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Why trickle-down economics won’t eliminate poverty November 23, 2015

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Odaa OromooTrickle down economicsEconomic output and global creative index


When it comes to eliminating poverty, the degree to which the benefits of growth are shared can have a significant impact on outcomes. According to Martin Ravallion, the former head of research at the World Bank, as cited in The Economist, a 1% increase in incomes in the most unequal countries produces a mere 0.6% reduction in poverty; however in the most equal countries, it yields a 4.3% cut. In other words, societies can get much more ‘bang from a boom’ if they ensure benefits are more widely shared.This brings us to the point at which trickle-down theory ends and inclusive growth begins. According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), inclusive growth is “a new approach to economic growth that aims to improve living standards and share the benefits of increased prosperity more evenly across social groups”.Inclusive growth refers to both the pace and pattern of growth, which are considered interlinked and therefore need to be addressed together. Inclusiveness represents equality of opportunity in terms of access to markets, resources and an unbiased regulatory environment for businesses and individuals. In a nutshell, it is not just about the quantity of growth within our economies and societies, but also about its quality.

Source: Why trickle-down economics won’t eliminate poverty

On Ethiopian Famine 2015/2016:Despite its higher severity in terms of intensity and magnitude as compared to similar humanitarian crises in recent time, the current hunger in Ethiopia doesn’t receive adequate response yet from national and international aid organizations. November 23, 2015

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???????????Ethiopia in 2015, catatrphic famine, over 15 million people affectedFamine in Ethiopia 2015Famine Ethiopia 2015 BBC report

On Ethiopian Hunger 2015

By  Tolera Fikru Gemta,  Social Media  (Facebook)

Despite its higher severity in terms of intensity and magnitude as compared to similar humanitarian crises in recent time, the current hunger in Ethiopia doesn’t receive adequate response yet from national and international aid organizations. Though good news are coming about bilateral aid support from U.S and certain EU members, the INGOs which have got ample experience in the area of humanitarian responses in the country are either still on the stage of preparation or did not yet plan to respond. The irresponsible position of the ruling party-EPRDF – that claimed the drought would not be beyond government capacity- might have contributed for the late and/ or no response acts of the aid organizations.

Moreover, Aid organizations become more curious about their mandate/roles and forced to operate under strict precaution (even in the case of emergency interventions) since the new civil society law enacted in the year 2009- that explicitly prohibited them to undertake any right based projects. The critical question usually asked by the practitioners goes, “is there any thing as such which can not be a right in the development endeavor? be it education, livelihood, economic empowerment or emergency food support?”. The ruling elites have never wanted to properly address such confusions emanated from their notorious enactment, as their main intention is to narrow dawn the space of civil society in Ethiopia’s political engagements.

Whatever the reasons, the emergency response support to millions who are severely affected by the disaster is already delaying. The results of such irresponsible acts might claim the lives of the vulnerable groups, if the trend continues so. The internationally accepted “Humanitarian” principles and standards are being compromised in Ethiopia due political irresponsibility in the ruling elites and lack of adequate sensitivity in the aid sector. The hunger incident has already severely affected the life of 15 million people through putting at least six regional states in “red level” hot spot situation. Oromia regional state having more than 125 most affected districts is leading in the humanitarian crisis. It should be noted that the recurrent drought crisis is proportionally shifting to South of the country during the recent incidents.

The claimed “food aid” through various government owned mechanisms do not address the need of all affected communities fairly and equally mainly due to autocratic political acts. The target community/ localities that showed their support to opposition forces during the recent national election 2015, for instant, would be discriminated by blind cadres during such government based aid support. Denial of such food aid-humanitarian support- to certain severely affected households due to failing to pay membership fee for OPDO- ruling party in Oromia region- was also observed in some areas.

Thus, alternative emergency response interventions should be in placed immediately. The Aid Organizations (INGOs) and other national civil society organizations as well as the entire community should act now, irrespective the prevailing political and bureaucratic challenges.


