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Oromia: Artist Saliha Sami Releases Raya Music “Sanggawwee Raayyaa/Gumaayyee” in Afan Oromo [the National Language of Raya & Azebo]; Short documentary on Oromoo Raayyaa. November 7, 2015

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???????????Oromo artist saliha samiGirl from the Raya Wollo tribe at Hayk market. Ethiopia. johangerrits

Raayyaan Raayyuuma, OromooOromo RaayyaaOromo from Raayya at Irreecha Malakaa 2015, Hora Harsadi, Bishoftu October 4, 2015








OBS TV: Qophii HarKa Fuune Wellistu Saalihaa Saamii


Artist Saaliyaa Saamii Oromoo Raayaa Keessatti Waan Ajaa’ibaa Arge, Jeetti


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