By Baaroo Keno Deressa, Dr.

Concerning this issue my letter to United nations and European commission will be published soon.

Dr Baro KenoAfter twenty-seven years in power, the TPLF-elite dare to tell us that Rome was not built in a day. Are they ignorant or arrogant??? Twenty-seven years is quite a long time to bring changes in the lives of all people. When the TPLF moved to Dadabit telling the world that Mengistu did not bring any change. But Mengistu remain in power 17 years and TPLF is now 27 years in power, number of days in one year then and now are still 365 and I don’t understand why  twenty-seven years of their palace life should not be considered a long time? Yes they bring many changes in Tigray region (in military technology, medical science, economic empowerment….etc). But the mother of all cash flow and life-oxygen my beloved Oromia and generous people of Oromo are:

  • Bleeding day and night in the hands of TPLF special commandos and security forces,
  • Suffering from torture and ill-treatment of TPLF government
  • killing future generations of our nations (university students).
  • Detaining millions of innocent Oromo peoples and Oromo intellectuals
  • Limiting free movement of our people in their home town
  • Promoting brain drain of mother land Oromia.
  • Harassment and hunting down capable Oromo individuals to inhibit the development of mother land Oromia.
  • Countless atrocities are committed against Oromo people

Mostly government statements are based on “kitchen cabinet” (TPLF junta) and Oromo people no matter what the truth is, they must accept it. The TPLF commandos are always right because they have the gun and the system supporting them. The stronger can always tell the wrong and force the weaker to accept it as the right. Trying to prove that the “stronger” is wrong is tantamount.

Whatever their power we Oromo people have to stand firmly with full commitment and confront it this barbaric act.

Let me put some facts with evidence based manner:-