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The last effort to destroy the name ‘OLF’ is set on. Ifajeen dhumaa maqaa “ABO” jedu balleessuu qasiifamee jira July 29, 2020

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The last effort to destroy the name ‘OLF’ is set on

By Obbo Ibsaa Guutama

It is saddening to hear that the elderly freedom fighter and the chairman of OLF Party is under house arrest for unexplained cause. Whatever he may be accused of cannot be outside what he has done as an Oromo national and on behalf of his party.

He is the personification of that party. Therefore, his comrades should not do anything that will compromise his leadership until he is legally replaced. It is the party in power that has arrested him. Therefore, remaining party officials are expected to sever any relation with that party unless sanctioned by him. Otherwise it amounts to collaboration with enemy of the party and therefore betrayal to its constitution not pure rebellion against him. On the surface the matter may seem one party’s internal affairs. But it should be clear to any one that it is far beyond that when viewed against the present happenings. It is in the category of alien interference in Oromo affairs; Hacaaluu’s killing and imprisonment of Jawar Mohamad and all Oromo leaders and nationals. It is part of the genocide going on in many parts of Oromiyaa. Many Oromo nationalists might have conflicts with Chairman Daawud Ibsaa. But at this trying time solidarity with him becomes a duty of Oromummaa. Enemy conspiracy may pulldown in turns billboards carrying name “OLF” never OLF itself.

Oromiyaan haa jiraattu.

Ifajeen dhumaa maqaa “ABO” jedu balleessuu qasiifamee jira: Manguddichi qabsaawaa bilisummaa, hogganni Gola ABO, Daawud Ibsaa kaasaa hin ifsamneef manaa akka hin baane taasifamuu dhagahuun nama gaddisiisa. Waanti inni ittiin himatame maaluu haa tahu waan Oromoo ta’ee fi gola ofii bakka bu’ee hojjetee ala hin ta’u. Golichaaf fuula namummaa kan kennuufii isaa. Kanaaf jaallewwan saa hagamu qurrama qabaatanuu hanga seeraan bakka buufamutt waan hoggansa saa gaaffii keessa galchu raawwachuu hin qabanii. Gola aangoo irra jirutu isa qabe. Kanaaf qondaaloti dhaabichaa hidhaa irraa hafan yoo inni hin hayyamin hariiroo gola sanaa waliinii kutuu qabu. Sana malee diinatt galuu fi heera golichaa ganuutt malee, isaan mormanii kan itt fincilanitt hin fudhatamu. Irrakeessaan wanti kun dhimma gola tokko keessaa fakkaachuu danda’aa. Garuu waan amma ta’aa jiruun yoo walitt ilaalamu akka sana irraa fagoo ta’e hundaaf ifaa ta’uu qaba. Akaakuu halagaan dhimma Oromoo keessa seenuu, ajjeechaa Hacaaluu, fi hidhamuu Jawaar Mohamadii fi hogganoota Oromoo fi sabboonota hundaatii. Qaama qaceefixiisa Oromiyaa bakka hundatt gaggeefamaa jiruuti. Sabboonoti Oromoo hedduun Dura Taa’aa Daawud Ibsaa waliin waldhabdee qabaachuu ni danda’uu. Garuu yerottii qortuu kanatt tumsuufiin dirqama Oromummaa ta’a. Sadoon nyaaphaa saanqaa maqaan “ABO” irra jiru darabeen gadi buusuu ni dandaha, ABO gonka hin danda’uu.

Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!


Oromo political struggle had its goal as establishing independent republic Oromiyaa. Something went wrong when some went back to the initially rejected position by founding fathers of movement for independence. That is where the Oromo should have the courage and determination to go back to. Anything they tried short of that have failed for their arbitrary imprisonment, torture, killings and exiles never stopped. Enslaved people have to be completely free from their enslavers to negotiate with them on equal terms for any eventuality. They have first to unequivocally stop taking them as their subservient devoid of the right to self-determination. There cannot be freedom for nations and nationalities until the empire under which they are imprisoned is dismantled and they are set free to decide on their own. All polities in Africa are colonial made and should not be looked upon as indivisible and sacred. Oromiyaa and Ethiopia are African countries; it should not be seen as if one is above the other because fall time caused. Just like Dr. Abiy said you shall destroy us before you destroy Ethiopia, there are those that say you have to destroy us before you completely destroy Oromiyaa. Before wellbeing of human beings is more endangered by spite of dictators, peace lovers have to come to the rescue. Nafxanyaa system hopefuls and their lackies’ fooling of democratization, federalism, common history etc. must stop and the truth put up. So far, no member of the oppressor group has comeout to solve existing problems in good faith. As one of ancient nations of Africa Oromo stand for Pan Africanism is unquestionable. They want strong union in which all peoples’ political, social and economic interests are reflected. Ethiopia must be liberated from Nafxanyaa colonizer’s mentality to live with. Oromo love freedom and are now determined more than ever to pay what it takes to realize it. It is the most honorable to die fighting against injustice rather than on one’s knees. Therefore, get organized wherever you are starting from grassroots. Overseas, strengthen your community associations. It is there that you can test how far you can go together overcoming personal greed and narrowness of the mind. It is only if you overcome that that you can pass to a higher level. Any trial that does not start from the bottom up will collapse before going farther. For the purpose remember you are not the tribe or region or the religion or any group you come from but proud Oromo. Whatever you plan is to empower the Oromo to overcome their chronic colonial problem. All patriots so far relentlessly advocating for their national cause will have legitimacy in their communal base. In case Homefront is disabled that they may be called upon to lead the struggle cannot be ruled out. Therefore, they have to get organized with that in mind. There are Oromo community associations throughout the world. There are also attempts to coordinate efforts of all Oromo communities on country and global levels. Go back and strengthen those. The most urgent need our people require is rescuing victims of Nafxanyaa system genocide. The assassination of the beloved artist Hacaaluu Hundeessaa and killings and mass arrests that came after that is only the continuation of more than 150 years of genocide. Oromo nationalist’s determination is called for to alleviate the victims’ agonies and go after those instigating genocide from behind the riff raffs. Before the worst comes to the region their names and evil deeds should be exposed and brought to international court of justice. Now family support, medication, legal expenses and support for those wounded and imprisoned are urgent. For this thing is not going away soon, a permanent accountable task force/institution of professionals and volunteers may need to be formed. Since the source and the target are the same it could be advantageous to centralize fund raising to enable prioritizing budget according to urgency of need. Then similar institution for research and information seems a must. Legality and transparency in all endeavors is helpful. Let theory turn into practice. Task of diaspora can be summarized as providing with money, advocacy, material and knowledge.

Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Ibsaa Guutama

Definition of Qeerroo and Faannoo: When one talks of Qeerroo and Faannoo one has to understand the difference in concept. Qeerroo are young men who are not married and defending society is one of their roles. Qarree means unmarried virgins. Literally Qeerroo is plural of leopard. The Oromo take their young to be as brave and daring as the leopard and leopardess. They are not war mongers but come out only when the nation’s honor and interests are challenged and when duty calls. Fannoo means leaderless campaigner (zamach) volunteer campaigner, war monger (Desta Takla Wald dictionary p. 990). Faannoo are not limited to age group but includes all that are rebellious and unruly. It will therefore, be a mistake to understand it as Qeerroo when Amaaraa says Faannoo. Conceptually Faannoo is aggressive while Qeerroo is peaceful youth until it is provoked to engage. Abbaa Duulaa is always assigned to lead them in battle so cannot be leaderless.


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