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Ethiopia: Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) Condemns the #Gumuz Massacre May 8, 2019

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The Massacre of Benshangul Gumuz People by the Amhara’s Special Forces Must Be Immediately Stopped!

Press Release by Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD)
May 06, 2019.

We are witnessing the biggest failure of humanity in Ethiopian soil just after 12 months since the new PM has vowed to make such barbaric actions towards unarmed civilians a history. Contrary to his and his government’s vows, we observe that the civilians are getting killed for no apparent reasons by a highly armed Amhara regional special force in Benshangul Gumuz regional state. This armed group is not only targeting solely indigenous and legitimate owners of the land; but also, hundreds of children and elderly are getting summarily executed for a simple reason of being different from their killers in the aspect of their culture, skin colour and political beliefs. This is a clinical example of genocide and it is tragically unfolding in Ethiopia as we speak. Apparently, the unarmed civilians are getting executed in their own soil by those who are legally allowed to occupy their land. As saying goes, a history is repeating itself in the Ethiopian soil. In 2003 between 430 and 500 unarmed civilians were massacred by those who colonised their land for a simple reason of silencing them whilst expropriating their resources and land in Gambella region. The same massacre is now unfolding in Shaka zone on a Shakacho people by the same highlanders. Tens of thousands of Oromo, Ogaden Somali and Sidama civilians were executed in the last 27 years alone.
Benshangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM) is a PAFD’s member. We strongly believe that the rights of our members and that of all peoples in Ethiopia must be always protected. We have confirmed that Benshangul Gumuz civilians are increasingly targeted and executed by the highly armed and well-trained Amhara youth who call themselves Fano. They were trained, radicalized and fully armed with modern machine guns by a National Movement for Amhara (NaMA). According to the eye witnesses, between May 1 and 2, 2019, over 500 Shinasha people in Benshangul-Gumuz Region, Jawi Woreda, were summarily executed and tens of thousands of civilians were also made to flee their own villages for their lives. The main victims were civilians including children, women and elderly.
Further threats of those who call themselves the defenders of the Amhara rights (Amhara extremists) all over the world are intensifying. Furthermore, these groups are also using extremely inflammatory remarks by calling the victims ‘Monkeys’ whilst reinforcing their delusional and mythical lineages with the Judaism thus their capability of killing any group or nation they think they can colonise their land. On this subject, we have gathered ample and credible evidences that the killers of Benshangul Gumuz civilians are increasingly employing inflammatory and derogatory remarks calling the victims uncivilised primitives needing execution in exact manner as the Europeans have employed during, after and prior to the scramble for Africa.
The Ethiopian Government neither condemn the killings of civilians nor asked for apology for failing to safeguard them. Although some authorities claim the restoration of the order, this is far from the truth as the Government hasn’t so far take any justifiable action against the killers and forces behind these tragic executions. Apparently, the Amhara Regional Government has got full
knowledge of the indicated group although it has deliberately refused to stop them from acting bestially. Some witnesses show that it has even assisted the executors with technical aspects of the indicated barbaric oppression.
In the aspects of Media coverage about such inhumane actions to unarmed civilians, we saw little or some misguided quotations about the incident. Instead, all Medias those usually daily reports when someone burps in Amhara region remain their mouths zipped. For example, some extremely biased Medias such as ESAT and ZeHabehsa- few days prior to the execution of civilians actively propagated the killing of between 10 and 13 Amhara civilians by the Benshangul Gumuz people who used traditional arrows. Witnesses believe to the contrary about the fact that ESAT’s and ZeHabesha’s false propaganda has played key role in escalating the situation to end up in such unsettling eventuality. Additionally, some of the Amhara’s army commanders including Colonel Demeke Zewudu, and some activists in their social media accounts have boasted of the killing of primitive people and stressed yet more to come to clear the remaining primitives so that they can overtake their land. These groups further threatened even the Oromo people in relation to the ownership claims of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) and vowed to repeat their success in Benshangul in Wallo and other parts of Amhara-Oromia borders.
Therefore, we the PAFD member political organisations, unanimously condemn with the strongest possible terms such barbaric actions toward the unarmed civilians, children, women and elderly of Benshangul Gumuz. We urge the Amhara’s regional state to exercise utmost restraint and lawfully handle its anarchically behaving special forces that has been primarily trained to maintain law and order. There won’t be any peace and security as long as some groups are fighting to dominate and dehumanise fellow mankind. Therefore, we must understand that refraining from bestially behaving to the other nations and groups must be seen as a sign of civility and wisdom.
Furthermore, we demand the federal government to immediately intervene and stop the on-going execution of powerless civilians whose lives are put at the mercy of their barbaric assailants. We also urge the federal government to immediately investigate and bring those responsible for such horrific and inhumane actions to civilians to justice. We advise the international human rights group and western countries politicians to earnestly bring this unsettling massacre of civilians to the attentions of obliviously sleeping Ethiopian authorities by urging them to take meaningful and corrective measures as a matter of urgency. We also call up on all Ethiopian peoples to unconditionally condemn such barbarism and demand the Amhara regional state to stop its inhumane actions to the unarmed civilians.
Finally, we send our deepest condolences to the families of barbarically executed Benshangul Gumuz civilians and show our consistent and unrestricted solidarity until justice is served on their behalf by bringing those who have killed and maimed their sons and daughters to an independent justice and their rights to the ownership of their land is restored by removing the colonial occupiers. The PAFD will always works for and speaks up for the voiceless people in Ethiopia.
Freedom and Justice for All Peoples in Ethiopia!
Press Release by Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) May 06, 2019


Stop the genocide against the #Gumuz people: በጃዊ ወረዳ በአብን በንጹሐን ጉሙዝ ሕዝብ ላይ የተፈፀመው ጅምላ ጭፍጨፋ የዘር ማጥፋት ጦርነት ነው

Stop the genocide against the #Gumuz people: በጃዊ ወረዳ በአብን በንጹሐን ጉሙዝ ሕዝብ ላይ የተፈፀመው ጅምላ ጭፍጨፋ የዘር ማጥፋት ጦርነት ነው May 5, 2019

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N.E. Africa:Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) Categorically Condemns the Past and Ongoing Massacre of Unarmed Civilians by TPLF/EPRDF’s Ethiopian Government May 31, 2016

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Odaa OromooPAFD NEWSPAFD nations flagsPAFD, the genuinely-multinational coalition for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia, covers greater than 70% of area in Ethiopia

Press Release on the occasion of 14th Commemorative anniversary of Sidama Loqqee Massacre and the Massacre of the other civilians.

May 30, 2016, London

The repeated massacres and genocides of past 25 years that the TPLF’s barbaric regime has committed on unarmed civilians of all regions-and the ongoing indiscriminate massacres it is committing now are likely to continue unabated for a long time if the peoples in Ethiopia remain fragmented, divided and refuse to take the responsibility of confronting and stopping this criminal regime. Failure to do so has already unquestionably contributed to the longevity of the regime.

We, the PAFD member organizations envisage a dynamic and flexible approach with potential of accommodating the interests of all stakeholders without any differences and without actually dictating our own agendas for all the peoples in Ethiopia. This will allow all to move forward in unison in their strides towards justice, democracy and genuine self-determination, which is practically denied by the current regime. Moreover, we strongly believe that this is the only way forward to stop the ongoing genocide, to restore the rule of law, human dignity and pride and democratic order in Ethiopia.

To be able to do so, all the peoples in Ethiopia and their respective organizations must put their differences aside and unite strategically in order to end the suffering of all perpetrated by the TPLF led EPRDF’s brutal regime.

Today’s Sidama Loqqee massacre 14th commemorative anniversary isn’t unique to Sidama nation and isn’t a past history. It has been committed on tens of thousands of civilians in Ethiopia from Amhara, Afar, Benshagul, Hadya, Kambata, Ogaden Somali, Omo, Oromia, Sidama, Shakicho and the rest of regions of Ethiopia. And it is ongoing in Oromia, Ogadenia, Gambella, Konso, Omo Valley and the rest of regional, Zone and district levels.

Unconditionally condemning the past and ongoing genocides and massacres, the PAFD calls upon all organizations and peoples in Ethiopia to be united, move forward and stop the regime brutalizing them all.

PAFD also urges the international and regional communities to stand on the side of the people in order to stop the ongoing blatant human rights violations and hold the perpetrators into account both locally and in the international arena

PAFD salutes the indefatigable and resilient spirits of the Sidama Loqqee martyrs and all the other civilians who have been the victims of past and ongoing massacre by current callous regime in Ethiopia.

Finally, PAFD promises that all those wronged souls may rest in peace and that their valuable lives will be not be lost in vain. It will continue fighting for justice and democracy and righting the wrongs committed against them and the other living multitudes. PAFD will never forget your courageous and honorable sacrifices for generations to come.

PAFD Executives, May 30, 2016, London


PAFD (NE Africa): Resolution of the Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy’s Public Meeting on 9th of April, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main Germany April 11, 2016

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Odaa OromooPAFD, the genuinely-multinational coalition for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia, covers greater than 70% of area in EthiopiaPAFD NEWS
 PAFD Public Meeting on 9th of April, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main Germany
 PAFD Public Meeting on 9th of April, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main Germany. p1
Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) public meeting hosted by Oromo Student Union and Ogaden Community in Germany was held on 9th of April 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
It was attended by two Executive committee members of PAFD, human rights advocators, invited guests, Veteran members of successful liberation movement, representatives of youths and Women and generally by the peoples and nations of member organisations of PAFD.
On this meeting, paper was presented by the officials of PAFD on the current political situation in the Horn of Africa with special emphasis on Ethiopia. The objectives of the PAFD were also explained. The atrocious nature of EPRDF across the empire, images and videos of the ongoing protest and public resistance from Oromia have been presented. Artists have entertained with cultural music in between discussions.
Member Communities and other peace loving friends in Germany all gathered on this occasion have expressed their unflinching  support and solidarity for the Alliance. They noted that the oppressed peoples in Ethiopia have now reached a tipping point where the outcry of the peoples under Occupation of the Ethiopian regime cannot be ignored any more.
After thorough discussions and comments on the presentations during the meeting the participants continued discussions on the various issues. Finally the participants concluded the meeting upon passing political resolution.

