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Ethiopia: Ongoing Drought and Famine in Ethiopia Being Hushed By Its Own Government December 2, 2015

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Ethiopia: Ongoing Drought in Ethiopia Being Hushed By Its Own GovernmentFamine in Ethiopia 2015Ethiopia in 2015, catatrphic famine, over 15 million people affectedFamine Ethiopia 2015 BBC report

A Call to Take Responsibility: Exiled Ethiopian human rights advocate Yared Hailemariam, who is based in Brussels, speculates on why the government denies that the drought has turned into a famine. It is his opinion that the denial is due to a lack of competent governance, democracy, social justice and political will of the last three regime’s. He also says that the EPRDF (The Government of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) is highly corrupt, and that the development is not what it seems to be.

– The so called development is not humanitarian based – rather it is based on numbers and the economic aspect, but there is still lots of confusion regarding the double digit growth that has been reported to us over the last few years.




Birtukan Ali, a woman living in a rural district in Ethiopia, became a sensation following BBC’s report about the ongoing drought and famine. Thereport, which aired on November 10 2015, sparked a new kind of debate on the government’s intention in trying to cover up the famine – a story that remains untold.

Journalist Clive Myrie featured the story of Birtukan Ali who is from a small village called “Kobo” which is located in the North East of Ethiopia. It is a place where the drought is widespread and the effect of it is highly visible. Birtukan told the reporter that her son recently died due to severe malnutrition as a result of the drought in the area. The reporter said that at least two children die in similar cases daily.

The drought, brought on by the El Niño, a weather phenomenon described as a periodic warming of the sea surface, has severely affected the country. Ethiopia is mainly an agrarian economy and the agriculture is fully dependant on rain fall. Ultimately this means that no rain results in no crops, and therefore no food. This year the rainfall was inadequate to cultivate crops for two consecutive seasons. The United Nations estimated that 8.2 million people in Ethiopia’s drought affected areas need relief assistance. UNICEF said that the drought is expected to be the worst in 30 years and that 350,000 children are expected to require treatment for extreme malnutrition.

Ethiopian Government Denies Famine

In a press release by the World Food Program, it is stated that “a dramatic increase in the number of people in need of relief assistance, from 2.5 million at the beginning of the year to 8.2 million in October, led to a serious funding gap”. The Ethiopian government says that it has allocated $192 million USD for emergency food and other assistance.

However, the government and humanitarian agencies have said that Ethiopia needs nearly $600 million USD in international humanitarian assistance. The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, has called for international assistance by appealing for food aid to help feed the 8.2 million people that are affected by the drought.

Nevertheless, at the same time, his government denies that there is a famine at all. Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonen, commented on the BBC report in an interview with a local journalist:

– It is obvious that the foreign media works with different bodies of special interest. There is no such thing as famine in Ethiopia these days, Demeke said.

Similarly, the Ethiopian embassy in the United Kingdom has condemned the BBC report as being “sensational”. The embassy denied reports of approximately two children dying from malnutrition in the area on a daily basis.

Five days after the airing of the BBC’ program, government owned Amhara Mass Media Agency, which is based in Bahar-Dar, the capital of the regional state Amhara, presented a televised program that ridiculed BBC’s report. The program includes Birtukan’s interview with the regional media. This time, however, Birtukan claims that her son died of unspecified “sudden illnesses” and not because of the malnutrition as she had told the BBC reporter.

Felanemunemunim, a local journalist and social media activist who is mentioned by his nickname, followed the news on Ethiopian television. He says that regional governors report as if the agriculture is good enough to produce plenty of food.

– They were talking about it on television for more than four months, but the truth is as BBC reported, even if there was exaggeration.

Government Accused of Diminishing the Extent of the Famine

The statements made by the Ethiopian government have sparked a debate among Ethiopian human rights activists. According to them, the government is trying to cover up the severe effects of the drought.

Argaw Ashine, an exiled journalist based in USA and founder of the web based Amharic internet radio Wazema, which is getting a wide acceptance in the Ethiopian online community for its credible information, commented on the drought. According to him, it is obvious that the Ethiopian government continues to hide the drought from the media, and he believes that they will continue to do so despite the United Nations and others predicting that the worst is yet to come. Admitting that there is a famine would create a problem for the Ethiopian government.


– It costs them politically. The success story they fed to Ethiopians and the international community falls severely short after an exposition of the hunger.

Wazema radio reports that the federal government passes strict instructions to regional governments and Ethiopian embassies all over the world to not give any kind of information to any media regarding the ongoing drought and famine. The instructions include denying access for all journalists to drought affected areas and to take necessary measures for nongovernmental organizations to not leak information regarding the crises to the media.

