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Oromia (Ethiopia): The Violence in Oromia is Violence against Oromos: It is not Violence by Oromos. July 13, 2020

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The Violence in Oromia is Violence against Oromos: It is not Violence by Oromos.

By Dr. Barii Ayano

1. It is a known fact that there is ongoing violence in Oromia, and hundreds of people have been killed and many more were wounded. According to the PP regime, the death toll is 239. Other sources claim the regime’s figure underestimates the number of the victims. State violence is being committed every day and innocent Oromos getting killed every day. 2. The overwhelming majority of the victims are Oromos. The armed mercenaries of the PP regime are still killing Oromos every day. Thus, the Oromos are protesting across the world against the mass murder and mass arrests of Oromos civilians in different parts of Oromia. Of course, the state sponsored murderers’ victims include non-Oromos living in Oromia. But they should be counted as the only victims of violence in Oromia. Oromo victims are not counted by chauvinists. 3. The regime confirms the death of civilians in Oromia, but it is branding the victims as mainly non-Oromos living in Oromia for political expedience. The chauvinist elites and their media are also propagating the same conspiracy theory. They want to frame the crisis in Oromia as the violence committed by Oromos against others, which is completely false. The chauvinists did the same thing during the crisis that ensued after the assassination attempt on Jawar. Abiy Ahmed discredited such claim by coming out with the breakdown of the data of the victims, which proved to be most of the victims were Oromos. The current violence is not different, but Abiy is blaming Oromos, and he is on board with chauvinists. 4. Oromos have been disarmed in different of Oromia for decades. The TPLF-led EPRDF regime disarmed Oromos numerous times. Abiy Ahmed led regime did the same, and the new regime even went as far as banning agricultural tools in Hararghe. Simply put, Oromos are disarmed. They don’t have guns to commit large scale gun violence. The murders in Oromia are being committed by the mercenaries of the PP regime and the chauvinists themselves. Chauvinists in Oromia are armed to their teeth. They have been arming themselves, particularly during the last 2 years. It was almost daily news to witness the confiscations of illegal arms and ammunitions being delivered to Addis Ababa and other parts of Oromia. Oromia Police even discovered large quantities guns and ammunitions hoarded in Orthodox Churches in several parts of Oromia. The chauvinists in Oromia have the capacity to commit large scale murders using gun violence. 5. Oromos need to strongly fight the agenda of Abiy Ahmed and chauvinists that try to brand violence against Oromos as violence committed by Oromos. As it did before, the regime won’t release the ethnic breakdown of the victims now since it has the agenda to tarnish the image of Oromos. We need to gather information and debunk the false claims of the regime and its chauvinist supporters. Simply put, the Oromos are most of the victims of state violence and violence by armed chauvinists. When it comes to the properties damaged, Oromos also suffered the consequences. I think the PP regime’s cadres and security agents might have their hands in damaging properties. They are preparing documentaries to blame it on the Oromos now. They were designing this scheme before it occurred. The PP regime and its chauvinist supporters had streamlined plans of what to do after they got Hacalu murdered. Damaging properties is part of their cruel and dirty game. Don’t let the chauvinists own the narrative of the crisis.Let us own the narrative to build bridge between Oromos and other people. We are all victims of the machinations of the chauvinist PP regime.