The Political Resolution of this public meeting in Germany: –

  1. Hereby in unison we convey our unflinching support for PAFD in its struggle against the TPLF/EPRDF-led Ethiopian regime, to regain the legitimate national right for the Nations and peoples. We also appreciate the outcome of PAFD congress that brought member organisations under one umbrella leadership to forge stronger bond of unity among member organisations which allowed them to strengthen their combined effort on diplomatic, political and armed struggle against TPLF. The participants of the meeting also summoned all nations and Nationalities in Ethiopia to create a firm ground for a unity of purpose and mutual respect. In the last twenty plus years TPLF/EPRDF has been tactically engaged in instigation of ethnic discord. We call up on our peoples to be aware of “divide and rule” colonial principle and resolve their conflict in a manner they used to live in it.
  2. The Ethiopian government is currently playing a destructive and destabilizing role in the Horn of Africa in general and on the peoples under its rule in particular. The Dictatorial regime run by the TPLF is currently using every means at its disposal to silence the quest of people for justice. Freedom of press, civil Societies and independent judiciary are non-existence in this country. The Regular army and Agazi militias are using brute force against innocent Oromo protesters with complete impunity; extra-judicial executions, enforced disappearances, arbitrary mass detentions and harsh prison terms under dubious laws are practiced beyond imagination. People are evicted from their ancestral land under the pretext of “Development” and “master plans”. We strongly condemn such belligerent act of Ethiopian regime.
  3. The partnership of EU with Ethiopia is aimed to bring a political environment guaranteeing peace, security and stability, which are the solid ground for sustainable economic policies and developments. Respect of human right violations, sustained economic growth, developing the private sector, increasing employment, good governance and etc. are the main witness and visible criterion for the objective of the partnership. Concerning the current Tigryan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) led regime of Ethiopia, there is massive evidence, which demonstrates beyond any doubt that the government is intensifying the persecution of Ogadeni, Oromo, Sidama, Gambella, Benishangul and other nations and nationalities in the empire. We appeal to the international communities in general and EU to implement ACP-EU agreement and its resolution passed on 21st January 2016.
  4. The public meeting appreciated Resolution of EU, Concerns of some democratic governments and honours Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human rights League Horn of Africa, Oromia Support Group, Ethiopian Human Rights Council and International Commission of Jurists for their principled and responsible activities in exposing the atrocities of TPLF government behind the curtail. Although the effort of these humanitarian organisations are limited to exposure, as it ought to be as a matter of rule, the participants of this public meeting values this contribution to be immense in bridling the militant and aggressive nature of the TPLF regime.
  5. It is clear that the EPRDF force’s violent manoeuvre is intensifying from day to day. People are being denied to lead peaceful life. Such deplorable act has to be unequivocally condemned by all peace-loving forces. Therefore, we call upon all peoples in the empire of Ethiopia to join us in the struggle against the EPRDF regime.
  6. We also call USA, EU and AU to refrain themselves on current deal with TPLF’s regime about the Oromo protest behind the curtail without the consent of peoples in Ethiopia and particularly in this case the Oromos.

Peace and justice shall prevail!

Frankfurt, Germany

9 Apri 2016


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Odaa OromooPAFD NEWSPeoples alliances for freedom and democracy, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa

Peoples alliances for freedom and democracy, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa p1


Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) held its first successful general congress from March 21st to 25th 2016 in Eritrean capital, Asmara. The Congress has discussed the status of our collective struggle in particular, the current situation in Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa and the world in details.

PAFD is a political alliance united for the struggle to free the oppressed peoples in Ethiopia and it was established on the 23rd of October 2015 in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, by five different political organizations, namely – Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM), the Gambela People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM), the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) and representatives from women and youth. The Alliance is determined to uproot the current oppressive minority regime in order to safeguard and advance peoples’ rights to exercise genuine self-determination.

The situation in Ethiopian Empire is deteriorating day by day whereby the dictatorial Ethiopian regime led by TPLF/EPRDF’s government is evicting, harassing, imprisoning civilians without due process of law and intensifying wonton killings.

The military and security apparatus of the government is firing on peaceful demonstrators in most parts of the country, in general, and in Oromia region in particular. Denial of political rights of people has already led to mass uprising in different parts of the county, in general, as we speak. In its attempt to suppress the peaceful resistances and struggle, the TPLF/EPRDF’s government resorted to responding to peoples’ peaceful quest with violence and declared martial law.

Additionally, its response is also become evident as it is implementing various forms of brutalizing methods. It also continuously uproots people from their ancestral lands deploying excessive force and killing innocent civilians including children and pregnant women. Regardless of strong people’s opposition and international criticism to such illegal and inhumane policy, the regime, continues with implementing its harsh policy using international aids as a political weapon.

The regime continues to violet freedom of press, policy of land grabbing, exploitation of natural resources, instigating conflicts among different nations and nationalities to insure its grab on power.

After hearing report from temporary committee formed on founding conference, the chairmen of the five organizations and the participants of the general congress have discussed and analyzed the success, weakness, opportunities and possible threat the alliance might be facing during the course of its operational activities. After deliberation on founding documents, future political, diplomatic and military activities, the congress has ratified PAFD’s working documents.

The General congress also discussed and strategized about the future direction of the Alliance’s activities and clearly instructed its executive committee and all other functional bodies.

The General congress also elected its chairman, two vice chairmen, executive committee members and head of different functional bodies to carry out the operational tasks of the Alliance. After assessing the current situation of the Ethiopian Empire, the Horn of Africa and wider global affairs the PAFD’s General Congress calls upon:

  • The peoples of our member organizations to be unconditionally united to resist and intensify their legitimate struggle to achieve their unalienable rights denied to them by successive Ethiopian rulers including the current one.
  • The Ethiopian Regime to unconditionally stop killing of unarmed innocent civilians, imprisoning without due process of law, looting natural resources of oppressed nations and people and media blockage.
  • The military and security apparatus to stop killing of innocent civilians and we urge it to stand with people to end the TPLF/EPRDF’s brutal rule.
  • All political organizations in the Ethiopian Empire to stand shoulder to shoulder to fight the dictatorial regime in unison. Furthermore, PAFD invites all opposition groups who are struggling for freedom, justice, equality and democracy to unconditionally join the Alliance.
  • The international community to respect the wishes, desires and the rights of all the nations and peoples in Ethiopia, and stop supporting the dictatorial regime before the current situation becomes totally uncontrollable.
  • We also ask the international community to exert their influence in bringing those responsible massacring innocent civilians to justice.

Finally, PAFD strongly condemns the illegal use of aid given to the people who are in great need, and preventing them from acquiring other means by blocking trade and denying access to all humanitarian assistance. Furthermore, we condemn soliciting aid for regime’s political purposes created by evicting indigenous peoples from their fertile land and chartering it to the so called foreign and ruling class investors.

Peace, Democracy, Freedom and Genuine rights of peoples to Self determination!

Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD)

March 25, 2016


Murtii fi Kutannoolee Kora 1ffaa Tumsa Ummatootaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii(PAFD) Tumsi Ummatootaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii(PAFD) kora jalqabaa  Bitootessa 21 hanga 25 bara 2016 magaalaa Asmaraa Eertiraatti, gaggeeffatee milkiin xumuratee jira.

Kori kun haala qabsoo waloo irratti, haala yeroo ammaa Itoophiya keessaa, haala Godinaa Gaanfa Afrikaa fi kan idil addunyaarratti bal’inaan mari’ateera. Tumsi Ummatootaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii, qabsoo ummatoota cunqurfamoo Itoophiyaa bilisa baasuuf gaggeeffamu waloon finiinsuuf tumsa siyaasaa Onkoloolessa 23 bara 2015 magaalaa guddoo Noorweey, Oslootti dhaabbolee siyaasaa adda addaa Shan:- Sochii Bilisummaa Ummatoota Benishaangul(BPLM), Sochii Bilisummaa Ummatoota Gaambeellaa(GPLM), Adda Bilisummaa Biyyoolessaa Ogaadeen(ONLF), Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (OLF) fi Adda Bilisummaa Biyyoolessa Sidaamaa(SNLF), bakka bu’oota dubartootaa fi dargaggootaan bu’ureeffame dha.

Tumsi kun sirna cunqursaa murna abbaa irree wayta ammaa aangoorra jiru hundeen buqqisuudhaan ummatoonni akka mirgoota isaanii kabajsiifatanii fi hiree murteeffannaa isaanii guutuutti fiixa baafatan dandeessisuuf jabinaan hojjeta. Haalli impaayera Itoophiyaa keessaa guyyaa irraa gara guyyaatti hammaataa kan jiru yoo tahu, sirni cunqursaa Itoophiya, mootummaa TPLF/EPRD’n durfamu lammiilee siviilii dachee isaaniirraa buqqisaa, hiraarsaa, seeraan ala hidhaa fi tahe jedhee ajjeechaa jumlaa irratti raawwatu bal’inaan itti fufee argama. Humnoonni waraanaa fi tikaa mootummaa naannolee biyyatii hedduu keessatti addatti ammoo naannoo Oromiyaatti lammiilee hiriira nagaa bahanirratti rasaasa dhukaasaa jiru. Mirga siyaasaa waakkatamuun ummatootni waliigala naannolee biyyattii heddutti akka fincilan taasisee waytuma Korri kun gaggeeffamaa jirru kanattuullee diddaatu deemaa jira. Mootummaan TPLF/EPRDF diddaa fi qabsoo karaa nagaa gaggeeffamaa jiru ukkaamsuuf akka furmaataatti kan fudhate ummatoota karaa nagaa gaaffii dhiyeessan irratti tarkaanfii suukaneessaa fudhachuu fi bulchiinsa waraanaa jala galchuun hacuucuu dha. Dabalataanis, tooftaaleen yakka hammeenyaa sirnichi itti fayyadamaa jiru garaagaraatis deebisaa gaaffii ummatootaaf laataa jiru ifatti agarsisu. Daa’immanii fi dubartoota ulfaa dabalatee lammiilee fayyaaleyyii gara-jabinaan ajjeesuu fi humnatti dhimma bahee lafa akaakilee-abaabilee isaaniirraa buqqisuus akka itti fufee jira. Imaammata gocha seeraan alaa fi yakka namoom-dhaba tarkaanfachiisaa jiruun ummatoota biyyattiirraa mormii jabaan irratti gaggeeffamus, qeeqni jabaan hawaasa addunyaarraa isa mudatus sirnichi, imaammata hammeenyaa hojiirra oolchuu itti fufuudhaan gargaarsa addunyaarraa argatu akka meeshaa siyaasaatti dhimma bahaatuma jira.