SBO – Sadaasa 22, 2015. Oduu, Qophii Beelaa, Dhimmoota Adda Addaa Irratti Gaaffii fi Deebii Namoota Gara Garaa Waliin Taasifamee fi Qophiilee Biroo





Oromia (Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Miidhagaa Tolaa): Gazaxessoonii bayyeen dhaabbiilee sabqunnamtii itoophiyaa irra Godina Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Miidhagaa Tolaa (miidhagaa lolaa) dhaquun waa’ee hoongeefi abaar yeroo isan nama gafachuu barbadaan, Bulchaan Aanaa Miidhagaa namonni akkaa ittii dhihatanii hin dubanne dhorkaa turan. Boodarra garuu nama dhalaa takkaa kanuma warrii Aanaa qopheysee qabanii haseysaan. Isiiniis waan isaan dhooysuu barbadaan osoo hin dhooysiin ittii himtee


Amharic Program-በኢትዮጵያ በተደጋጋሚ እየተከሰተ ባለው ረሃብ ዙሪያ ከእሸቱ ሆማ እና ግርማ ጉታማ ጋር የተደረግ ወቅታዊ ዉይይት:: Nov. 21, 2015


OBSTV :Qophii Qe’ee Oromoo, Yaa’ii Gumii Caffee Tokkuummaa Abbooti Gadaa Oromo November 23, 2015

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Oromo nation and Gadaa system

Qophii Qe’ee Oromoo, Yaa’ii Gumii Caffee Tokkuummaa Abbooti Gadaa Oromo kutaa 1ffaa.







OBS Gullallee Show: Yooyyaa: Seenaa Qabsoo Oromoo Tuulamaa (Gullallee) November 23, 2015

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???????????Qe'ee Tufaa MunaaFinfinnee Oromo culture CentreOromia cities, sub cities and towns with their original ancient khemetic Oromo names and their corresponding colonial, Abyssinian names







Oromia: Gaaffii fi Deebii Wallistuu Oromoo Muluu Baqqalaa Walin. Interview with Artist Muluu Baqqalaa November 23, 2015

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Oromo artist muluu Baqqalaa




Oromia (Midaaqanyi, Irreecha Birraa 2015): Aanaa Midaaqanyiitti Ayyaanni Irreechaatiifi Sirna Gadaa Oromoo jabeessu kabajamee ooleera. November 23, 2015

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???????????Irreecha Birraa Oromo @ Midaaqanyi ( Galma Calalaqii), Central Oromia, 15 November 2015

Irreecha Birraa Oromo @ Midaaqanyi ( Galma Calalaqii), Central Oromia1, 15 November 2015Irreecha Birraa Oromo @ Midaaqanyi ( Galma Calalaqii), Central Oromia 2, 15 November 2015Irreecha Birraa Oromo @ Midaaqanyi ( Galma Calalaqii), Central Oromia 3, 15 November 2015Irreecha Birraa Oromo @ Midaaqanyi ( Galma Calalaqii), Central Oromia 4, 15 November 2015Irreecha Birraa Oromo @ Midaaqanyi ( Galma Calalaqii), Central Oromia 5, 15 November 2015


Irreecha Birraa( Malkaa) Oromo celebrated in Midaaqanyi (Central Oromia) on 15 November 2015. Over one million people in attendance.

Akka sadarkaa biyyoolessatti kan kabajame Irreecha Malkaa Hora Arsadii booda Oromiyaa godina adda addaa keessatti ayyaan Irreechaa (Irreessaa) kabajamaa ture, isaan keessaa Malkaa Ateetee, Bokkuu Cittuu, Malkaa Hawaas, Hora Haadhoo, Karrayyuu, Naqamte, Odaa Bisli, Jimma, Haroo Maayaa fi Goonde yoo ta’u Sadaasa 15 bara 2015 immoo Aanaa Midaaqeny keessatti Wiirtuu Aadaa fi dhuggeeffata Oromo kan Galma Calalaqiitti  bakka irreeffattoonni milyoona tokko ol irreeffatanitti sirna ho’aan kabajamee ooleera. 


