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UpFront Africa Show: Oromo visual artist Yaddi Bojia talks on using his art as a platform to speak on issues related to Oromo Culture,Social issues and Gadaa system August 7, 2017

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Oromo visual artist and activist Yaddi Bojia talks to Jackson Muneza M’vunganyi on using his art as a platform to speak on issues related to Oromo Culture,Social issues,Black Lives Movement etc.’Artists often see their place to provoke, to voice, to enlighten.’


Darartuu Gammadaa: Pinnacle of Excellence in High School: Computing Whiz Gets National Recognition in U.S. (Via KARE11 TV). #Oromo #Oromia #Little Oromia August 30, 2015

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Dr Kabajaa Artistii Lammaa Guyyaa fi ManFakkii (Gallery) isaa: Renowned Oromo/ African Artist (painter), Dr Artist Lammaa Guyyaa Gammadaa August 4, 2015

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???????????Oromo Artist Lammaa Guyyaa Gammadaa (Lemma Guya Gemeda)Dr. Artist Lammaa Guyyaa Gammadaa, Oromo artist (painter)Portrait of Oromo woman by Dr. Artist Lammaa Guyyaa Gammadaa, Oromo artist (painter)

Seenaa fi Hojilee Dr Kabajaa Artist Lammaa Guyyaa fi ManFakkii (Gallery) isaa argarsiisu kanan bohaara.

Dr Artist Lamma Guya Gammadaa (Lemma Guya Gemeda) is a renowned Oromo contemporary Artist (painter). His love for art was grown in him while he was  a shepherd in his boyhood. He was born from  his father Obbo  Guyyaa Gammadaa and his mother Aadde Maare Goobana in 1929  in Oromia,  Eastern Shewa, Ada’aa Liban district, Bishoftu, Dalloo village. Lemma was a second child of 5.

Until he was 14, he was engaged in traditional games like shooting the circles by sword, boxes, climbing trees, swimming water and so on. Lemma was unique from his friend in that he always tries to practice painting different pictures and sculptures in his family wall by mixing soil, lime and ashes. He made sculptures on the wall of his family. Because of he was talentful, he was loved and respected among his parents, neighbor and friends.

When Lemma’s age reached for education, he did not go to school, rather his father made him to herd cattle as it was obvious. Due to a pressure from a friend of his father, Lemma started school, at around 14 in Bishooftu. He was admitted to teachers training college of Adama in 1943. But because of his interest in the army he left the college and joined the Ethiopian air force. During all this time, he continued developing his art skills and continued drawings different pictures. In the air force, he was employed as a general mechanics after he admirably completed training.

He taught as airplane technician in the air force. Even though he was working in the air force and gaining good salary, Lemma did not give up to develop his skill.

Lemma Guya pioneered skin-mounted portraits and those of a host of Heads of State across Africa. He is an expert in painting portraits on goat skin. His paintings have been exhibited and sold successfully in various countries of the world in Africa, North America and  and  winning him numerous prizes and awards. He is also the author of a book entitled,”Teaching yourself Art”. His drawing techniques were all learned from childhood. His style is generally realistic where he draws pictures of different geographical landscapes and humans in an easy and comprehensible manner. Most of his works are paintings on hides, parchments fur and boards that are related to his own life. He has also taught his 5 children  (3 daughters and 2 sons) to follow in his footsteps. All 5 are good painters like their father.

He  has built and the owner of Africa Art Gallery in Bishoftu, Oromia. The Gallery was  established in 1983 and also known as  Lemma Guya Art Gallery.

Lammaa Guyyaa Gammadaa aadaa fi jireennya saba Oromoo fi saboota biroo fakkii dhaan mul’isuun waggaa 50 oliif hojjechaa jira. Dandeettii isaatiin biyyaa keenyaaf adunnyaa irratti beekamtii guddaa argateeraa.  Keessattuu rifeensa utuu irraa hin kaasiin gogaa irratti fakkii (Suuraa) hojjechuun beekama.  Jiruu isaa kan adunyaa hawwate kanasi Afirkaa fi addunyaa kana irraa hedduutu bira dhufanii leenjii argachaa turan, itti jirus.

Dr Artist Lammaa Guyyaa Gammadaa Abbaa Manfakki Artii Afirka yoo ta’uu, manni Manfakkii kun Kabajaa fi yaadannoo Nelson Mandeellaf hojjetame.  Wiirtuun Artii Lammaa Guuyaa namni hunduu akka barumsa irraa argataaniif yeroo hundaa hundumaaf tajaajila kenna.   Dr Kabajaa Artistii Lammaa Guyyaa Gammadaa kan dhalate bara 1929 handhuura Oromiyyaa konnyaa Ada’aa Liban, Bishooftuu ganda Dalloo tti. Abbaan isaa Obbo Guyyaa Gammadaa, haati isaa immoo Aadde Maaree Goobanaa ti. Ijoolleen isaa Dubara  sadii fii dhira lama yoo ta’ani shananuu jiruu aartii irratti bobba’anii jiru. Jiruu isaa kanaaf Hadoollessa bara 2015 Umbarsitii Jimmaa irra Doktorummaa kabaajaa argatee jiraa.