Imaammata gocha seeraan alaa fi yakka namoom-dhaba tarkaanfachiisaa jiruun ummatoota biyyattiirraa mormii jabaan irratti gaggeeffamus, qeeqni jabaan hawaasa addunyaarraa isa mudatus sirnichi, imaammata hammeenyaa hojiirra oolchuu itti fufuudhaan gargaarsa addunyaarraa argatu akka meeshaa siyaasaatti dhimma bahaatuma jira. Sirni wayyaanee mirga bilisummaa Pireesii sarbuu, imaammata saamicha lafaa fi saamicha qabeenya uumamaa akkasumas aangoorra of tursuuf sabootaa fi sab-lammoota jidduutti shira xaxee walitti bu’iinsa dhalchuus itti fufe malee hin dhaabne. Korri 1ffaa Tumsa Ummatootaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii, gaabaasa Koreen yeroo konfaransii bu’uursaarratti filame dhiyeesse erga dhaggeeffatee booda, dura taa’onni dhaabbilee Shananii fi hirmaattonni korichaa milkaayina, dadhabina, hiree fi dhimmoota adeemsa hojiilee tumsichaa keessatti gufuu uumuu malanirratti marii fi xiinxala bal’aa gaggeessaniiru. Barruulee bu’uuraa haala hegeree sochiilee siyaasaa, dippiloomaasii fi waraanaa ilaalchisuun dhiyaatan irratti mariin gaggeeffamee wal hubannaarra erga gahameen booda, korichi dokmantii hojii kan Tumsa Ummatootaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii raggaasee jira. Korri waliigalaa kun kana malees kallattii hojiilee tumsichaa kan fuula duraa irratti mari’achuun tarsiimoo kan baafate yoo tahu, koree hoji-raawwachiiftuu fi qaamota tumsichaa biroo hundaafis qajeelfama dabarsee jira. Korri waliigalaa kun dura taa’aa, Itti aanoota dura taa’aa Lama, miseensota Koree hoji-raawwachiiftuu fi hogganoota qaamota tumsichaa hojiif dhaabbatan adda addaas akka hojiilee tumsichaa raawwataniif filee jira. Korri kun haala impaayera Itoophiyaa wayta ammaa, godinaa Gaanfa Afrikaa fi idil addunyaa erga xiinxaleen booda, waamicha qabsoo itti aanu dabarse. Ummatoonni dhaabolee miseensa Tumsichaa, mirgoota isaanii mootummaa amma aangoorra jiru dabalatee mootummoota Itoophiyaa dhufaa-dabraan sarbamaa jiran gonfachuuf haal-duree tokko malee tokkoomuun diddaa fi qabsoo itti jiran akka finiinsan, Mootummaan Itoophiyaa lammiilee siviilii harka duwwaa gaaffii mirgaa dhiyeessaa jiran ajjeesuu, seeraan ala hidhuu, qabeenya uumamaa sabootaa fi sab-lammiilee saamuu fi mancaasuu akkasumas miidiyaalee ugguruu daddaffiin akka dhaabu, Humnoonni waraanaa fi tikaa sirnichaatis lammiilee fayyaaleyyii ajjeesuu akka dhaabanii fi sirna bulchiinsa TPLF/ EPRDFtti xumura gochuuf ummata waliin akka hiriiran, Dhaabbileen siyaasaa Impaayera Itoophiyaa keessa jiran hundumtuu harka walqabachuudhaan tokkummaan sirna abbaa irreerratti akka qabsaawan, kanatti dabalees, gareeleen mormitootaa bilisummaa, walqixxummaa, haqaa fi dimokraasii dhugoomsuuf qabsaawaa jiran marti akka tumsichatti makaman Tumsi Ummatootaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii waamicha isaa dabarsa.

Hawaasni addunyaa hawwii, fedhii fi mirga sabootaa fi ummatoota Itoophiyaa keessaa hunda akka kabajuu fi haalli ammaan tana biyyattii keessaa gara tohannoon alatti hin tarkaanfatin, sirna abbaa irree deeggaruu akka dhaaban Tumsi Ummatootaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii waamicha isaa dabarsa. Kana malees tumsi kun, hawaasni addunya kanneen lammiilee siviilii ajjeesuun gaafatamoo tahan fuula seeraatti akka dhihaataniif dhiibbaa barbaachisu akka taasisan gaafata. Maayiirratti, Tumsi Ummatootaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii gargaarsa ummatoota rakkoof saaxilamaniif kennamu seeraan ala itti fayyadamuu fi ummatootni miidhaan irra gahe hojjatanii akka of hin gargaarreef qoqqobbiin daldala mootummaan irra kaa’amee, akkasumas, gargaarsa namoomaa irratti uggura kaa’ame gadi jabeessee balaaleffata. Kana malees, gargaarsa ummatootaaf kenname dantaa siyaasaa irra oolfachuudhaan lammiileen lafa gabbataa qabeeya akaakilee-abaabilee isaanii taherraa buqqisuu fi invastaroota alaa dhufan jedhamanii fi sirnicha waliin hidhata qabanitti gurguraa jirus jabeessee balaaleffanna.

Nagaa, Dimokraasii fi Mirga Haqaa Ummatootaa kan Hiree Murteeffannaa!

Tumsa Ummatootaa kan Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii(PAFD)

Bitootesssa 15, 2016

Asmaraa, Eertiraa

Waajjira Pireeziidiyemii





የህዝቦች ትብብር ሇነጻነትና ሇዲሞክራሲ(PAFD) 1 ኛ ጉባዔ ውሳኔ

የህዝቦች ትብብር ሇነጻነትና ሇዲሞክራሲ(PAFD) የመጀመሪያውን የተሳካ ጠቅሊሊ ጉባዔ ከመጋቢት 21 እስከ 25 ቀን 2016ዓም በኤርትራ ርዕሰ-መዲና፡ ኣስመራ ኣካሂዷሌ። ጉባዔው በተሇይ ወቅታዊ የጋራ ትግሌ ሊይ፣ በኣሁኑ ወቅት በኢትዮጵያ ባሇው ሁኔታ ፣ በኣፍሪካ ቀንድ ቀጣናና ኣሇምኣቀፍ ሁኔታ ሊይ በስፋት ተወያይቷሌ። የህዝቦች ትብብር ሇነጻነትና ሇዲሞክራሲ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝቦች ነጻ ሇማውጣት እየተካሄዯ ያሇውን የነጻነትና የዲሞክራሲ ትግሌ በጋራ ሇማፋፋም ጥቅምት 23 ቀን 2015ዓም በኦስል ከተማ ከኣምስት የፖሇቲካ ድርጅቶች ማሇትም፥ የቤኒሻንጉሌ ህዝቦች ነጻነት ንቅናቄ(ቤህነን)፣ የጋምቤሊ ህዝቦች ነጻነት ንቅናቄ(ጋህነን)፣ የኦጋዴን ብሄራዊ ነጻነት ግንባር (ኦብነግ)፣ የኦሮሞ ነጻነት ግንባር(ኦነግ) እና የሲዳማ ብሄራዊ ነጻነት ግንባር(ሲብነግ) ተወካዮች፣ በድርጅቶቹ የሴቶችና ወጣቶች ተወካዮች የተመሰረተ ነው። ይህ ትብብር ሰሌጣን ሊይ ያሇውን ኣምባገነን ስርዓት ብማስወገድ ዝቦች መብቶቻቸውን ኣስከብረውና የራሳቸውን እድሌ በራስ የመወሰን መብታቸውን እውን እንዲያዯርጉ በጥንካሬ ይሰራሌ’’። በኢትዮጵያ ኢምፓዬር ውስጥ ያሇው ሁኔታ ከቀን ወዯ ቀን እየከፋ በመሄድ ሊይ ሲሆን፥ በህወሃት/ኢህኣዴግ የሚመራው የሃገሪቷ ኣምባገነን ስርዓት ንጹሃን ዜጎችን ከመሬታቸው ማፈናቀሌን፣ ማንገሊታቱን፣ በህገ-ወጥ ሁኔታ ማሰሩና ሆን ብል በጅምሊ መግዯለን ኣጠናክሯሌ። የመንግስት ጦር ሃይሌና ዯህንነቶች በበርካታ የኣጋሪቱ ኣካባቢዎች በተሊይም ዯግሞ በኦሮሚያ ሰሌፍ በወጡ ዜጎች ሊይ ጥይት አያዘነቡ ነው። ህዝቦች የፖሇቲካ መብቶቻቸዋን መነገፋቸው ባጠቃሊይ በኣያላ የሃገሪቷ ኣካባቢዎች ህዝባዊ ቁጣና ኣመጽን ወሌዶ ጉባኤው እየተወያየ ባሇበት ጊዜ እንኩዋ ኣመጹ እየተካሄዯ ይገኛሌ። የህወሃት/ኢህኣዴግ መንግስት በሰሊማዊ መንገድ እየተካሄዯ ያሇውን ተቃውሞና ኣመጽ ሇማፈን እንዯመፍትሄ ብል አየወሰዯ ያሇው በሰሊማዊ መንገድ ጥያቄ ባቀረቡት ሊይ ኣረመኔያዊ እርምጃ መውሰድና በጦር ኣስተዳዯር ስር ኣስገብቶ እንግሌት መፈጸምን ነው። በተጨማሪም ስርዓቱ እየተጠቀመባቸው ያለት የተሇያዩ ዘግናኝ እርምጃዎች የመንግስቱን ክፋት በግሌጽ ያሳያለ። ህጻናትና ነፍሰ-ጡር ሴቶችን ጨምሮ ንጹሃን ዜጎችን በመግዯሌና ሃይሌ በመጠቀም ከኣያት-ቀድመ ኣያት መሬታቸው ሊይ ማፈናቀለንም ቀጥሎሌ። እያራመዯ ባሇው ህገ-ወጥና ኢ-ሰብዓዊ ድርጊቶች አንዲሁም በሚከተሇው ፖሉሲ ከሃገሪቷ ህዝቦች የበረታ ተቃውሞ ቢካሄድበትም፥ ከኣሇም ማህበረሰብ ውግዘት ቢገጥመውም ስርዓቱ እኩይ ፖሉሲውን ስራ ሊይ ማዋለን አንዯቀጠሇ ነው። ከኣሇምኣቀፍ ኣካሊት የሚያገኘውን እርዳታም እንዯፖሇቲካ መሳሪያ መጠቀሙን ቀጥሎሌ። ይህ የትብብሩ ጠቅሊሊ ጉባዔ በመስራች ኮንፈረሱ ሊይ የተቋቋመው ጊዜያዊ ኮሚቴ ያቀረበውን ሪፖርት ካዳመጠ በኋሊ የኣምስቱም ድርጅቶች ሉቃነመናብርትና የጉባዔው ተካፋዮች የትብብሩ ስራዎች ስኬቶች፣ ድክመቶን፣ እድልችና እንቅፋት ሉሆኑ ይችሊለ በተባለ ሁኔታዎች ሊይ ውይይትና ግምገማ ኣካሂዯዋሌ።



Horn of Africa: Oromia: The Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy Statement on the Current Situation in Ethiopia January 11, 2016

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Odaa OromooPAFD, the genuinely-multinational coalition for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia, covers greater than 70% of area in Ethiopia


pafdThe current situation in Ethiopia is no longer tenable and unless urgent measures are taken it will bring unmanage-able chaos in the Horn of Africa worse than the current situation in the Middle East.