(OMN:Oduu Sadaasa 15,2015): Kabajaa Ayyaana kanaa irratti godinaalee Oromiyaa gara garaa irraa uummanni Oromoo miliyoonaa olii akka irratti himaatan, Abbaan Muudaa Ittafaa Carrataa OMNtti himaneeran.
Godina Shawaa Lixaa Aanaa Midaaqanyiitti Ayyaanni Irreechaatiifi Sirna Gadaa Oromoo jabeessuuf uummanni Oromoo miliyoonaa olii irratti himaachuun jila jilifataa akka oolan, Abbaan Muudaa Ittafaa Carrataa OMNtti himaneeran.
Ayyaanni Irreechaatiifi Sirni Gadaa Oromoo jabeessuuf, uummanni Oromoo godinaalee Oromiyaa gara garaa irraa akka hirmaatan, Abbaan Muudaa kun addeessaneeran.
Ayyaana Irreechaa dabalatee Sirni Gadaa Oromootiifi aadaan Oromoo, sirnoota alagaan oli aantummaa irratti qabaate keessatti hacuucamaa akka tureefi, bu’aa qabsoo dhiigaatiin argamaa jiruun, aadaan keenna deebi’ee lataa akka jiru Abbaa Muudaa Ittafaan himaneeran.
Oromoon tokko akka ta’uuf, akkasuma aadaafi afaan isaa akka jabeeffatuuf, Abbaa Muudaa Ittafaa Carranaa dhamaneeran.

Daani’eel Bariisoo Areeriitu gabaase.



Sadaasa 15/2015 Godina Lixa Shagaggar AANAA MIDAA QANYIItti Ayyaanni Irreechaa Malkaa Calalaqii Bifa Adda ta’ee fi Haala Hedduu Dammaqinsa Qabuu fi Mormii Sirna Faashistii Wayyaaneen kan guutameen Dargaggootni Oromoo ABO fi Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo Faarsuun Kabajatan. Ayyaanni Irreechaa Kun jalbultiin isaa bifa ho’aa ta’een Galma Abbaa Gadaa Warraa Maccaa galma Abbaa Gadaa ‘Ittafaa Caarraataa Guutamaa’ kan ta’ee Diirree Calalaqiitti haala heedduu nama ajaa’ibuun jalbultiin isaa kan kaleessa irraa eegaluun kabajamuu eegalee guyyaa har’aa Malkaa Calalaqiitti bakka uummatni Oromoo Kumootaan lakka’amanitti bifa addaan kabajame.Guyyaa Jalbultii Ayyaana kanaa Irraa eegaluun Uummatni Oromoo Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaawwaan Kanneen akka: Midaa Qanyii, Calliyaa, Iluu Galaan,Baabbichaa, Tokkee Kuttaayee, fi Godina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa Aanaa Jimmaa Raaree fi Guduruu irraa jalbultii Ayyaana Irreecha Malkaa Calaalaqii kana irratti dammaqinsa guddaan kan argamuu danda’an ta’uun gabaafamee jira. IMG_20151108_041757

