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Ethiopia: Ethiopian drought/ famine victims attacked for talking about food shortage – VOA December 6, 2015

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???????????Famine Ethiopia 2015 BBC reportFamine in Ethiopia 2015

Ethiopian drought victims attacked for talking about food shortage – VOA

Oromia/Ethiopia: Oromo children are brutalized by Aga’azy squads deployed by the TPLF for ethnic cleansing: The continuation of gross human rights violations in State of Oromia, violations that have regularly occurred since 1991 when the TPLF/EPRDF came into power: The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa expresses its grave concern December 6, 2015

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???????????Human rights League of the Horn of AfricaStop killing Oromo Students

#OromoLivesMatters!Ethiopia's regime atrocity against Oromo people

Oromia/Ethiopia: Region-Wide, Heavy-Handed Crackdown on Peaceful Protesters


HRLHA Urgent ActionDecember 05, 2015For Immediate ReleaseThe Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa expresses its grave concern at the continuation of gross human rights violations in Oromia Regional State, violations that have regularly occurred since 1991 when the TPLF/EPRDF came into power.

The most recent heinous crime was committed- and is still being committed- against defenseless school children protesting against the approval of “the Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan” by the Oromia Regional State Parliament a month ago. The peaceful protest involved many elementary school, high school, university students and civilians. Among them were students in Western Oromia zones, Najo, Nekemt, Mandi high schools and in other towns, in Central Oromia in Ginchi, Ambo, Addis Ababa high schools and the surrounding towns, Eastern and Southern Oromia zones, in Haromaya , and Bule Hora Universities and  many more  schools and universities. In violation of the rights of the citizen to peaceful demonstration enshrined in the Ethiopian Constitution[1] Chapter two, article 30 (1) states “Everyone has the right to assemble and to demonstrate together with others peaceably and unarmed, and to petition. Appropriate regulations may be made in the interest of public convenience relating to the location of open-air meetings and ‘the route of movement of demonstrators or, for the protection of democratic rights, public morality and peace during such a meeting or demonstration” students in all of these places were severely beaten, imprisoned or even killed.

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa emphasizes that the ongoing violence and crimes committed in Oromia Regional State for over two and a half decades by the TPLF perpetrators against the Oromo Nation amount to war crimes, and crimes against humanity- a clear failure of the Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) authorities, an organization claiming to represent the Oromo Nation.  The members of this bogus political organization have proved to be not the Oromo peoples’ true representatives, but rather stand-ins for their real masters who have compromised the interests of the Oromo Nation. The Oromia Regional State authorities/OPDO did not resist the TPLF regime when Oromo children, farmers, intellectuals, members of political organizations were killed, abducted, imprisoned, tortured and evicted from their livelihoods by TPLF security agents in the past two and half decades. Instead, they helped the TPLF regime to control the political and economic resources of the Oromia Regional State. TPLF high officials and ordinary level cadres in Oromia Regional State engaged in enriching themselves and their family members by selling Oromo land, looting and embezzling public wealth and properties in the occupied areas of the Oromo Nation, and committing many other forms of corruption.

Committing atrocities and crimes against humanity are failures to comply with obligations under international law, international human rights law and international humanitarian law, including the principles of proportionality and discrimination. With many civilians suffering from the crimes and serious violations of human rights, and by not taking any measures to ensure the accountability of those responsible for these crimes and violations, it has become clear that after all these years the so called Oromia Parliament (Caffee Oromiyaa) has betrayed the Oromo people by not protecting them. The OPDO members and the Oromia Parliament (Caffee Oromiyaa) members should not continue in silence while Oromo children are brutalized by Aga’azy squads deployed by the TPLF for ethnic cleansing.  The Oromia Parliament (Caffee Oromiyaa) and OPDO have a moral obligation to dissolve their institutions and stand beside their people to resist the TPLF regime’s aggression.