In 1992 and 1994, the Ethiopian regime declared an all out war against the civilian population in many parts in Oromia, Ogaden and the rest of Ethiopia creating humanitarian and human rights Catastrophe, hundreds of thou-sands were killed, detained, tortured or forcefully dislocated from their lands.Today the Ethiopian regime is embarking on campaign to commit grave violation of human rights and suppression of all democratic rights it even recognizes in its nominal constitution. The Oromo people whose democratic rights were never respected and subjected to consistent human right violations massively are now being systematically uprooted from their ancestral lands around Addis Ababa under the pretext of development. Similar atrocities are being committed against the people in Sidama, Gambela, Beni-shangul, Amhara,and other states.Read more at:



Civil Disobedience Can Be A Potent Weapon To Dismantle Fascist TPLF’s Abyssinian Empire December 1, 2015

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Civil Disobedience Can Be A Potent Weapon To Dismantle TPLF’s Abyssinian Empire

  By Denboba Natie
Civil disobedience is a potent weapon in the hands of those who understand how to use it’ M. Coxall 2015.
I’m Created Equal….No Less No More!
Oromo student protest at Haromaya University, Oromia, on 30 November 2015. The peaceful protesters ruthlessly attacked by TPLF (Agazi) fascist Ethiopian regime forces.Oromo students Protests, Western Oromia, Mandii, Najjoo, Jaarsoo,....Oromo Students Protests, Gincii, Central Oromia, Nov. 12, 2015Oromo Students protest @ Ambo, Oromia 25th November 2015 picture1OromoProtests, Naqamtee, Oromia, November 27, 2015Oromo Students protest @ Mandii, Western Oromia 25th November 2015 picture1
Obboloota Keenya Yunivarsitii Haroomaayaati Guyyaa Har'aa (Sadaasa 30, 2015) Harka Mootummaa Faashistii Wayyaaneeti Dhuman akkasumas Lixa Oromiyaati Hidhaa fi Reebicha suukkaneessaan Dararamaa Jiranu yaadachaa Sagalee Isaanii Taanee Addunyaat Haa Iyyinu !

Haromaya University on November 30, 2015. Let us be the voice of the voiceless Oromo peaceful protesters. Their voice is stifled by fascist TPLF regime again. Time to act by Oromo around the world!
People are differently nurtured in different parts of the world although their biological element known as DNA is over 99.5% the same. Nurturing is the basis for peoples’ way of understanding the world around them. History shows that largely, peoples’ attitudes, behaviours and practices have been socially constructed and deconstructed, shaped and reshaped throughout several centuries. Moreover, our collective and individual beings are shaped with our self-awareness as an individual or community. In psychology also, self-awareness is defined as metacognition, awareness of one’s own ability to reasonably and logically assert realities. In humans, metacognition and other advanced cognitive skills, such as social intelligence, planning and reasoning, are all thought to depend on a region of brain known as the prefrontal cortex. Therefore, we, humans became different from the animals only with the power of our brain and the ability of reasoning and self-awareness which distinguish us from most other earthly species.
We are all created equal and thus deserve our inalienable rights enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration and the 18th century American Independence documents as described:-We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the concerned of the governed.
Contrary to the above, there are groups of morally corrupt and politically and economically powerful individuals who ascribe inferiority to the ruled. They dictate the majority that they are created special and given omnipotent power to rule over the others. This is why there are socially fabricated royalty, super rich, corporate management, and ruling politicians. Such morally corrupt, self-appointed persons make up rules and regulations to impose them on their likes. They do so for their own egocentrism by keeping the majorities as simple usable tools – in spite of the fact that their likes equally deserve dignity and respect, and share the same human needs such as physiological, safety, social esteem, cognitive and self-actualisation needs; in addition, these individuals deprive the rest of the Mankind of basic needs, including the pursuit of happiness, aspiration and hope.
The inhumane practices of the rulers and business corporations have been in place since time immemorial although their barbarism become more sophisticated as European modernisation became a reality. Notwithstanding such abhorring crimes of slavery committed by Europeans, Americans and Arabians since the 16th century; regardless the European technological advancements, slavery has increased exponentially since the mid1750s to 1800s with scope and dimension under the infamous name known as industrial revolution. My personal opinion is not that the industrial revolution has been bad for mankind. I rather argue that this progress has brought its own evils with it. During this period, the sophistication of strategizing the enslavement of the majority under guise of civilisation and capitalism, whilst keeping the ruled majority silent, ended up with the enslavement of the dummies; in the same period the number of the prisoners of conscience increased significantly too. One of famous American Black Civil rights movement leaders defies the silence of the majority as; ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’ Martin Luther King Jr. 1929 – 1968.
Human brain power has got the capacity of either positively or negatively impacting human endeavours. History tells us that this capacity has shaped and unshaped social evolution throughout millennia; therefore humans judge any people or any society, based on their individual or collective contributions and actions to their likes. Ever since humans exist in the form of social entity, some groups of people or individuals have viciously treated their kinds, while within the egalitarian societies people have peacefully and fraternally coexisted with one another and in full agreement with the nature and natural orders. Several establishments across History have repeatedly demonstrated their viciousness by viciously treating their subjects and by erroneously recording and promoting their accounts of history which emphasise their own nobility and superiority, thereby preaching the inferiority of their subjects. Howard Zinn, an authoritative American historian professor advises about such flaws of histories and their repugnant roles in the society as follows:-“I’m worried that students will take their obedient place in society and look to become successful cogs in the wheel – let the wheel spin them around as it wants without taking a look at what they’re doing. I’m concerned that students not become passive acceptors of the official doctrine that’s handed down to them from the White House, the media, textbooks, teachers and preachers”.
Human species with capacity to make fair choice and ability to empathise the sufferings of their likes regrettably switch their positive natural abilities to greed, which takes at times diabolic proportions, and to vicious inhumanity and in this manner they do cause further misery to their kinds. These groups of people create extremely repressive regulations, policies and legislations, which they blatantly impose on the systematically silenced majority, who on most occasions obey without any question. And this has been an ongoing exercise of those who have appointed themselves to be the sole beneficiaries of wealth, greed and social hierarchy since time immemorial. Besides, no person on planet has been given such rights by birth as we saw it from the above argument. Neither royalty nor secret societies nor anyone else has been naturally endowed with such right to be a vicious ruler rejoicing with the sufferings of his likes. Evidences reveal that it’s those who are the ruled ones who allow such systems to evolve from century to century as their minds are increasingly obscured as a result of century’s old bombardments with lies and deceits geared to coerce them to accept the imposed inferiority.
A famous singer, Bob Marley, rightly puts this: ‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds! (Bob Marley 1945 – 1981)’. This has been substantiated by Marcus Garvey as follows: ‘Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men, (Marcus Garvey 1887 – 1940)). They both agree with one fundamental fact, namely that people must liberate themselves from various forms of injustice imposed on them by simply rejecting such rules.
The first and foremost priority is unambiguously understanding that no one on planet has got any right under whatsoever definition to oppress people individually or collectively or to impose their rules on them due to their military superiority and financial power- with money expropriated from the wealth of the majority. The next step is understanding the power of unity and having unity of purpose. Cognizant of their fundamental rights, if those who are oppressed are united and agree to persistently and unanimously demand their own rights, those who might impose their will on majority will have no choice apart from unwillingly surrendering. However, as mentioned above, it is imperative to acknowledge that those, who are in power, have got weapons and use them against the majority. They have got money and Media machineries and others governmental apparatuses through which they can systematically impose their evil will. More essentially, they might have already systematically brainwashed the majority with lies and deceptive mantras of generations to obscure historical reality. Regardless, if once such erroneous assertions and beliefs of the majority change and the clouds of falsehood diminish, history will inevitably change. Once the majority wake up and understand that no one has got God-given right to rule over them with iron fist from generation to generation, no rulers on planet can stop such wave of united movement.
Throughout Human History, the frustration of the extremely dissatisfied, disillusioned and oppressed citizens has always resulted in some kinds of public reaction. Such reactions, in the best case take the form of civil disobedience (CD) and the others take some form of an armed struggle. As M. Maxall, 2015, analyses it in more extreme cases, CD results in bloody revolution or what modern politicians prefer to call it ‘Terrorism’. Therefore, civil disobedience is an inevitable human reaction to unacceptably imposed oppression by the oppressors in any part of the world. Effectively utilised, CD has brought down governments and even empires, overturned despots of all levels globally, won great civil and human rights victories throughout centuries, driven the engine of human development and brought dignity and power to the people of the world (M. Maxall 2015).
Using CD as a method of forcing government to listen to people’s voice or removing authoritarian rulers from power will undoubtedly have a phenomenal effectiveness. Another famous intellectual and campaigner of civil rights stresses that no one should remain silent while their rights are stifled and they are oppressed for the sake of peace and security‘You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom’. ‘Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to… (Malcolm X, 1925 – 1965).
Emphatically Rejecting Oppression until Asserting Own Rights 
Preparing to embark on CD needs minimum or no external resources. All the mass need to do is psychologically and mentally feel liberated and freed. They have to believe that they are exonerated from the prisoning systems. It is all about believing that the mass is not any more the slave of the government or corporations and that no one has got right to brutalise and continually enslave them. The oppressed and subjugated subjects need only an internal strength and understanding of the reality on the ground. They must be prepared to continually and in unison demand their unalienable rights whether the regime in power is likely to shoot and kill or intimidate them by any possible means. Often CD can be conducted in a peaceful and in a very discrete manner without even the regime in power or its loyalists understating what is going on. Neither weapons nor expensive means of communications are necessary to conduct CD.  Always preparing to conduct CD on non-violent basis will be the most potent weapon as stated by Gandhi:- ‘Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It’s the mightier than the mightiest Weapon of destruction devised by theingenuity of Man’ (Mahatma Gandhi, 1869 -1948).
Deeply articulating the fact that no one has got right to exploit the resources of the majority, whilst the majorities are left with little or no choice but suffer the consequences, plays a crucial role in bringing together those who are victimised. Once courageous and determined individuals or groups of peoples come together, their unity triggers waves of CD movements with common vision and understanding, who are therefore able to stand own grounds whilst demanding these universal and unalienable rights to equality. No one has got any rights to prevent us from demanding these rights, as a famous American novelist stated: ‘No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow, Alice Walker).
As I have mentioned above, among the various methods of unanimously rejecting the rules of dictators or corporations, the most efficient, cost effective, simple and potent weapon the oppressed can use against their rulers is CD. Effectively used CD can easily shake the foundations of any oppressor in any part of the world. CD manifests itself by unanimously rejecting any regime wherever it might be, whenever possible. CD is nothing but mere refusal to obey governmental demands or commands; it is a nonviolent and usually collective means of forcing concessions from the government or removing the government. It is entirely non-violent, and this is the reason it ismore potent than any form of manmade weapons. A famous American intellectual, professor, historian, playwright and human rights activists emphasises the importance of this as follows:-
‘The most formidable military machine depends ultimately on obedience of its soldiers, the most powerful corporation becomes helpless when its workers stop working, when its customers refuse to buy its products. The strike, the boycott, the refusal to serve, the ability to paralyse the functioning of a complex social structure, these remain potent weapons against the most fearsome state or corporate power’, (Howard Zinn, 1922 – 2010).   
Effectively used CD obliges the rulers to understand that their subjects are not dummies any longer; thus the rulers will be forced to relinquish their power in order for the majority to decide their ways out of the difficulties. One of the America’s novelists agree with this as follows:-‘The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t possess it anymore’ (Alice Walker, American novelist)
Although those who have placed themselves in upper social strata or hierarchy dictate their accounts of history and stories, philosophically their place in history is inferior, as they utterly lack the key elements that make us humane. They are short of the key humane element which makes us feel and empathise the sufferings of the others. They rejoice when they bomb innocent children and civilian with nuclear and others forms of WMD. This is the reason why sadly those who are in power dictate false accounts of everything to hoodwink their subjects in order for them to exploit their subjects – ignorant of historical realities. Howard Zinn states the above argument as follows: –“History is important. If you don’t know history it is as if you were born yesterday. And if you were born yesterday, anybody up there in a position of power can tell you anything, and you have no way of checking up on it”. Human histories are recorded and maintained depending on individual region’s or country’s contexts although the following is a universally binding declaration. Orally narrated histories of traditional societies are much more reliable than the written and serve as valuable in their objective as the written accounts. The question is whether the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are respected in any part of the world
Box 1. Excerpts from ‘UN’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights’.
Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
Article 2.
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.
Article 18.
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.
Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
Article 20.
(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
(2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association.
Article 21.
(1) Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.
(2) Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.
(3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.
Article 27.
(1) Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.
(2) Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.
Courageous and Bold Move is Essential whilst affecting CD.
The reason why we need CD is simply because those whose rights are violated by those officials or corporations must unite and demand them. The oppressed subjects must defy the current repressive and exploitative orders, either in Ethiopia or worldwide; the universally self-appointed elites who call themselves the rescuers and governors of our planet must be met with CD, i.e. the most effective manner to have them removed. We should not fear any person on planet as long as we stand for genuine cause and aforementioned universally acknowledged rights. One icon of our century’s struggle for freedom and resistance and renowned African statesman states that we must win over our fear whilst standing for our fundamental rights: ‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear, (Nelson Mandela 1918 -2013)
Box 2 Some of Key Reasons Initiating Civil Disobedience
Persistent and blatant abuse of power in a number of ways by government officials.
Controlling of civilians by spying on citizens via state and corporation censorship.
Manipulation of public opinion with lies, deceits and obfuscations.
Disallowing room for a political rights and kidnapping and torturing those who choose to be involved.
Morally, economically and ethically corrupt government officials.
Detention without trials only using kangaroo courts for show trails.
Collective punishment of given ethnic groups or nationals for their political views/economic interests of the rulers.
Massacre and genocide of given ethnic nationals or groups of people for their political views.
Rigging election and promoting state terrorism whilst covering up official misdeeds.
Deliberately and systematically impoverishing given ethnic nationals by expropriating their natural resources.
Targeting given ethnic nationals for belonging to given ethnic identity or nationals therefore torturing and mass imprisoning them.
Denial of justice and arbitrarily arresting non-combatant civilians to keep them jailed for years/decades.
Suppression of dissent voices and misuses of police and army power to stifle citizens and keep them silenced.
Discrimination against certain groups or ethnic nationals for their political and economic importance.
Theft of citizens’ property to enrich politicians and their loyalists.
Blackmailing of dissents and human rights activist by authorities.
Institutional incompetence and negligence of authorities.
Disrespect of citizens and repeated hypocrisy… and more.
Since time immemorial, Mankind has experienced rewarding progress and advancement, but at the same time IT continues to suffer ever worsening and appalling evils, troubles and ills. This is because man’s problems are man-caused therefore potentially easily resolvable matters. We must fight and overcome manmade injustice that humans imposed on their kinds. We must challenge and overcome man’s capacity of causing deliberate harm to his/her likes. The most effective means of achieving this is CD.
Understanding the World: prerequisite to effectively conduct CD while not expecting any good from big Evils
History affirms that the largest part of human decadence is ascribed to European and American colonial expansionists who have in massive scale developed the concept of humans’ inferiority or superiority and thereby played a key role in advancing concomitant human sufferings. In addition to simple economic and political superiority, these groups of peoples created weapons of mass destruction and continually experimented them all over the world. For instance, to such evil and inhumane competitions is due the notorious Chernobyl’s 1986 nuclear disaster where over a million civilians have been affected. The worst and inherently inhumane examples were the two bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and 9, 1945), resulting in the death of over 300.000 and consequently over a million civilians and children in the following two decades.
The current ongoing global instabilities are mainly ascribed to West in general and to America’s politicians and corporations in particular. These groups of international and regional powerful economic and military giants and their networks don’t want their dummies to know this fact. This is why they have placed themselves in charge of our society. These are the politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television channels who dominate our ideas so that they will be secure in their power. They didn’t need soldiers patrolling our streets until they have fabricated boggy men known as terrorists to stifle our freedom of expression and assembly. They made us dummies that can easily be controlled so that the mass remains subservient enslaved and conformist. This is why we sit down in front of television sets glued to their endless and deceptive propagandas. The majority of world peoples became addicted to celebrity culture and fizzy yet literally poisonous drinks massively produced by the corporations in addition to junk meals by McDonald’s, KFC, etc. The same trend is being used by all the regimes of the world, including in the Ethiopian empire. Clear understanding of the anatomy of global rulers and their corporations enables the majority to be united in order for them to effectively and successfully conduct CD.
Particular Case of the Ethiopian Empire
When it comes to the Ethiopian empire, it is essential to note that the mentees of American and European colonisers have caused similar sufferings to all the subjugated nations that are found at their disposal. They have crushed dissents of various ethnic nationals who demanded their collective rights. They have demonised such dissents whilst encouraging and praising subservience. The survival of this colonial state has been stitched together by lies and subterfuges. Its history dictates the hegemony of the rulers and the subjugation and the ensuing blackmailing of those who demand their rights. Although historians and social justice activists strongly believe that ‘Dissent is the highest form of patriotism’ and that silence is equivalent to dead walking, while something important to humanity is at stake, Ethiopian TPLF’s regime remain as adamant as all its predecessors.
Those courageous social justice advocates suggest CD as a means of achieving social justice and equality for all – by conquering our fear and uniting with purpose in the following manners: – “CD is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders…and millions have been killed because of this obedience…Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves… (and) the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem”. (Howard Zinn)
In the Ethiopian empire, the above account is absolutely correct, and this will never stop unless we prevent the criminals, who call themselves ‘government’, from incriminating innocent majority, impoverishing and enslaving them all. No one has given TPLF’s barbaric regime any rights under whatsoever definition to sell the Sidama land, the lands of the Oromo, Gambela, Ogaden, Afar, Gedeo and other subjugated nations. It is us, the majority who are allowing the regime to freely continue with their criminal acts against the interests of the mass.
Where CD can begin?
CD can begin at home. Stop having any deal with your neighbour, who might be known to you and others for his/her part in torturing and brutalising innocent citizens and expropriating their resources whilst impoverishing them. Systematically stop cooperating with your family member who might have a link with the brutalising regime. Stop allying your pure conscience with the regime whose hands are dirtied with the blood of the innocents. Refuse attending their weddings and funerals. Stop visiting these groups of criminals whilst they are ill, either at home or in hospitals. Systematically stop buying their products and selling yours to them. Stop befriending with such groups of worst quislings.
Never hesitate to surreptitiously offer the necessary support to dissent and never think that it is none of your business. After all, the pain of one person who is targeted today by the regime’ssecurity and army will be yours tomorrow or after tomorrow, if you remain silent today. But if you are courageously and defiantly involved, the regime, though unwillingly, will stop individually targeting innocent civilians or nations’ peoples for their being who they are. If so, the CD will be unanimous. Never think that you don’t have a weapon. Your unity, determination, and indefatigable approach, your effort to underscore of your own rights and your preparedness to persistently demand them is your formidable and lethal weapon. The rulers know this fact, therefore they don’t want you to know about it.
To be able to persistently reclaim your rights until you assert them, unity with likeminded is paramount. Explicitly and implicitly plan your actions and strategize your methods. If the majority can do so, they can easily incapacitate the capability of any brutal regime, let alone the minority of TPLF’s increasingly wobbling bunches of criminal mafias. One of the distinguished Indian human rights activists and author, Arundhati Roy, emphasises about this as follows:-
“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe. The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling – their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. Remember this: We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy, April 2003, War Talk’
It is nearly 25 years since the current brutal regime has assumed power and promised millions of lies and deceitful projects none of which has materialised. Therefore, the only way for the empire’s subjects is standing on own ground and rejecting the regime. The regime has got a lot of weapons, but we have to understand that our weapons are much mightier than theirs. Therefore, open your mind; wake up from your hibernation to reclaim your dignity and pride as a fellow respected human being who has got his own life, aspiration, hope, and dream. These all are denied to all captives of Ethiopian empire by the vicious incumbent. To reclaim your rights, the most potent and long lasting method is CD. If CD progresses, other means of struggle, involving the use of arms, will also have further leverages in their momentum to successfully accomplish their part.
Begin it at home, from your neighbours, colleagues, classmates and friends. Completely, yet surreptitiously ostracise all inhumane members of regime’s criminal networks.
By Denboba Natie,  01 December 2015
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Unity of the Oppressed in Ethiopia: The Founding of Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) October 24, 2015