Goototni Dargaggootni fi Barattootni Oromoo Walleelee Warraaqsaan ABO,Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo fi gootota ilmaan Oromoo
Qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo irratti Wareegamaan faarsuun mormii guddaa sirna faashistii wayyaaneef qaban ifatti muldhisaniru. Dargaggootni
Oromoo Walleelee Warraaqsaa fi Dhaadannoo Qabsoo Bilisummaa farsan kanneen armaan gadii kana dhageesisuun mootummaa wayyaaee
1. Korma Guduruu ABO keenyadha duruu, ABO’n lafa fi biyya dabarsee hin gurguruu, kanaan Booda garbummaan nu ga’eera abbaan irree wayyaanee OPDO’n nu hin bulchitu,
2.Master planiin Finfinnee fi Magaalota Oromiyaa haqamuun dirqama, Wayyaaneen OPDO’n Oromiyaa gurgurachuuf maaliif muddama?
3. Dhaabni keenya ABO dha, Kaayyoon keenya Bilisummaa fi walabummaadha, FInfinneen kan keenya, Oromiyaan kan keenyaa, bittaa
halagaa hin barbaannu, hidhamtootni Oromoo hiikamuu qabu, Barataa dammaqii, Barsiisaa dammaqi, Qotee bulaa dammaqi, Oromoo dammaqi
jechuun sagalee dhaadannoo jajjabaa fi dheekkamsaan guutame dhageesisan.
4.Kanaan booda kan nu bulchu ABO dha, ABO dimookiraasii fi bulchiinsa gaariitti amana, ABO’n mirga ilma namaa fi dimookiraasii ni
kabachiisa, jechuun labsii dhaadannoo fi walleelee warraaqsaan guutame dabarfatan.
5.Ilmaan Oromoo wayyaaneen bara baraan rasaasaan akka bineessa adamsee ajjeesaa jiruuf itti gaafatamuu qaba, OPDO itti gaafatamuu qaba,
6.Caffeen Oromiyaa Oromoo fi Oromiyaa gurguraa waan jiruuf seeratti dhiyaachu qaba jechuun wallee fi dhaadannoon mormii sirna garboonfata
wayyaaneef qaban ibsachuun bifa adda ta’een Ayyaanni Irreechaa Malkaa Calalaqii kabajamuu Maddeen keenya achiitti argamanitu gabaase.
Mootummaan Abbaa Irree Wayyaanee humna Waraanaa guddaa Daandiiwwaan gara Aanaa Midaa Qanyiitti geessuu hundarratti loltootaa
fi poolisii kora bittinneessa jedhamu ramaduun Sakkatta’insa guddaa gaggeessuun uummatni sodaatee akka karaa irratti deebi’uuf yaaliin
guddaan waraana wayyaanee kanaan godhamee fi loltootnii fi poolisootni Wayyaaneef ergamanii bulan Odaa Doodaa uffattan ABO,WBO fi Qeerroo
bilisummaa Oromoo faarsitan jechuun dargaggootaa fi uummata ugguranii karaatti deebisuu fi akka namni sodaatee deebi’uuf shirri guddaan
dalagamee uummatni I fi dargaggootni barattootni Qeerroon Oromoo gamtaa isaa jabeeffachuun lafa duudhaa keenyaa fi seenaa keenyaa
Irreecha irra nu dhorkuun yakka jechuun uummatni diddaadhumaan sirna kabaja Ayyaana Irreechaa Malkaa Calalaqii irratti kan argamanii
walleelee warraaqsaan qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo,ABO ,WBO fi Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo faarsaa kan olaanii fi Ayyaanicha haalaan kan
miidhaksan ta’uu Maddeen keenya sirna Ayyaanaa Irreechaa Malkaa Calalaqii irratti argaman gabaasan.waraabbii video,suuraa fi audio kan
isin qaqqabsiifnu ta’uu isin hubachiifna.


International Oromo Women’s Organization’s Appeal on the Urgent Case of Mr. Dabasa Guyo’s Disappearance and Other Refugees in Kenya November 23, 2015

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???????????International Oromo Women's Organization


November 6, 2015

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Fax: +41 22 917 9022 (particularly for urgent matters)
E-mail: tb-petitions@unhcr.org

Mr. Antonio Guterres United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR)
Case Postale 2500 CH-1211 Geneve 2 Depot Suisse
Email: infoDesk@ohchr.org; GUTERR@unhcr.org

The UNHCR Representation in Kenya
PO Box 43801-00100 GPO
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 41 22 739 7280

The President of the Republic of Kenya
President Uhuru Kenyatta

Harambee Avenue
P.O. Box 74434 – 00200
Nairobi, Kenya.