According to Argaw, media restriction is common during humanitarian crises, and specifically the local media is blocked from reporting the situation.

– They may allow some big international media organizations in to specific locations for only a couple of days. International media reporting is part of convincing the international community to send aid, yet the government does not want an in-depth report on the cause of the problem.

– Authoritarian governments are good at controlling the information flow, and the role of media during crises in Ethiopia is kept at a minimum. Media should be at the forefront to end hunger. Development and better life is impossible without vibrant media in Ethiopia, Argaw said.

A Call to Take Responsibility

Exiled Ethiopian human rights advocate Yared Hailemariam, who is based in Brussels, speculates on why the government denies that the drought has turned into a famine. It is his opinion that the denial is due to a lack of competent governance, democracy, social justice and political will of the last three regime’s. He also says that the EPRDF (The Government of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) is highly corrupt, and that the development is not what it seems to be.

– The so called development is not humanitarian based – rather it is based on numbers and the economic aspect, but there is still lots of confusion regarding the double digit growth that has been reported to us over the last few years.

Yared says that the first thing the government should do is to rescue those in need. The level of the ongoing and upcoming disaster that would take many lives, needs to be reduced. It is also important to take lessons from the past.


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???????????Oromo student protest at Haromaya University, Oromia, on 30 November 2015. The peaceful protesters ruthlessly attacked by TPLF (Agazi) fascist Ethiopian regime forces.Say no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo peopleOromo students, voices of the voiceless




Bulchiinsa Yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaaf


Nuti dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaa DUULA cunqursaa fi Gidiraa Maqaa Master Plan Finfinnee fi Magaalota Oromiyaa Federaala jala galchuuf Caffeen Oromiyaa raggasisee jiru wayita dhageenyetti gadda guddaatu nutti dhagaa’ame. Uummatni keenya Oromiyaa badhaatuu keessa utuu jiruu mootummaa isa misoomsuu fi mootummaa wabii uummataa dhaabbatu dhabuun balaa beelaan lafarraa duguugame dhumaa jiruu yeroo aginuutti obsinee tenyee ilaaluuf boqonnaa dhabnee waan jirruuf iyyachuuf dirqamnee jirra. Bara 2014 Karoora master plan Finfinnee hin fudhannu jennee gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa karaa nagaan waan gaafanneef mootummaan EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO jedhaman humna waraanaa of harka qabu nurratti bobbaasuun ilmaan Oromoo dhobbootaan lakkaa’aman daa’imman ganna 8 hanga manguddoo ganna 80tti kanneen umriin isaanii keessatti argamu dabalatee ilmaan Oroomoo guyyaa saafa loltoota mootummaan ajjeefamaniif mootummaan itti gaafatamummaa fudhachuu diduun dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo irra ejjechuun karoora master plan Finfinnee fi Karooraa Magaalota Oromomiyaa Federaalaa jala galchuuf dabballoota mootummichaa kan maqaaf ‘ Caffee Mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa’ ofiin jedhan karoora master plan Finfinnee fi Magaaloota Oromiyaa federaala jala galchuuf karoorfame kan raggasisuun gadda gadda caaluu nutti ta’ee jira.

1. Caaffeen Mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa OPDO’n Karoora Master Pilaanii Finfinnee kan mootummaan EPRDF/TPLF Oromiyaa ittin diiguuf qopheeffate hojii irra olchuuf tooftaa haaraa labsii Magaalaalee Oromiyaa jedhu itti dabaluun akaakee Master pilaanii Finfinnee kan jabeessuu fi saffisaan karooricha hojii irra olchuuf kan oluu Caffeen Oromiyaa murtii dabaa kan duula labsii duguuginsa sanyii (genocide)n wal gitu uummata Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irratti raggasisuun yakka uummata qe’ee irraa buqqisu, kan aadaa Oromoo fi Afaan Oromoo balleessuu fi teessuma Maappii Oromiyaa cicciruu biyyarratti labsuun yakka duguugaa sanyiin wal madaaluu labiin mirkaneessuun yakka guddaa uummata Oromoo irratti raawwataniru waan ta’eef seeraatti dhiyaachuun itti gaafatamuu qabu, Labsiin Magaalota Oromiyaa fi Master Pilaaniin Finfinnee gaaffii tokko malee akka haqamu gadi jabeessuun gaafanna!!