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Final Press Release: The Founding of Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD)

October 23, 2015


Delegates of Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM), Gambella People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM), Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) met in Oslo, Norway from 22 October to 23 October 2015 to lay the foundation of political alliance between the peoples in Ethiopia and have formed the Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD).The PAFD will create an opportunity for all peoples in Ethiopia to co-create a transitional political order that is based on the consent of all peoples, where the outmoded hegemonic culture of a single group dominating the rest is dismantled and a new just political order is established, where the respect of the right to self-determination is genuinely granted to all.PAFD will conduct diplomatic, advocacy, information and other campaigns to change the current undemocratic political culture and oppressive system in Ethiopia.PAFD will have a Governing Council (GC) composed of representatives of the political leadership of the founding organisations and members representing the civil societies of the respective communities.The Governing Council will elect an Executive Committee (EC), a chairperson and two vice-chairpersons that rotate yearly among the organization members. The Executive Committee will be the standing committee and will have the bureaus of diplomacy, organization, finance, information and others.PAFD call upon all peoples in Ethiopia to join the alliance and support it in order to end the suffering and dehumanization of all peoples in Ethiopia by the current government. PAFD call upon the regional and international communities, to play a positive role in diffusing this looming danger by supporting the peoples in Ethiopia rather than the illegitimate government before it is too late.

Finally, PAFD call upon the current government in Ethiopia to refrain from all acts of violence, respect human rights, obey the rule of law, and commit to peaceful and democratic resolution of political conflicts.