The HRLHA believes that the gross human rights violations committed by the TPLF government in cooperation with OPDO in the past two and half decades against Oromo Nation have been pre-planned every time they have happened. TPLF regime security agents imprisoned, killed, tortured, kidnapped, disappeared, and evicted from their ancestral lands thousands of Oromo nationals, simply because of their ethnic backgrounds and to acquire their resources. The TPLF  inhuman actions against Oromo civilians are clearly genocidal, a crime against humanity and an ethnic cleansing, which breach domestic and international laws, and all international treaties the government of Ethiopia signed and ratified.

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) expresses its deep concern over the safety and well-being of these Oromo nationals who have been arrested without any court warrant and are being held in different police stations, military camps, “Maekelawi” compound, the main federal police investigation center, in Central Addis Ababa and in different unknown places.

Therefore, HRLHA calls upon governments of the West, all local, regional and international human rights agencies to join hands and demand an immediate halt to these extra-judicial actions, terrorizing civilians and the immediate unconditional release of the detainees.

The HRLHA also calls on all human- rights defender non-governmental, civic organizations, its members, supporters and sympathizers to stand beside the HRLHA and provide moral, professional and financial help to bring the dictatorial TPLF government and officials to international justice.

The HRLHA is a non-political organization that attempts to challenge abuses of human rights of the people of various nations and nationalities in the Horn of Africa. It works to defend fundamental human rights, including freedoms of thought, expression, movement and association. It also works to raise the awareness of individuals about their own basic human rights and those of others. It encourages respect for laws and due process. It promotes the growth and development of free and vigorous civil societies.

Copied to:

  • UNESCO Headquarters Paris.
    7, place de Fontenoy 75352 Paris 07 SP France
    1, rue Miollis 75732 Paris Cedex 15 France
    General phone:
    +33 (0)1 45 68 10 00
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)- Africa Department
    7 place Fontenoy,75352
    Paris 07 SP
    General phone:
    +33 (0)1 45 68 10 00
    Website: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/africa-department/
    UNESCO Office in Abuja
    Mail: j.ngu(at)unesco.org
    Tel: +251 11 5445284
    Fax: +251 11 5514936
  • Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
    United Nations Office at Geneva 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland Fax: + 41 22 917 9022 (particularly for urgent matters) E-mail: tb-petitions@ohchr.org this e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Office of the UNHCR
    Telephone: 41 22 739 8111
    Fax: 41 22 739 7377
    Po Box: 2500
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • African Commission on Human and Peoples‘ Rights (ACHPR)
    48 Kairaba Avenue, P.O.Box 673, Banjul, The Gambia.
    Tel: (220) 4392 962 , 4372070, 4377721 – 23 Fax: (220) 4390 764
    E-mail: achpr@achpr.org
  • Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights
    Council of Europe
    F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex, FRANCE
    + 33 (0)3 88 41 34 21
    + 33 (0)3 90 21 50 53
    Contact us by email
  • U.S. Department of State
    Laura Hruby
    Ethiopia Desk Officer
    U.S. State Department
    Tel: (202) 647-6473

[1] Ethiopians Constitution of 1995; http://www1.umn.edu/humanrts/research/Proclamation%20no.1-1995.pdf

Oromia (ABO): Mirga Eenummaa fi Abbaa Biyyummaa Sarbamnee Sabummaan Dhabamuu hin Haayyamnu (Ibsa ABO Haala Oromiyaa Amma Ilaaluun) December 6, 2015

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???????????OLF logofb367-alaabaanew

Mirga Eenummaa fi Abbaa Biyyummaa Sarbamnee Sabummaan Dhabamuu hin Haayyamnu

(Ibsa ABO  Haala Oromiyaa Amma Ilaaluun)

Ummatootni cunqurfamoo empaayera Itophiyaa mirgi sabummaa fi namoomaa kabajameefii bilisummaa fi walabummaan jiraachuuf,


Sirni dantaan ummatootaa keessatti kabajamu fi murteessummaan ummatootaa keessatti dhugoomuu, ummatoota aangoomsu argamsiisuuf qabsoon gochaa turanii fi jiiran ammayyuu xumura hin godhatne. Qabsoo adeemsisaniin mootummoota jijjiiruu danda’an illee ummatootni aangoomuu hin dandeenye. Qabsoon ummatootaa addatti ammo kan ummata Oromoo waggoota dhibbaa ol lakkoobsise bakka ummatni Oromoo barbadu akka hin gahiin ifaa dha.

