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Afaan Oromoo keenya Haa Dursinu March 14, 2015

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???????????Kan na boonsu OromummaaAfaan Oromo is the ancient indigenous language of Africa

Afaan Oromo is the ancient indigenous language of Africa. Save Afaan Oromo!The six widely spoken languages in Africaqubee durii fi ammaa


1. Oromiyaa Biyyakoo - March 14, 2015

The Oromos are one of the most ancient indigenous peoples of East Africa. They are most probably the first populous ethnic group under one language, one culture and history. The Oromos have most probably invented the oldest democratic ruling system which is called Gadaa. The Oromos were the most ancient people in parallel to the Pharaohs ( Cush – Kush ) who first started believing to the existence of only One God, One Creator of the universe. The Oromos is thought to have been the first astronomers , and this is under investigations and research still to be proved! The Oromos lived for thousands of years in separated groups in harmony and piece even with the non Oromo tribes of their neighborhood until the invasion of the Abyssinians from across the Arabian peninsula! Then by the help of the Europeans the Abyssinians after successive and difficult conquest managed to colonize the Oromos ever since! Since then despite their populations, the Oromos experienced nothing but only sufferings by any colonized nation does, with all its worst consequences, and this by the threat of guns and only with sociopolitical oppressions! As such and in addition to all the above the Oromos have no rights until this very moment ! ..Yet, thank God the Oromos started an uprising struggle years back and are doing well to bring awareness and mobilize the new and the old generations through every and any possible social media and rest of means available! As an Oromo I am so happy and have full confidence to the non return struggle of the Oromos until the destination to Freedom is reached! Thanks to all my Oromo friends I happened to come to know through this F/B and especially I have great respect, love and trust to Obbo Oromticha Oromo who was and still is close to me and to all the rest of the Oromos as well……

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