Issued by PAFD

Oslo, Norway
October 23, 2015



  1. ONLF +447940624477;
  2. OLF +4797357264;
  3. GPLM +12042185988;
  4. SNLF +44 7984480752;
  5. BPLM +2917296477




International News Media Report about PAFD, Newly Established Coalition of National Liberation Movements for the Right to National Self-Determination in Ethiopia


International media outlets continue to report about the founding of the Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy, PAFD – the newly formed coalition of national liberation struggles for the right to national self-determination in Ethiopia (the member organizations of PAFD, i.e. BPLM, GPLM, OLF, ONLF and SNLF, represent more than 60% of the nations, nationalities and peoples in Ethiopia – a population that is inhabiting an area that is ~70% of Ethiopia). Below is how ‘U.S. News & World Report’ reported about the formation of PAFD; other news outlets, such as ABC News, The New York Timesand The Washington Post have also carried the story.



SBO: Gaafiif Deebii Dura Taa’aa Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Gaambeellaa (GPLM) Obbo Okkeeloo Ukkidii Ubaang waliin ta’e. Interview with Mr. Okkeelo Ukkidi, Leader of the Gambella People Liberation Movement September 9, 2015

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Gaafiif Deebii Dura Taa’aa Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Gaambeellaa (GPLM) Obboo Okkeeloo Ukkidii Ubaang waliin ta’e

Cunqursaa sirna wayyaanee dhabamsiisuudhaan bilisummaa, walqixxummaa, haqaa fi mirga dimokraasii Ummatoota Itoophiyaa keessa jiranii dhugoomsuuf dhaaboleen siyaasaa mirga ummata isaaniif dhaabbatan, jaarmayaaleen siiviikii fi lammiileen hundi walii tumsuun falmaa finiinsuun murteessaa tahuu, dura taa’aan Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Gaambeellaa (GPLM) Obboo Okkeeloo Ukkidii Ubaang gaafii fi deebii Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo waliin taasisaniin ibsan.
Obboo Okkeeloon gaaffii fi deebii SBO Sagantaa Afaan Amaaraa waliin taasisaniin dhimmoota ummata Gaambeellaa, hacuuccaa murna wayyaanee, sochii dhaabni isaanii itti jiru, waa’ee Tumsa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii Ummatootaa jidduu dabre dhaabolee siyaasaa mirga hiree murteeffannaa ummatootaa hanga bilisummaatti amanan jidduutti uumamee fi dhimmoota biroo hedduu tuqaniiru.
“Miidhaan mootummaan wayyaanee erga aangoo qabatee kaasee ummata Gaambeellaa irraan gahaa turee fi ammallee itti fufiinsaan irraan gahaa jiru Ummatoota Itoophiyaatii mitii, addunyaatu beeka.” kan jedhan Obboo Okkeeloon, sirnichi ummata dachee isaarraa buqqisee godaansaaf afeeruun gamatti, sababa garaagaraatiin dharaan yakkee jumlaan hidhaa, dararaa fi ajjeesaa jiraachuu ibsan. Kana malees qabeenya uumamaa jireenyi lammiilee Gaambeellaa irratti hundaa’e kan akka bosonaa fi bishaanii mancaasaa fi ummatarraa saamee gurgurataa hegeree dhalootaa dukkaneessuutti dabalee, ummanni hamileen isaa cabee abdii kutachuun akka biyya isaa dhiisee baqatuu fi gaaffii mirgaa kaasuu dhiisuuf yakkoota adda addaa irratti raawwachaa akka jiru hubachiisan. Ummannis yakka kana didachuudhaan falmaa walitti fufiinsa qabu gaggeessaa jiraachuus eeran.
“Mootummaan wayyaanee mootummaa ummataa waan hin taaneef gaaffilee ummataa ukkaamsudhaaf yakka suukanneessaa raawwataa jira.” kan jedhan dura taa’aan SBUG, “Humni waraana mootummaa silaa mirga ummatootaa tiksuun irraa eegamu, waraanichi kan ummataa waan hin taaneef ummata ittisuu mannaa cunqursaa raawwachaa jira.” jedhan.
Hariiroo Ummata Oromoo fi ummata Gaambeellaa kan ilaallatuun ammoo, hariiroon ollummaa fi obbolummaa ummatoota lameenii kan dur irraa eegale tahuu erga ibsanii booda, hariiroon jireenya hawaasummaa, diinagdee akkasumas firummaa jidduu isaanii jiru fuulduras daran jabaatee kan itti fufu tahuu addeessan.
“Dhaabni deggarsaa fi jaalala ummata isaa hin qabne bu’uura hin qabaatu” kan jedhan Obboo Okkeeloon, dhaabni isaanii Sochiin Bilisummaa Ummata Gaambeellaa jaalalaa fi deeggarsa ummata Gaambeellaa irraa laatamuufiin falmaa mirga ummatichaa kabajchiisuuf taasisaa jiru daran jabeessaa akka jiru addeessan. Ummata Gaambeellaa mirga isaaf ka’ee wayyaanee dura dhaabbataa jiru daran dammaqsuu, ijaaruu fi sossoosuudhaan akeeka qabsichaa galiin gahuuf ciminaan hojjechaa jiraachuus eeran.
Waa’ee tumsa qabsoo ilaalchisanii “Dhaabni keenya bu’uuruma irraa kaasee barbaachisummaa tumsa qabsootti amana.” kan jedhan dura taa’aan Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Gaambeellaa, qabsoon Ummatootni Itoophiyaa keessa jiran mata-mataatti taasisaa jiran bifa irra caalaa qindaahaa taheen shaffisaan akka galii isaa gahuu fi mirgi ummatootaa akka kabajamuuf tumsa uummachuun murteessaa tahuu addeessan. Dhaabni isaanii dhaabolee akka Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo, Adda Bilisummaa Biyyoolessaa Ogaadeen, Adda Bilisummaa Sidaamaa, Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Benishaangul faa waliin tumsi qabsoo uummates ejjennoodhuma dhaaba isaanii fardoomina tumsaatti amanu kanarraa tahuu jala sararan.
Waan taheefis cunqursaa mootummaa wayyaanee dhabamsiisuudhaan bilisummaa, walqixxummaa, haqaa fi mirga dimokraasii ummatootaa dhugoomsuuf dhaaboleen siyaasaa mirga ummata isaaniif falman, jaarmayaaleen siiviikii fi hawaasni hundi walii tumsuun falmaa finiinsuun murteessaa tahuu, dura taa’aan Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Gaambeellaa Obboo Okkeeloo Ukkidii Ubaang gaaffii fi deebii Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo waliin taasisanii ibsaniiru.
Hordoftoota keenya keenya gaaffii fi deebii dura taa’aa Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Gaambeellaa, Obboo Okkeeloo Ukkidii Ubaang waliin Afaan Amaaraatiin taasisne, Sagantaa SBO Fulbaana 9 bara 2015 dabru keessatti caqasuu dandeessu.

Amharic version
የወያኔ ስርዓትን ጭቆና በማስወገድ በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያሉ ህዝቦችን ነጻነት፤ እኩልነት፤ ፍትሕና ዲሞክራሲ እውን ለማድረግ ለህዝቦች መብት የሚታገሉ የፕፖለቲካ ድርጅቶች፤ ስቪክ ማህበራትና መላው ማህበረሰብ በመተባበር ትግል ማፋፍፋም ወሳኝ መሆኑን የጋምቤላ ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ(GPLM) ሊቀመንበር ኣቶ ኦኬሎ ኡኪዲ ኡባንግ ከኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለ-ምልልስ ገለጹ።
ኣቶ ኦኬሎ ከኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ የኣማርኛ ቋንቋ ዝግጅት ክፍል ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለ-ምልልስ የጋምቤላ ህዝብ ያለበትን ወቅታዊ ነባራዊ ሁኔታ፤ የወያኔ ስርዓት እያደረሰ ያለውን ጭቆና፤ ድርጅታቸው የጋምቤላ ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ(GPLM) እያደረገ ያለውን እንቅስቃሴ፤ ሰሞኑን በዲሞክክራሲ የህዝቦች የራስን እድል በራስ የመወሰን እስከነጻነት በሚያምኑ የፖለቲካ ድርጅቶች መካከል ስለተመሰረተው የህዝቦች ትብብር ለነጻነትና ዲሞክራሲና ሌሎችም ጉዳዮችንም ዳስሰዋል።
“የወያኔ መንግስት ስልጣን ከያዘበት ጊዜ ኣንስቶ በጋምቤላ ህዝብ ላይ እየፈጸመ ያለውን በደል የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች ብቻ ሳይሆኑ መላው ዓለም ያውቀዋል” ያሉት ኣቶ ኦኬሎ ስርዓቱ ህዝቡን ከቀዬው ኣፈናቅሎ ለስደት ከመዳረጉም ባሻገር በተለያዩ ምክንያቶች ወንጅሎ እያሰረ፤ እያሰቃየና እየገደለ መሆኑን ገልጸዋል. ከዚህም ሌላ የጋምቤላ ህዝብ ህይወት መሰረት የሆኑት የደንና ውሃ ሃብት እያወደመና ዘርፎ በመሸጥ የትውልድን መጻዒ ተስፋ ከማጨለሙም በተጨምሪ ህዝቡ ቅስሙ ተሰብሮ ብአሃገሩ ተስፋ እንዲቆርጥና እንዲሰደድ እንዲሁም የመብት ትግል ማካሄዱን እንዲገታ ለማድረግ የተለያዩ ወንጀሎችን እየፈጸመ እንዳለ ገልጸዋል።  ህዝቡም ይህንን ወንጀል በመቃወም ቀጣይነት ያለው የኣልገዛም-ባይነት ፍልሚያ እያካሄደ መሆኑን ኣመልክተዋል.
“የወያኔ መንግስት የህዝቦች ድጋፍና ፍቅር ይለው የህዝቡ መንግስት ስላልሆነ የህዝቡን ጥያቄ ለማፈን ወንጀል ይፈጽማል” ያሉት የጋ.ህ.ነ.ን. ሊቀመንበር፤ “የጦር ሃይሉ ህዝቡን መከላከል ሲገባው የህዝብ ሰራዊት ስላልሆነ ጭቆና እይፈጸመ ይገኛል” ብለዋል።
በኦሮሞ ህዝብና በጋምቤላ ህዝብ መካከል ያለውን ግንኙነትት በተመለከተ ደግሞ በሁለቱ ህዝቦች መካከል ያለው የመልካም ጉርብትናና ወንድማማችነት ግንኙነት ከጥንት ጀምሮ ያለ መሆኑን ገልጸው፤ የማህበራዊ ኑሮ፤ የኢኢኮኖሚ እንዲሁም የጋብቻ ትስስር በሁለቱም ህዝቦች መካከል የነበረና ወደፊትም ተጠናክሮ የሚቀጥል መሆኑን ይፋ ኣድርገዋል.
“የህዝቡ ድጋፍና ፍቅር የሌለው ድርጅት መሰረት የለውም” ያሉት ኣቶ ኦኬሎ፤ ድርጅታቸው በጋምቤላ ህዝብ ፍቅርና ድጋፍ ትግሉን ይበልጥ እያፋፋመ መሆኑን ኣመልክተዋል. ለመብቱ ወያኔን እየተፋለመ ያለውን ህዝባቸውን መቀስቀስ፤ ምደራጀትና ማንቀሳቀስ ላይ በመስራት ትግሉን እያፋፋሙ መሆኑን ገልጸዋል.
የትግል ትብብርን ኣስመልክተውም “ድርጅታችን በመሰረቱ በትግል ትብብር ኣስፈላጊነት ያምናል” ያሉት የየጋ.ህ.ነ.ን. ሊቀመንበር በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያሉ ህዝቦች በተናጠል የሚያካሄዱት ትግል ይበልጥ በተቀናጀና በተፋጠነ መልኩ እንዲክሄድ ትብብር መፍጠር ውሳኝ እንደሆነ ገልጸዋል። ድርጅታቸውም እንደኦነግ. ኦብነግ. ሲነግ. ቤህነን ካሉ ድርጅቶች ጋር ትብብር የፈጠረውም ከዚሁ ኣቋም በመነሳት መሆኑን ጠቁመዋል።
ስለሆነም የወያኔ ስርዓትን ጭቆና በማስወገድ በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያሉ ህዝቦችን ነጻነት፤ እኩልነት፤ ፍትሕና ዲሞክራሲ እውን ለማድረግ ለህዝቦች መብት የሚታገሉ የፕፖለቲካ ድርጅቶች፤ ስቪክ ማህበራትና መላው ማህበረሰብ በመተባበር ትግል ማፋፍፋም ወሳኝ መሆኑን የጋምቤላ ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ(GPLM) ሊቀመንበር ኣቶ ኦኬሎ ኡኪዲ ኡባንግ ከኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለ-ምልልስ ገለጹ።
ኣድማጮቻችን ከጋምቤላ ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ(GPLM) ሊቀመንበር ኣቶ ኦኬሎ ኡኪዲ ኡባንግ ጋር ያደረግነውን ቃለ-ምልልስ ረቡዕ (መስከረም 9 ቀን 2015ዓም) በሚተላለፈው የኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ ኣማርኛ ቋንቋ ዝግጅት ክፍል መከታተል እንደምትችሉ በኣክብሮት እንገልጻለን።

