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Oromia: Paying Tribute to Obbo Yishaaq Angoos Gurmu: An Exemplar Educator and Civic Leader December 22, 2015

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Obbo Yishaaq Angoos Gurmu

1933 – 2015


We were shocked and saddened by the passing away of Obbo Yishaaq Angoos Gurmu on November 19, 2015, in Finfinnee, Oromia. He was the secretary of the Board of Directors of the Macha-Tulama Association in Oromia in the 1990s. Obbo Yishaaq gave outstanding service to his people by rebuilding this association with other leaders and by implementing its cultural, social, and political objectives. Throughout his life, Obbo Yishaaq fulfilled the educational objective of the Macha-Tulama Self-Help Association single-handedly.

His extraordinary service had an immense impact on the education of a generation of Oromos and this had far reaching consequences. As a teacher, director, and an administrator, he served in different parts of Oromia and influenced the education of future Oromo leaders across Oromia who would go on to serve the Oromo people. As the director of the Haile Selassie I Secondary School of Naqamtte, which was later named the Naqamtte Comprehensive High School, Obbo Yishaaq Angoos Gurmu demonstrated his farsightedness, effectiveness and quality of leadership. He recognized the importance of rigorously educating Oromo students so that they would receive the university education they needed to be leaders in science, administration, politics, and other areas. Obbo Yishaaq was a great man who shaped the intellectual careers of thousands of Oromo students and others.

Before he arrived in Naqamttee to serve as the director of the Haile Selassie I Secondary School, students rarely passed the Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination. But ever since his arrival, with his guidance, many students passed this exam and were admitted to colleges and the Haile Selassie I University, later named Addis Ababa University. As a director, he created a positive and constructive educational environment to educate his students effectively. Obbo Yishaaq promoted academic excellence by establishing high standards for teaching and learning.

Obbo Yishaaq was educated in the U.S., where he received his master’s degree. Although he was a highly educated man, Obbo Yishaaq preferred to work in a dusty and impoverished city rather than work in Finfinnee, where he could have been employed with a high paying, prestigious job. Instead, Obbo Yishaaq committed his life to cultivating the minds of young Oromos to prepare them for leadership in education, science, and other areas. As a result of this, some of his students emerged as political leaders, professors, and medical doctors. Obbo Yishaaq was a role model for the Oromo nation. He immensely contributed to the education and enrichment of Oromo society. The Macha-Tulama Cooperative and Development Association, USA, expresses its deepest condolences to his family, friends, his former students, and all members of the association in Oromia and foreign countries.


Asafa jalata
Asafa Jalata, PhD
President, the Directors of Macha-Tulama Cooperative and Development Association, USA


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