Empaayera Itophiyaa keessatti qabsoo ummatootaan mootummootni jijjiiramanis kan ummata Oromoof rifaatuu hin qabne, sirna ummata Oromoon tajaajiltuu ittiin taasifatan ijaarratanii malee kan sabummaa isaa beekee kabaju hin ijaarre. Kana irraas cunqursaan saba keenya irratti ni jabeeffame malee hin laaffatne. Kan ammaa ammoo ittuu hammaatee “Fanxoo irratti Cittoo” akkuma jedhamu tahee imaammata sanyii duguuggii Minilikiin bu’ureeffame haaromfatuun ummata Oromoo dachee irraa dhabamsiisuuf sochii bal’aa irratti argama.

Bittaa alagaa fi abbaa irrummaa kittillayyoota isaanii waliin Oromiyaa keessaa buqqaasuu dhaan bilisummaa ummata Oromoo mirkaneessuuf qabsoon adeemsifamu humna horataa fi jabaataa Oromiyaa keessatti belbelaa akka jiru dhokataa miti. Ummatni Oromoo duula sanyii duguuggii irratti baname kana murannoo fi jabina dorgomaa hin qabneen dura dhaabbataa jira. Darggaggootni Oromoo ammo durummaan hiriiruudhaan waggootaaf wareega lubbuu fi qaamaa baasuu irratti argamu. Dhaadannoo, “Gabrummaan Haa Gahu!” jedhu kaasuun falmaa itti jiraniin ummata Oromoo boonsaa fi hamlachiisaa jiran. Akka gucaatti boba’a fi dhiiga isaanii dhangalaasaa bilisummaan wareegamaan alatti kan hin dhufne tahuu mirkaneessuu irratti aragamu. Haala ammaa keessa jiraatanis du’anis garaagarummaa akka hin qabne tahuu hubatuun wareegamanii kan hafe bilisummaa gonfachiisuuf murannoo ol aanaa agarsiisaa jiran.

Ilmaan Oromoo kaleessas tahe har’a kan wareega baasaa jiran haqa ummata isaaniif waan taheef injifannoon kan gudunfamu tahuun hin mamsiisu. Haqni yoomiyyuu waan mo’atuuf kanneen haqa ummataaf falman roorro fi cunqursaa injifatnoon keessaa bahan. Lafeen bilisummaaf jecha cabe, dhiigni dhangala’e hundi, gumaacha ilmaan Oromoo bilisummaa mirkansu dha.

Mootummaan murna bicuu Wayyaanee qabsoo haqaa ummata Oromoo dhugoomsuuf, kanneen qabsoo haqaatti jiran guyyuu jala deemee ajjeesuu, hidhuu fi hiraarsuu dhaan dhaamsuuf yaalullee QBO ittuu jabaataa, babal’ataa fi akka ibidda saafaa belbelaa gara galii isaatti arreedaa jira; kan booda hin deebine tahuu guddina qabsoon ummata keenyaa irra gahe ni hubachiisa. Qabssoo ummataan hammatame keessatti wareegamni baafamu ilmaan ummatootaa kumootaan qabsootti akka makaman taasisee umrii bittaa cunqursitoota gabaabsuun qadaadama malee maseenee hin hafu.

Duula mootummaa Wayyaaneen irratti banameen har’a sabni keenya lafaa fi qe’ee isaa irraa ari’atamee dhumiinsaaf saaxilameera. Imaammata beelessanii jilbeenfachiisuu mootummaa kanaan hawwanii fi daa’immaan, kaa’immanii fi jaaroleen hongeen gaaga’amaa jiran. Kana hubatuu irraa ti ilmaan Oromoo muratoo kan mootummaa kanaan wal-hudhanii wal qabaa jiran. Wareegamni kafalaa jiranis ummata Oromoo dhabama irraa baraaruufi.