The International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC) delegation in Ethiopia
Bole Sub city-, Kebele 12/13, House no. New
P. O. Box 5701
Phone: (+251 11) 647 83 00
Fax: (+251 11) 647 83 01
Head of delegation: Mr REYNOLDS James

The ICRC regional delegation in Kenya
Denis Pritt Road
P.O. Box 73226 – 00200
(covers Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania)
Phone: (+25420) 2723 963 – 4 – 5
Fax: (+25420) 2713003

Head of regional delegation: Mr MEYRAT Thierry
Media contact persons: Ms KILIMO Anne
Phone : (+254 20 2723963
Mobile (+254) 0722 202039
Mobile: (+254) 733 622 026

Subject: Appeal on the urgent case of Mr. Dabasa Guyo’s disappearance and other Refugees in Kenya

Dear All,

I am writing this appeal letter on behalf of the International Oromo Women’s Organization (IOWO), a Non-Profit, Non-governmental Organization established to promote gender equality and be the voice for the voiceless.

The oppressed people in Ethiopia that include the majority of Oromo people fled their home to escape government persecutions, killings, arbitrary arrest, and abductions in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government spearheaded by the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), came to power in the early 1990’s. Since that time until present, mass killings, arbitrary arrests, abductions, and evicting people from their home become the day-to-day activities of the government forces. Hundreds and thousands of Oromo and other nationals run away to escape from such government actions.
However, the government security forces hunt refugees in neighboring countries, assassinate or abduct and take back to Ethiopia for further torture and killing.

I.  Few examples of mass killings by Government forces in Ethiopia since TPLF came to power:

• The mass killing of University Students in Ambo and other cities April/ May 2014 on the peaceful demonstration against the expansion of Addis Ababa city to other neighboring Oromia cities, which is still continuing. (BBC News May 2, 2014, http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-27251331).

• The massacre of Muslim peaceful protestors April and August 2013 in Asasa and Kofele, Oromia, killed at least 26. ( Extracted from the report of CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation report 19th Session of the UPR Working Group Submitted 16 September 2013)

This is in violation of religious freedom provided in the country’s constitution of 1995 Article 11/3 which states “The state shall not interfere in religious matters and religion shall not interfere in state affairs”.

• The massacre of members of the Suri tribe took place in December 2012, at least 147 Suris killed. (extracted from HRLHA Statement Feb.2013).

• The Massacre of Oromos Gara Sufi in February 2007. The victims age range from 14 years old Ayisha Ali to seventy years old Ahmed Mohamed Kuree. (VOA Afaan Oromo program on Wednesday Feb. 21, 2007).

• The Massacre after 2005 National election, Addis Ababa in which 193 unarmed demonstrators killed (www.abbaymedia.com), BBC News (http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/mpapps/pagetools/print/news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6064638.stm)

• The massacre of Anuak on 13 December 2003. (http://www.abbaymedia.com/pdf/Press_Release/Remembering_the_Anuak_Massacre_of_December_13_2003.pdf),

Human Rights Watch, (https://www.hrw.org/news/2005/03/23/ethiopia-crimes-against-humanity-gambella-region).

• The Locke, Sidama, Massacre 24 May 2002 killing 46 and wounded 44. (OSG No. 38).

• The Massacare of Sheko and Majenger people on 11 March 2002, at least 128 dead. (By Nita Bhalla BBC, Addis Ababa, Tuesday, 16 July, 2002, 11:39 GMT 12:39 UK).

• The Massacre of Addis Ababa University Students of April 18, 2001, in violations of Academic freedom 51 dead and 250 wounded. (BBC news, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/1284608.stm) and (Abbay media, http://abbaymedia.com/remembering-april-2001%E2%80%B2s-massacre-of-ethiopian-students/)

• The Massacare of Babo Gambel village West Wollega on 28 April 1995, 27 people were summarily executed by the EPRDF army in the Babo Gambel village in Jarso District at a places called Shimala Ture and Qiltu near Ganda Sheik in western wollega. (Report from Sue Pollock 13 April
1996 Schottlands National Newspaper PP.10-13).

And others.