The Standoff in Afar State and the Arbiter from Mekele (TPLF) September 6, 2015

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The Afar were denied their fundamental right to vote for and elect their representatives and leaders. They are no exception in today’s Ethiopia. That is they have to fight together with the rest of the Ethiopians to dismantle this apartheid regime that has denied them their basic civil and democratic rights.


Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

Over the past one quarter century of its rule the TPLF mafia group has created a number of puppet organizations to represent various national groups in Ethiopia particularly in the so called backward regions of Somali, Ben Shangul, Gambela and Afar. But none is loyal to its masters in Mekele than the Afar regional leaders in Samara, as the regional capital is now known, none is glued as an appendix to TPLF than APDPA or ADE as it is known locally.

This particular relation between TPLF and ADE has its own reasons. Some are historical others are due to the fact that the Afar region occupies in long range strategy of the TPLF. This “QADE” mafia gang originally was part of TPLF itself. They brought them or assigned them into the power by TPLF to make the Afar politically unpredictable, economically weak and infrastructurally underdeveloped, and to impose Tigray ethnic hegemonic control forcibly over the Afar people. The three regional leaders who came with TPLF are Ismail Ali Sirro, Awal Seyoum and Mohamed Anbatta are still in power in the Afar region. One as President, one as Security Official and the third as speaker of the regional Parliament. The longest serving region leader Ismail Ali Sirro is already elected to the National House of Representatives. So by definition he is not liable any more to be President of the Afar region.

The current Executive Committee of the ruling Party (ADNP) has disgracefully failed to elect a new President for the region due to the deep political division and corruption caused by the outgoing puppet President Ismail Ali Sirro who claims that the Afar will be at each other’s throat if he quits. The fact is that the rampant corruption, bad governance, maladministration, discrimination and tribalism policies planted by TPLF in the puppet officials of the Afar region is going to put the Afar region into violent chaos and anarchy, but not because Ismail Ali Sirro is replaced. The Executive Committee left for Mekele as they do every time, they are not able to settle their differences. Every Afar official in Samara has his own lord in Mekele with whom he shares the money he pockets from his corrupt practices. The three puppets are afraid not to be accountable for their crimes, but one day they will have to face the reality. They want to make sure that their cronies are placed in their places. Recently, over a hundred innocent people are arbitrarily and unlawfully arrested in the Afar region because they protested against those practices.

Constitutionally, all federal regional states are equally accountable to the Federal Constitution, while the Afar Regional State is accountable to the Tigrai Regional State and it ruled from Mekele directly. Afar people have no say in deciding their own destiny. It is a fact that, corruption, famine, insecurity and instability which are currently facing the Afar is directly linked to the climate of unethical, unskilled and inexperienced leadership inability of the so called Afar Democratic National Party (ADNP). While the whole Ethiopia and probably the world is worried about the hunger and starvation which killing both the livestock and human beings in the Afar region, the regional officials are in standoff as they were not able to elect the Executive Committee.

They are waiting an arbiter from Mekele to arrive. The Afar were denied their fundamental right to vote for and elect their representatives and leaders. They are no exception in today’s Ethiopia. That is they have to fight together with the rest of the Ethiopians to dismantle this apartheid regime that has denied them their basic civil and democratic rights.

Victory to the Ethiopian people!
Victory to the heroic ARDUF/UGUUGUMO

Military Command Centre (MCC)
Information Desk
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

SBO: Gaafii fi Deebi Dura Taa’aa Dhaaba Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Benishaangul (BPLM) Obboo Abdulwahaab Mahdii Iisaa waliin ta’e September 3, 2015

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???????????Oromia map

Cunqursaa Mootummaa Wayyaaneetti xumura gochuudhaan Bilisummaa Ummatootaa mirkaneessuuf harka wal qabatanii falmaa finiinsuu malee filmaanni biraa kan hin jirre tahuu, Dura Taa’aan Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Benishaangul, Obboo Abdulwahaab Mahdii Iisaa gaaffii fi deebii SBO waliin taasisaniin ibsan.

Dura taa’aan Dhaaba SOCHII BILISUMAA UMMATA BENISHAANGUL (BPLM) Obboo Abdulwahaab Mahdii Iisaa gaaffii fi deebii Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo Sagantaa Afaan Amaaraa waliin taasisaniin dhimmoota hedduu kaasaniiru.

Ummanni Benishaangul erga sirni Dargii qabsoo Ummatootaan aangoorraa qaarsifamee gartuun wayyaanee aangootti ol baheeyis cunqursaan siyaasaa fi dinagdee kan irraa hin dhaabbanne tahuu kan eeran Obboo Abdulwahaab, bara gartuu TPLF keessa dachee saamamuun qayeerraa buqqifamuun, baqachiifamuu fi hidhaan akkasumas ajjeechaan geessifamu akkaan suukaneessaa tahuu dubbatan.

Lafti hidhi laga Abbayyaa irratti ijaaramaa jiru kan lammiileen Benishaangul beenyaa malee humnaan irraa buqqifaman tahuu kan tuqan Obboo Abdulwahaab, lammiileen lafti isaanii irraa saamames biyya ollaa Suudaanitti godaanuuf dirqamuu ibsan. Kana malees, naannoo Hudunduu jedhamuu kanneen 100,000 caalan manneen jireenyaa isaanii konkolaataa Doozaraan diigamuu ibsanii, lafti isaanii qubattoota wayyaaneen Kaabaa fideef kennamaa fi Chaayinaatti gurguramaa jiraachuu himan.

Haala diddaa ummataa wayta ammaa kana naannoo bulchiinsa Benishaangul keessatti deemaa jiruun walqabatee miidhaa wayyaaneen geessisaa jirtu kan ilaallatuun ammoo sirni wayyaanee diddaa ummataa Hagayya 14 bara 2015 gaggeeffameen walqabsiisee lammiilee Benishaangul hedduu humnoota isaa itti bobbaaseen ajjeesuu, jumlaan hidhuu fi qayeerraa baqachiisuu ragaadhaan deeggaruun saaxilan.

Ummanni Benishaangul filannoo wayyaanee ALG.tti 2007 gaggeeffamerraa qooda hin fudhanne, diddaa jabaa agarsiise kan jedhan dura taa’aan Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Benishaangul, kanarraas sirnichaan yakkamanii hidhaa fi dararaaf saaxilamuu ibsan.

Dabballoonni wayyaanee namoota “Filannoon nu hin ilaallatu, hidhaa, saamichaa fi dararaan nurraa haa dhaabbatu.” jechuudhaan gaafataniin isin SBUB waliin hariiroo qabdu jechuudhaan guyyaa saafaan gabaa keessatti rasaasaan ajjeesuu ibsan. Kanaan walqabatees ummanni diddaa jabaa mul’isuurraa mootummaan wayyaanee waraana itti bobbaasuun dhukaasa irratti roobsee namoota 12 battalumatti ajjeesuu maqaa namoota ajjeefamanii tarrisuudhaan ibsan. Manguddoota umriin isaanii wagaga 95, 75 fi 60 dabalatee lammiilee diddaa agarsiisaa jiran keessaa abbootiin warraa 30ni Asoosaatti hidhamuu kan dubbatan Obbo Abdulwahaab, namoonni 5 ammoo gara mana hidhaa kaampii waraanaatti geeffamuudhaan erga dararamaa turanii booda, nyaatni summaa’aan itti laatamee waytuma sana lubbuun isaanii galaafatamuu ibsan.

Duula mootummaan wayyaanee diddaa ummata Benishaangul dhaamsuuf waraana itti bobbaasee gaggeessaa jiru kanaan wayta ammaa kana daa’imman 35 rasaasaan reebamuu fi lammiileen 285 tahan madeeffamanii Hospitaala Raashaa kan Asoosaatti argamu keessa jiraachuu kan tuqan Obboo Abdulwahaab 30,000 kan tahan ammoo qayeerraa baqatuu gaaffii fi deebii SBO Sagantaa Afaan Amaaraa waliin taasisan keessatti addeessaniiru. Haalli wayta ammaa kana naannoo Benishaangul keessa jiru Miidiyaaleedhaan akka ifa hin taaneef mootummaan wayyaanee namnuu akka naannicha hin seenne ugguruus dubbataniiru.

Cunqursaan mootummaa wayyaaneetiin ummata Benishaangul irratti raawwatamaa jiru hammaataa jira kan jedhan Dura Ta’aan Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Benishaangul Obboo Abdulwahaab Mahdii, roorroo diinaa kana of irraa qolachuun bilisummaa keenya mirkaneessuuf dargaggoonni hedduun waraana, Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Benishaangulitti dabalamaa jiru jedhan. Ummannis hanga wareegama lubbuutti bilisummaa isaa goonfachuuf murannoo qabu ibsuun nu cinaa hiriiree falmaa fi dinagdeen nu tinnisaa jira jedhan.