Waan taheef:

Lammiwwan Oromoo caasaa bulchiinsaa mootummaa gabroomfataan haammatamtanii ajaja murna bicuu hojii irra oolchaa jirtan, dirqama alagaan isinitti kenneen ummata keessan hin miidhiinaa. Gochaa farrummaa raawwataa jirtan irraa dhaabbadhaa. Osoo yeroon hin dabriin ummata keessan waliin hiriiruun lubbuu dabruun seenaa hin dabarre galmeessuuf qabsoo ummatatti makamaa. Dhamsi kun deddeebi’ee isiniif darbaa jira. Kana diduun diinaaf kan tajaajila itti fuftan gaafatama irree ummataa jalaa akka hin bane hubachiifna.


Mindaa yartuuf jecha waraana biyyaa keessatti qaxaramuun daangaa tiksaa jedhamtanii kanneen aduu fi qorraan waxalamaa jirtan, dantaa sirna cunqursaa tiksuuf jecha biyyoota adda addaatti ergamuun dhimma isin hin ilaalle irratti wareegamaa jirtan, mootummaan tajaajilaa jirtan mootummaa ijoolleee keessan, obboleeyyan, haawwanii fi abbootii keessan biyya isaanii keessatti ajjeesaa, salphisaa fi xiqqeessaa jiru tahuu beeka. Qawween hidhatan kan nageenyi cunqursitootaa ittiin tikfamu tahuun as irratti haa gahu. Nageenya ummata keessanii ittiin tiksuuf murteeffatuun yeroon isaa amma. Obboleeyyan keessan waliin hiriiruun garee ummataa tahuu keessaan iyyata ummata keessanii “Yaa Ilmaan koo ana dhaqqabaa” jedhuuf deebii kennuun agarsiisaa.

Poolisni ummataa kan ummataaf dhaabbatu malee ummatatti dhukaasuu fi dararu miti. Sababa malee lammii hidhaatti guuruu fi dhaanuunis dalagaa poolisii dantaa ummataa tiksuuf ijaaramee miti. Waan taheef qabsoo haqaa ummatni Oromoo itti jiru dura dhaabbatuun kan ummata miidhaa jirtan gaafatama jalaa hin baatan. Tarkaanfii ummata miidhaa jiru irraa akka dhaabbattan gadi jabeessinee akeekkachiifna.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee dantaa xixiqqoon isin gowwoomsuu fi doorsisuun nageenya naannoo tiksitu jedhee qawwee rasaasa gahaa hin qabne isin hidhachiisuun ummata keessan irratti akka hiriirtan isin taasisee jiru hidhattoota gandaa, “Qawwee alagaaf baachuun haa gahu!” jedhaa. Qabsoo ummaatti makamuun ummata keessan diinaan hiraarfamaa jiru cinaa akka hiriirtan waamicha haromsina.

Barsiisota mindaa beela hin baafneen hiraaraa jirtan; Hiraar, daaraa fi beela matiin keessan keessa jiruuf sababni mootummaa ummata Oromoo-tti hujummoo dhaabbatee dhiiga xuuxaa jiru dha. Mootummaa ummata fixaa fi nyaataa jiru kana qarrifaan isaa caccabu malee egeree irra wayyaatti bahuu akka hin dandeenye eenyu caalaa hubattu; akkuma gochaa turtan barattootaa fi ijoollee kessan mirga hunda keenyaaf falmaa jiran waliin caalaatti bifa mul’ataan hiriiruu isin irraa eegama. Jajjabeessa! Hamlachiisuun gahee keessan qabsoo bilisummaaf gumaachaa.

