutee, Xiqur Incini, Gindo, Kachise, Gedo, Babichi,

North Shewa: Kuyyuu, Gabra Gurrachaa, Muka Xurii, Salalee

Southwest Shewa:Waliso, Wanci, Roggee, Ammayyaa

West Wallagaa: Najo, Mandi, Manasibu, Gimbii, Ganjii, Inago, Ayra Guliso, Jarso, Laaloo Asaabii,

Qellem Wallagaa: Jimmaa Horro, Sayyoo, Dambi Dolo, Anfillo, Gidaamii, Begii

Horro Guduru: Fincha

Arsi: Dodolaa,

Bale: Robe, Goba


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