Waraanni keenyas degarsa ummataan sochii isaa itti fufeera erga jedhanii booda, tarkaanfilee waraanni Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Benishaangul yeroo adda addaatti loltoota wayyaanee irratti fudhate ibsanii, kunis hanga wayyaaneen biyya keenya gadi lakkistee baatutti itti fufa jedhaniiru.

Hariiroon Ummani Oromoo fi Ummatni Benishaangul walgidduudhaa qaban kan yeroo dhiyoo odoo hin taanee, baroota dheeraa kan lakkoofsisee dha kan jedhan Obboo Abdulwahaab, Ummatoonni keenya hariiroo hawaasummaa fi daldalaa waliin gaggeeffataa jiraniin dabalata diina isaanii waloo kan tahe mootummaa wayyaanee kuffisuudhaaf waloon sossohuun furmaata tahuu amananii waliin falmaa gaggeessaa jiru jedhan. Hariiroon qabsoo ABO waliin qabnu sirna Dargii kuffisuu keessatti ifatti mul’ateera kan jedhan Dura taa’aan SBUB, hariiroon walii tumsuu kunis kan jabaatee itti fufe tahuu addeessan.

Nuti akka Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Benishaangulitti, dhaabbilee mirga ummata isaaniif falman akka ABO, ABBO, kan Gaambeellaa fi kanneen biroo waliinis marii gaggeessuudhaan “cunqursaa mootummaa wayyaaneetti xumura gochuudhaan Bilisummaa Ummatootaa mirkaneessuuf harka wal qabatanii falmaa finiinsuu malee filmaanni biraa hin jiru kan jedhurra geenyee, waliinis hojjechaa jirra jedhaniiru.

Gaaffii fi deebiin Dura taa’aan Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata Benishangul Obboo Abdulwahaab Mahdii Iisaa SBO sagantaa Afaan Amaaraa waliin taasisan Sagantaa SBO Roobii dhufuu (Hagayya 26 bara 2015) kan dhihaatu ta’uus garanumaan beeksisna.



የኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ: የቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ ሊቀመንበር ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ ማህዲ ኢሳ ጋር ቃለ-መጠይቅ

የወያኔ መንግስት በህዝቦች ላይ እያደረሰ ላለው ጭቆና ፍጻሜ በማበጀት የህዝቦችን ነጻነት ለማረጋገጥ እጅ ለእጅ ተያይዞ ፍልሚያውን ከማፋፋም በስተቀር ኣማራጭ የሌለ መሆኑ የቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ ሊቀመንበር ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ ማህዲ ኢሳ ከኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለ-መጠይቅ ገለጹ።
የቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ ሊቀመንበር ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ ማህዲ ኢሳ ከኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ ጋር ማደረጉት ቃለ-መጠይቅ በርካታ ጉዳዮችን ኣንስተዋል።

  • የቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ የደርግ ስርዓት በህዝቦች ትግል ተገርስሶ የወያኔ ኣምባገነን ስርዓት ስልጣኑን በሃይል ከተቆጣጠረ ወዲህም የሚደርስበት የፖለቲካና ኢኮኖሚ ጭቆና እጅግ እየከፋ መሄዱን ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ ገልጸዋል። በዘመነ-ወያኔ/ህወሃት ከመሬት መፈናቀልና መሰደድ እንዲሁም እስራትና ግድያ በኣስከፊ ሁኔታ በቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ላይ መፈጸሙን ያመለከቱ ሲሆን፡ በኣባይ ግድብ ሳቢያ የቤኒሻንጉል ዜጎች መሬታቸውን ተቀምተው ወደ ሱዳን ለመሰደድ መዳረጋቸውን ጠቅሰዋል። በዚህም ከሁዱንዱ ኣካባቢ ከ100,000 በላይ ዜጎች መኖሪያ ቤቶቻቸው ወያኔ ባሰማራባቸው ዶዘር መኪኖች ፈራርሰው መሬታቸው ስርዓቱ ከሰሜን ባመጣቸው ሰፋሪዎች መያዙና ለቻይና ባለሃብቶች መሸጡን ተናግረዋል።
  • በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ በኣሁኑ ጊዜ በቤኒሻንጉል ኣካባቢ እየተካሄደ ካለው ህዝባዊ ኣመጽ በተለይም ነሃሴ 14 ቀን 2015ዓም ከተካሄደው ህዝባዊ ኣመጽ ጋር ተያይዞ የወያኔ መንግስት በርካታ ዜጎችን መግደሉንና ማቁሰሉን እንዲሁም በጅምላ ማሰሩን ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ የስርዓቱ ጥቃት ሰለባ የሆኑትን የቤኒሻንጉል ዜጎች ስም ዝርዝር በመጥቀስ ኣጋልጠዋል።

የቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ የ2007 የወያኔ ምርጫ ላይ ኣልተሳተፈፍ ያሉት የንቅናቄ ሊ/መንበር፡ ህዝቡ መብቱ እንዲከበር እያካሄደ ያለውን ኣመጽ ኣፋፍሞ ከመቀጠሉ ጋር ተያይዞ ወያኔ ህዝባዊ የመብት ጥያቄውን በሃይል ለማፈን ባሰማራቸው ካድሬዎቹና የታጠቁ ሃይሎች ኣማካይነት ዘግናኝ ግድያና የጅምላ እስራት መፈጸሙን ኣመልክተዋል። ወያኔ ያሰማራቸው ወታደሮች ንጹሃን የቤኒሻንጉል ዜጎችን “ከቤኒሻጉል ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ ጋር ትስስር ኣላችሁ“ በሚል በገበያ ውስጥ በጥይት መግደላቸውን ተከትሎ የተፈጠረውን ህዝባዊ ቁጣ በሃይል ለማፈን በከፈቱት የተኩስ እሩምታ 12 ዜጎች ወዲያውኑ እንደተገደሉ የሟቾችን ስም ዝርዝር በመጥቀስ ገልጸዋል ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ።

ከዚህም በተጨማሪ የ95, የ75ና የ60 ዓመት ኣዛውንቶች የሚገኙበት ከ30 የሚልቁ ዜጎች በኣሶሳ ወህኒ ቤት መታጎራቸውን ጠቁመው፡ 5 ዜጎች ደግሞ በወታደራዊ ካምፕ ውስጥ ሰቆቃ ሲፈጸምባቸው ከሰነበቱ በኋላ የወያኔ ወታደሮች በሰጧቸው የተመረዘ ምግብ መገደላቸውን ተናግረዋል።

የወያኔ ስርዓት በቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ላይ በከፈተው ዘመቻ ክፉ-ደጉን የማያውቁ 35 ህጻናት በኣሳዛኝ ሁኔታ በጥይት መደብደባቸውን የጠቀሱት ሊ/መንበሩ፡ በወያኔ ወታደሮች የሽብር ጥቃት የቆሰሉ 285 ዜጎች ኣሶሳ ያለው ራሻ ሆስፒታል እንደሚገኙና ከ30,000 በላይ ዜጎች ደግሞ ለስደት መዳረጋቸውን ከኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለ-መጠይቅ ገልጸዋል። በቤኒሻንጉል ኣካባቢ ያለው ህዝባዊ ተቃውሞና የስርዓቱ ሃይሎች ወንጀል በሚዲያ እንዳይጋለጥ ወያኔ ማንኛውንም ሚዲያ ማገዱንም ኣጋልጠዋል።

  • በወያኔ መንግስት ህዝባችን ላይ የሚፈጸመው ጭቆና ተጠናክሯል ያሉት ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ ማህዲ ኢሳ፡ ይህንን ጭቆና ለመቀልበስም በኣሁኑ ጊዜ በርካታ ወጣቶች ወደንቅናቄው ሰራዊት እየተቀላቀሉ መሆናቸውን ተናግረዋል። ህዝቡም ኣስፈላጊውን መስዋዕትነት ከፍሎ ነጻነቱን ለመጎናጸፍ ያለውን ቆርጥነት በማሳየት ከቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ ጎን በመቆም ፍልሚያውን እያፋፋመና ድጋፉን ለድርጅታችን እየለገሰ ነው በለዋል። የቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ነጻነትንቅናቄ ሰራዊት በወያኔ ስርዓት ላይ የሚያወስደውን እርምጃ ማጠናከሩን በተለያዩ ጊዜያት የተወሰደኡ እርምጃዎችን በመጥቀስ ያመለከቱት ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ ይህ ጥቃትም ወያኔ እስከሚወገድ እንደሚቀጥል ይፋ ኣድርገዋል።
  • በወያኔ ስርዓት ለጭቆና ከተዳረጉ ህዝቦች ጋር ያለውን ትብብርና ኣጋርነት በተመለከተም ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ ተናግረዋል። የኦሮሞና የቤኒሻንጉል ህዝቦች ግንኙነትና የትግል ትብብር ኣሁን የተጀመረ ሳይሆን በርካታ ኣመታትን ያስቆጠረ መሆኑን የተናገሩት ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ በህዝቦች መካከል ያለው ግንኙነት በንግድና ማህበራዊ መስኩ ከመቀጠሉም ባሻገር የጋራ ጠላት የሆነውን የወያኔ ስርዓት ለማስወገድ በጋራ መንቀሳቀስ ብቸኛው ኣማራጭ መሆኑን በመገንዘብ በትብብር ፍልሚያ እያካሄደ መሆኑን ለኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ በሰጡት ቃል ኣብራርተዋል። ከኦሮሞ ነጻነት ግንባር ጋር ያለን ግንኙነት የደርግ ስርዓትን በመገርሰሱ ሂደት በገሃድ የታየ ነው ካሉ በኋላ ይህ ትብብርም ተጠናክሮ ይቀጥላል በለዋል።

የወያኔ መንግስት በህዝቦች ላይ እያደረሰ ላለው ጭቆና ፍጻሜ በማበጀት የህዝቦችን ነጻነት ለማረጋገጥ እጅ ለእጅ ተያይዞ ፍልሚያውን ከማፋፋም በስተቀር ሌላ ኣማራጭ የሌለ መሆኑን በመገንዘብ ድርጅታቸው የቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ ከኦነግ፣ ኦብነግ፣ ጋምቤላና ለህዝባቸው ነጻነት ከሚታገሉ ሌሎችም ድርጅቶች ጋር ውይይት በማድረግ የትግል ትብብር ፈጥረው እየተንቀሳቀሱ መሆኑን የቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ ሊቀመንበር ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ ማህዲ ኢሳ ከኦሮሞ ነጻነት ድምጽ ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለ-መጠይቅ ገለጸዋል።

ከቤኒሻንጉል ህዝብ ነጻነት ንቅናቄ ሊቀመንበር ኣቶ ኣብዱልወሃብ ማህዲ ኢሳ ጋር የተደረገውን ቃለ-መጠይቅ ሙሉ ይዘን ርቡዕ(ነሓሴ 26 ቀን 2015ዓም) በሚቀርበው ዝግጅታችን ኣናቀርባለን።