Kanneen cunqursaa fi roorroo baqatuun biyya alaa jiraattan: Haala sabni keenya keessa jiru kan boqonnaa namaa hin laatne tahuu hubatuun miidhaa irra gahu addunyaa hubachiisaa. Sochiin biyyoota alaa adda addaa keessatti adeemsiftan qabsaawota biyya keessaa hamlachiisa. Falmaa itti jiran ciminaana akka itti fufan onnachiisa. Ummatni kaleessa biraa dhuftan roorroon itti jabaattuu irraa hadheeffatee diddaa isaa agarsiisaa waan jiruuf biraa boodatti hin hifatiinaa. Waan danda’amu hundaan kan bira jirtan tahuu dalagaan agarsiisaa.

ABOn sochii fi fincilli Oromiyaa keessatti deemaa jiru gara injifannoo xumuraatti akka qajeeluuf kan irraa eegamu ni gumaacha. Ajjeechaa fi hidhaa bara dhufaa dabraa barattoota Oromoo irra gahaa jiru akka itti hin fufne taasisuuf qabsoo fuula hundaa jabeessuun fedhii ummata Oromoo guutuuf yeroo kamiyyuu caalaatti hojjata.

Injifannoo Ummata Oromoof!

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo!

Muddee, 2015


Click to access Ibsa-ABO-Haala-Yeroo-Irratti.pdf



The OLF-Executive Committee meeting and Oromia wide national protest against Ethiopian rule in Oromia: Is it planned or coincidence?





Oromia (WBO): Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo Godina Bahaa Tarkaanfii Bakkoota Adda Addaatti Fudhateen Loltoota Diinaa 22 Ol Hojiin Ala Godhe December 6, 2015

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sboOLF logo

Oromo soldier

Oromo soldier

Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo Godina Bahaa Tarkaanfii Bakkoota Adda Addaatti Fudhateen Loltoota Diinaa 22 Ol Hojiin Ala Godhe


(SBO – MUDDE 05, 2015) Abdii fi Gaachanni Ummata Oromoo WBOn Godina Baha Oromiyaa keessa sossohu jalqaba baatii Muddee kanaatti Lixa Harargee Ona Gammachiisii fi naannoo Daaroo Labuu keessatti tarkaanfilee waraana wayyaanee irratti fudhateen loltoota diinaa 22 ol hojiin ala gochuu Ajaji WBO Godina Baha Oromiyaa beeksisee jira.

Haaluma kanaan Mudde 01, 2015 Lixa Harargee naannoo Baddeessaa Ona Gammachiis keessaa bakka Siree jedhamutti waraana wayyaanee haleeluun 5 yeroo irraa ajjeesu, 7 ol ammoo madeessuun gabaafameera.

Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo Godina Bahaa tarkaanfii isaa itti fufuun Mudde 02,2015 Lixa Harargee naannoo Daaroo Labuu bakka Jiddoo Galamaa jedhamutti murna waraana wayyaanee rukutuun 4 yeroo irraa ajjeesu, kanneen 6 ol ta’an ammoo akka madeessee fi qawwee kilaashii 3 hidhannoo guutuu waliin akka irraa booji’e Ajaji WBO Godina Bahaa hubachiiseera.

Kun kanaan osoo jiruu gama Bahaan ilmaan Oromoo waraana wayyaanee keessa jiranii fi kanneen dhalootaan Oromoo hin taane, sirnichaaf waardiyaa dhaabbatanii jiran gidduutti walitti bu’iinsi uumamuu oduun walqabatee nu gahe ifa godha.

Bifuma kanaan Mudde 01,2015 Baha Harargee keessaa naannoo Dirre Dhawaatti dhihoo, karaa gara Jibuutti geessutti kan argamu bakka Shinniilee jedhamutti qubsuma waraana wayyaanee tokko keessatti loltootni dhalootaan Oromoo ta’anii fi kanneen biroo gidduutti waldhabbiin uumamuun dhukaasa walitti bananii akka wal ajjeesanii fi wal madeessan oduun kun ni hubachiisa.