2. Balaa Beelaa Uummata Oromoo irra qaqqabee jiruu fi Uummata keenyaa balaa beelaan akka baalaa harcafamee waan nyaatu dhabee dhumaa jiruuf itti gaafatamaan mootummaa EPRDF/TPLF Oromiyaa saamaa jiruu fi OPDO uummata Oromoo saamsisaa jirtu ta’uu ni hubachiifna. Oromiyaan badhaatuudha dhimmi uummatni Oromoo balaa beelaan dhumaa jiruuf mootummaa aantummaa uummataa Oromoo qabuu fi wabii uummataaf dhaabbatu dhabuu fi uummata keenyaa misoomsuu dhabamuu irra uummatni keenyaa balaa beelaan gaaga’amaa jiraatuuf iyyachuuf dirqamnee jirra. Dhaabbileen gargaarsa Addunyaa uummata keenyaa balaa beelaan dhumaa jiruuf akka dirmannaan atattamaa itti fufinsaan godhamuuf jabeessinee uummataa keenyaaf iyyannoo dhiyeesina.

3. Bara darbe Ebla 11/2014 irraa eegaluun gaaffii mirgaa fi dimookiraasii karaa nagaan barreeffamaan dhiyeeffaneef aangawootni sirna EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO’n yakka ajjeechaa duguuginsa sanyii (genocide)n wal gitu uummata Oromoo irratti labsuun uummata karaa nagaa sirna abbaa irreen mormaa jiru jumlaan ajjeessan, hidhatti guuran, barnoota irraa ari’atan, manguddoo ganna 80 hanga daa’ima ganna 7tti utuu bira hin darbiin guyyaa saafaa yakka gara jabeenyaan guutameen dhukaasanii ajjeessaniif to’annoo jala oolfamanii hatattamaan seeraatti akka dhiyaatan irra deebi’uun gaafanna!!

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7. Yakka shororkeessummaa fi Maqaa Siyaasaan Ummanni Oromoo yeroo irraa gara yerootti jumlaan hidhaatti guurame manneen hidhaa biyyattii keessatti dararamaa jiru haalduree tokko malee akka hiikaman ni gaafatna!! Yakka sobaan Oromoo hidhuu fi murtii sobaa irratti dabarsuun uummata shorokeessuun uummata keenya irraa dhaabbachuu qaba jenna!!

8. Uummanni Oromoo akka baay’ina isaatti, akka qabeenyaa isaa fi bal’ina lafa isaatti gama siyaasaan qoodannaan aangoo sirna ‘EPRDF’ keessatti qabu xiqqaa fi qaanfachiisaa waan ta’eef, bulchiinsii sirna dimookiraasii dhugaan dhaabbatee, uummata keenyaaf qoodannaan aangoo siyaasaa madaalawaan kennamuufii akka qabu beeksifna. Mirgi abbaa biyyummaa uummata Oromoo kabajamuu qaba.Uummanni Oromoo gita bittaa kamiyyu jalaa ba’ee ofiin of bulchuu qaba. Mirgi qe’ee fi abbaan qabeenyummaa isaa mirkanaa’uu qaba jennee jabeessinee gaafanna!!

9. Biyya dimookiraasiin hin jirreefi mirgi namoommaa ukkanfamuun afaan qawwee qofaan bultu keessatti filmaata haqa qabeessaa fi dimookiraatawaa ta’e gaggeessuun hin danda’amu waan ta’eef maqaa filannoo waliin dha’insaa fi sobaan mootummaan EPRDF, jecha dimookiraasii fayyadamuu malee gochaan isaa faallaa dimookiraasii waanta’eef adeemsii filannoo sobaa daheeffachuun Addunyaa biyya lafaa gowwomsuun umrii bittaa abbaa irrummaa dheereffachuuf yaaliin EPRDF gaggeessa jiru Addunyaa dimookiraasii fi mirga ilma namaa kabajjuuf kallatti hundaan saaxilamee, Filannoo sobaan daldaluun dhaabbachuu qaba. Gama addunyaan deeggarsii Filannoo sobaaf godhamu dhaabbachuu qaba. Biyyattii keessatti yoo nagaa fi Dimookiraasiin barbaachisee Mootummaan Ce’umsaa hundeeffamee bu’uurri dimookiraasii dhugaan hundeeffamee Filannoon dhaabbilee siyaasaa biyyatti hundaa kan bilisummaa sabaa isaanii fi walabummaa biyyaaf dhaabbatan,kan kabajamuu mirga dimokiraasii fi mirga namoommaaf falman kan hirmaachisuu filannoo dhugaadhaaf haalli akka mijeeffamu gadi-jabeessinee gaafanna!!

10. Humnootni tikaa,waraanaa fi milishootni mootummaa EPRDF’n hundeeffamanii bu’aa mootummaa Wayyaanee qofa tiksuu qofaaf dhaabbatan hatattamaan akka diigaman jabeessinee gaafachuun; humnootni tikaa fi qaamoleen nageenya sabaa fi sablamoota biyyatti eegan
gartuu/leellistummaa kam irraa iyyuu bilisa ta’an hundeeffamuun nageenya uummataa fi biyyaaf akka dhaabbatan ta’ee gaaffii mirgaa abbaa biyyummaa, dimookiraasii, fi namummaa akka tiksan akka godhamu jabeessinee gaafatna!!

11. Lafti kan qotee bulaa ta’uu qaba.Uummatni Oromoo fi lammiileen cunqurfamoon sabaa fi sablamootni biyyattii lafa qabeenyaa isaanii irraa haala fedheen iyyuu dirqisifamanii buqqifamuu hin qaban. Dhiibbaan mootummaan EPRDF bifa kamiinuu irratti godhuu akka dhaabbatu gaafatna. Kanaafuu, nuti dargaggoonni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaa qabxiileen jajjaboon armaan olitti tarrifaman akka mootummaa gabroomfataa saba keenya hacuucaa jiru kanaan akka hojiitti hiikamaniif jecha, wareegama fedheyyu baafnee qabsoo hadhaawaa gochuuf waan murteeffanneef, jarmiyaaleen siyaasaa fi waldaaleen hawaasa Oromoo hundii fi jarmiyaaleen siyaasaa fi waldaaleen sabaa fi sablammoota cunqurfamoo biyyatti hundi nu cina dhaabbaachuun akka falmattan jabeessinee gaafatna. Dhabbileen mirgoota namummaa addunyaa fi mootummootni gamtoomanii kanneen sirna giloobalayizeshiinii keessatti hirmannaa guddaa qabdanii fi bulchiinsa dimookiraasii babaldhisa jirra jettan akka nu cinaa dhaabbachuun mootummaa abbaa irree EPRDF irra qoqqobbii siyaasaa fi dinagdee kaayuudhaan dhiibbaa feesisu akka gootanii fi uummata keenya balaa beelaan dhumaa jiruuf dirmannaa itti fufinsa qabu akka gootan jabeessinee gaafachuun gaaffiiwwan keenya kana hubachuu fi qaama dhimmi isaa ilaalu qooda fudhachuun deebii sirriin akka nuuf kennamu barbaadna jechuun iyyaannoo keenya kabajaandhiyeeffanneera!!

Barattoota Oromoo Yuunbarsiitii Harammayyaa

Uummata Oromoo Hundaaf
Jaarmiyaalee Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo Hundaaf
(Dhaabbolee mormitoota Mootummaa ERDF)
Bulchiinsa Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaatiif
Koomishinii Poolisii Oromiya fi Dhimmoota Nageenyaa Oromiyaaf
Bulchiinsa Godina Harargee Bahaa fi Komishinii Poolisii Godina Harargee Bahaaf,
Dhaabbilee Mirga Namummaa Biyyattiif, Afrikaa fi Addunyaaf
Dhaabbilee Gargaarsaa Idil Addunyaa Hundaaf


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The digital divide (Top and worst for digital): World Internet population and Penetration December 2, 2015

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According to World Internet population statistics, countries Such as DR Congo, Chad and  Ethiopia barely exist on world map.


World internet population and penetration

(World Economic Forum, Nov. 30, 2015): Digital rights are basically human rights in the internet era. The rights to online privacy and freedom of expression, for example, are really extensions of the equal and inalienable rights laid out in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. According to the UN, disconnecting people from the internet violates these rights and goes against international law. British Prime Minister David Cameron recently pledged to give all UK homes and businesses access to fast broadband by 2020, adding that access to the internet “shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a right”.

Singapore has overtaken Finland to become the most effective user of digital technology in the world, according to the latest Networked Readiness Index (NRI). However, it is European nations that dominate the leader-board, with seven top 10 places this year. Singapore is the sole remaining Asian Tiger following the demotion of Hong Kong and South Korea.

The NRI is part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report 2015: ICTs for Inclusive Growth. The NRI identifies the capacity of countries to leverage Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), by assessing the overall political and business environment, the level of ICT readiness and usage among the population, businesses and government, as well as the overall impacts of ICTs on the economy and society at large.

The 2015 results, which cover 143 economies, confirm the dominance of advanced economies and the persistence of the multiple-faceted digital divides not only across but also within economies. They reveal the pervasive digital poverty that deprives the neediest from the opportunities offered by ICTs.

Beyond this diagnosis, the 2015 edition of the report provides solutions from leading experts and practitioners to alleviate digital poverty and make the ICT revolution a global reality.


Here is a list of the top 10 economies making the most of the digital age, according to the NRI:

list of the top 10 economies making the most of the digital age, according to the NRI


Here are the top 10 sub-Saharan digital countries:


The top 10 sub-Saharan digital nations


Here are the worst 10 sub-Saharan digital countries:

(They are also making among the worst in the world)


The worst 10 sub-Saharan digital countries