Maddi rakkoo kanaas loltootni wayyaanee dhalootaan Oromoo hin ta’in ilmaan Oromoo waraanicha keessa jiran ilaalcha sabummaan, FDG deemaa jiruun walqabsiisanii shakkuu fi gara Jibuutiitti baduuf yaadaa jirtu ittiin jechuu irraa akka ta’e ibsameera.

Oromia: Gootichi Sabboonaa Qabsa’aa Oromoo Obbo Dabalaa Xaafaa Roobii humnoota tikaa wayyaaneen ajjeefame December 6, 2015

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Oduu Gaddaa: Dabalaa Xaafaa wareegame; ‘Gaddi koo guddaa, eelaan koos cimaadha!’

(Oromedia, Finfinnee, 05 Mudde 2015) Waggoota jahaa oliif Maakkalaawi fi Qaalittiitti dararamaa kan ture Dabalaa Xaafaa humnoota tikaa wayyaaneen ajjeefame.

Dajanee XaafaaOduun Finfinnee irraa nu geesse akka ibsitutti, Dabalaan gaafa Mudde 2 bara 2015 magaalaa Fichee keessaa humnoota tikaatin ukkaamfame.

Yeroo san irraa kaasee haga guyyaa lammataatti reeffi isaa magaalaa Caancotirra kiilo meetira tokko irratti argametti, achi buuteen isaa dhabamee ture.

Dhalataa Godina Shawaa Kaaba Aanaa Dagam Ganda leeman Caarakii mana murtii aanaa Dagam keessa hojjechaa kan ture Obboo Dabalaa Xaafaa Roobii,  sababa Oromummaa isaatiin yakkamee  woggaa 6 mana hidhaa Makalaawii fi Qallittii kessatti hiraarfamaa ture.

Ob Dabalaan hidhaa waggaa jahaa booda bara darbe mana hidhaati gadi lakkifamee akka ture odeessi nu gahe addeessee jira.

Dabalaa Xaafaa mana hidhaa Maaíkalaawwiitti akka bare kan nuuf ibse hiriyyaan isaa tokko, Dabalaan kutataa, jabaa fi falmataa haqaa taúu isa aragaa bahee jira.

“Guyyaa gaafa mana hidhaa maa’ikelaawwii kutaa dukkanaatti wal barree kaasnee Dabalaa Xaafaa waliin hiriyaa turre,”kan jedhe hiriyyaan isaa kun, Dabalaan Amajjii 1, bara 2007 waggaa saddeet dura sababa Oromummaa isaatiin bakka hojii isaa irraa akka butame nuuf ibseera.

Awwaalcha Dabalaa Xafaan“Bara sana wayitan kutaa dukkanni ija natti babaasu keessa taa’ee dhiphadhu, kutaa cina koo jiru keessaa namni tokko gidaara natti rukutee sagalee hasaasuutiin, “jabaadhu!” naan jedha, “kan jedhe hiriyaan isa akun, “maqaa fi eenyummaa keenya osoo hinbariin nama haala sanaan baatii sadiif turre, “jechuun jabina isaaf ragaa baheera.

“Booda namoota biroo 35 waliin lakkoofsa galmee yakkaa 54411 jalatti waamamaa himatamne,”kan jedh miiltoon Dabalaa kun, “guyyaa himatni nutti banamee kaasee waan hundaa waliin dabarsine; waliin yakkamtoota taanee nutti murteeffame; waliin dhugaa hammannee baddaa fi gammoojjii geeffamne balbala mana hidhaa lakkoofne, “jechuun gidiraan dhalli Oromoo Bilisummaa barbaadan argaa jiran tarreesse.

Awwaalchaan“Achittis walitti obsa halkanoota waan hin bariine hin fakkaanne, guyyoota waan jijjiiraman hinfakkaanne heddu dabarsine,” jechuunis kutannoo fi jabina ittiin hidhaa fi gidraa san keessa darban nu mil’achiise.

“Garuu edaa duuti dhihoo jirti,”kna jedhe miltoon Dabalaa kun, “kufaatiin goota kanaa nuti har’as taanaan jireenyaaf illee wabii kan hinqabne, duutis baay’ee nutti dhihoo jiraachuu mirkaneessa,”jechuun haala jiru addeesse.

“Goota summii jireenyaa waliin unachaa bara dabarfanne haala kanaan dhabuu caalaa wanti nama dhukkubsu hinjiru, ” jechuuni miiraa gadda keessa isaa jiru jechootaan ibse.

“Gaddi koo guddaa, eelaan koos cimaadha,” jedhe.

Sirni awwaalcha Dabalaa Xaafaas bakka firooti isaa fi hiriyooti isaa argaman magaalaa Fiicheetti kabajaan raawwateera.


Dargaggoo Dabalaa Xaafaa humnoota tikaatiin akka ajjeefame ibsame .

(OMN:Oduu Muddee 05,2015): Waggoota saddeettan drabaniif Oromummaa isaatiin yakkamee hidhamee, dararamaa kanturee fi dhiyeenya kana mana hidhaatii kan gadi lakkifame Dargaggoo Dabalaa xaafaa humnoota tikaatiin ajjeefamuu akka hinoolle maatiin isaa OMN tti himan.

Godina Salaalee aanaa Kuyyuu ganda qonnaan bulaa Qarree Ta’aa tti dhalatee, Maqaa gooticha Oromoo Agarii Tulluu lammaffaa jedhuun jiraattoota naannichaan kan yaamamaa ture, Dargaggoo Dabalaa Xaafaa,miidhaa sirniichi uummata Oromoo irraan gahaa jiru adda durummaan qabsaa’uun beekama.Maqaa kanas kan gonfate gootummaadhaan qabsoo kabajamuu mirga uummata isaatiif gochaa tureen akka ta’e seenaa isaa irraa beekuun danda’ameera.

Humnoota tikaa sirnichaan yeroo mara hordofamaa ture kan jedhan maatiin Dargaggoo Dabalaa Xaafaa ajjeechaan kun kan irratti raawwatame guyyaa sadii dura qararqara magaalaa Caancoottii jedhan.

Humnoota tikaa mootummaa Itoophiyaatiin kan ajjeefame Dabalaa Xaafaa qofa miti.Obbolessi isaa Baqqalaa Xaafaa kan jedhamu barnoota isaa kutaa kudha lammaffaa xumuree gara qe’eetti deebi’ee odoo abbaa isaa Obbo Xaafaa Mullataa gargaaraa jiru humnoota tikaa mootummaatiin waggaa sadii dura butamee erga fuudhamee booda hanga har’aatti achi buuteensaa hinbeekamne.Maatiinsaa akka jedhanitti akka `Obboleessa isaa illee reefa isaa karatti waan isaaniif hindarbineef haatisaa lubbuun jirtu karaa ilaalaa hafte jedhan.Abbaansaa obbo Xaafaa Muldhataa ijoolleesaa korommii isaanii lamaan kana sababa Oromummaan isaaniitiin waan ofcinaa dhabaniif aarii saniin odoo gubatanii lubbuun isaani dabre jechuun firoottan Dabalaa kan OMN tti himan.

Dargaggoo Dabalaa Xaafaatti Oromummaa isaatiin yakkamee hidhaa waggaa 12tu itti murtaa’ee ture.Haata’uti garuu hidhaa waggaa sadeetii akka xumureen gadi lakkifame.Oggaa mana hidhaati bahu garuu Abbaasaa fi Obboleessa isaa ijaan arguuf carraa hin arganne.Abbaansaa kan du’an wayita inni mana hidhaa keessa jiru waan ta’eef.

Ajjeechaan wayita ammaa Dabalaa irratti raawwatame kunis mormii barattoonni oromoo guutummaa Oromiyaa keessatti gaggeessaa jiran bakka Dabalaan lubbuun jirutti Salaaleetti yoo dhalate dubbicha daran ni hammeessa waan ta’eef dhabamsisuu filatanii jechuun akka isa dursan wahillan isaa dubbataa jiran. Dabalaan gootota Salaalee warra akka Taaddasaa Birruu, Asaffaa Shaaroo Lammii, Badhaadha Dilgaasaa, Dhuferaa Deettii, Badhoo Dachaasaa waliin maqaa Agarii Tulluu lammaaffaa jedhu gonfateen seenaa keessatti bara baraan maqaansaa yaadatama.

Sirni Awwaalcha gooticha Oromoo Dargaggoo Dabalaa Xaafaa bakka dhaloota isaa Salaalee ,aanaa kuyyuu ,ganda qotee bulaa Qarree ta’aatti har’a raawwatameera.

Dabalaan fuudhee bultii dhaabbachuuf carraa hinarganne.Haata’uutii garuu abbaa micayyoo drbaa takka ta’uun beekameera.

Dargaggoo Dabalaa Xaafaa odoo mirga saba isaaf qabsaa’uu wareegameef OMN’n gadda itti dhagahame ibsaa maatii isaa hafaniif jajjabina hawwa.

Dammaqaa Nagaasaatiin.


Oduu kana ilaallatu OMN irraa gara dhumatti caqasaa:-


A Bloody Crackdown on #Oromo Protesters in Ethiopia, Again. #OromoProtests December 6, 2015

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???????????Say no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people

A Bloody Crackdown on Oromo Protesters in Ethiopia, Again

The resurgence of ethnic Oromo nationalism in Ethiopia
OROMO FIRST. Continued marginalization, discrimination and brutal crackdown against peaceful civilian Oromo protest is fast driving the resurgence of ethnic Oromo nationalism in Ethiopia.

By Felix Horne | for Human Rights Watch,

Student protests are spreading throughout Ethiopia’s Oromia region, as people demonstrate against the possibility that Oromo farmers and residents living near the capital, Addis Ababa, could be evicted from their lands without appropriate – or possibly any – compensation. Social media is filled with images of bloodied protesters; there are credible reports of injuries and arrests in a number of towns; and local police have publicly acknowledged that three students have died so far.

The current protests echo the bloody events of April and May 2014, when federal forces fired into groups of largely peaceful Oromo protesters, killing dozens. At least hundreds more students were arrested, and many remain behind bars. Both then and today, the demonstrators are ostensibly protesting the expansion of Addis Ababa’s municipal boundary into the surrounding Oromia region, which protesters fear will displace Oromo farmers from their land. But these protests are about much more: Many Oromos have felt marginalized and discriminated against by successive Ethiopian governments and have often felt unable to voice their concerns over government policies.

Of the student protesters detained in 2014, some have been released. Those I spoke with told me about the torture they endured as part of interrogations. But countless others remain in detention. Some have been charged under Ethiopia’s draconian counterterrorism law for their role in the protests; others languish without charge in unknown detention centers and military camps throughout Oromia. This week, five students were convicted of terrorism-related offenses for their role in the protests.

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There has been no government investigation into the use of live ammunition and excessive force by security personnel last year.

Ethiopia’s tight restrictions on civil society and media make it difficult to corroborate the current, mounting allegations and the exact details of the ongoing protests emerging from towns like Haramaya, Jarso, Walliso, and Robe. The government may think this strategy of silencing bad news is succeeding. But while the fear of threats and harassment means it is often months before victims and witnesses come forward to reveal what happened in their communities, they eventually do, and the truth will emerge.

The government should ensure that the use of excessive force by its security personnel stops immediately. It should then support an independent and impartial inquiry into the conduct of security forces in the current protests – and last year’s as well. Those responsible for serious abuses should be fairly prosecuted. This would be the best way for the Ethiopian government to show its concern about the deaths and injuries inflicted on the students, that it does not condone the use of live ammunition against peaceful protesters, and that those who break the law are appropriately punished.