II.  Some examples of individuals abducted by Ethiopian Security forces and disappeared or not known their whereabouts.

  • Amanti (Shafee) Abdisaa abducted by Ethiopian Airport security men on August 20, 2000 at Addis Ababa Airport after he boarded the plane for conference in Nairobi representing the Ethiopian Environmental Organization he was working for. (OSG Press Release No.38).
  • Engineer Banti Guddataa Hirpha: Abducted by armed men January 5, 1998 in Addis Ababa around Behere Tsige in his firiend’s house. (OSG press release n. 23).
  • Efrem (Xibabu) Kaba: abducted from Addis Ababa November 17, 2000. (OSG press release n. 39).
  • Lammessa Boru: Arrested on September 17, 1992 near Dembi Dollo by EPRDF soldiers in Toyota land cruiser, later seen in military hospital in Jimma, but disappeared from there since October 23, 1992. (AI Index: AFR 25/06/95)
  • Yosef Ayele Bati: Arrested by unidentified security officer, on November 27, 1992 in Addis Ababa. (Amnesty International: http://bit.ly/yosefbati).
  • Zerihun Kinati Dheressa: Abducted by armed plain clothe men and uniformed police in Addis Ababa on October 17, 1997. (OSG press release 20).

According to different sources:

  • Nadhi Gamada: Detained in 1994 by the Ethiopian security force. Since then his whereabouts is unknown.
  • Jirenya Ayana and Temesgen Adaba: Abducted by government security men when walking near “Urael Church” in Addis Ababa in August 1995 and disappeared.
  • Bekele Dawano Hebano: Disappeared while in detention in 1993.
  • Dachasa (Masfin) Bayana Iticha: Abducted in Addis Ababa around “Mesalemiya” near the City Hotel by government security men in September 1995.
  • Dagaagaa Bayisaa: Abducted in 1993 while traveling by bus between Siree and Nekempt, and last seen in an underground cell at Bakko.
  • Daniel (Ida’aa) Akkummaa: Arrested in Addis Ababa in 1992. Since then his whereabouts is unknown.
  • Dereje Qana’aa: Disappeared in February 19, 1992 from the place he was teaching in Bodji in Wallaga.
  • Mustafa Idris: Disappeared on his way to home from work in Addis Ababa on May 31, 1994.
  • Takele Oljirraa: Abducted by government intelligence men in November 1992, near “Teklehaymanot” area (Addis Ababa), another person detained in 1994 believes he saw Takale in the Kasainchis secret detetion center in Addis Ababa (OSG August 1995 press release report, p. 13).
  • Takalinyi Dago: Abducted from Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian Secret Service, on January 14, 1996.
    Due to such brutal actions of government forces, some escaped and ended up their lives in Ocean/sea, some suffered in Yemen and other countries, and some seeking asylum in Kenya and waiting for the resettlement option in third countries.
    We thank the Kenya government and people for their hospitality. However, the Ethiopian government forces extended their brutal actions in killing or abducting and taking back, torture and put in prison or kill them.

III. Some examples of such Ethiopian government actions mentioned in “AN OPEN PETITION” of the Oromo Refugee community in Kenya to the UNHCR, September 2013, the followings are the victims of killings and abductions by Ethiopian security forces and mercenaries in neighboring countries:


1. Jatani Ali<img class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-5585src=”http://i2.wp.com/www.ayyaantuu.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Jatani-Ali.jpg?resize=100%2C100″ alt=”Jatani Ali” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />Jatani Ali, Borana, Oromo leader, former Provincial Governor of Borana Province in Southern Oromia, shot dead by the operatives of Tigray People’s Liberation Front Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (TPLF/EPRDF) in Nairobi on 2nd July, 1992.

2. In 2003, asylum seeker Mr. Halakhe Diidoo was killed by Ethiopian security in the town of Moyale – Kenya as he crossed to seek asylum.

3. In 2004, Mr. Areeroo Galgalo was gunned down in Moyale – Kenya just some 50 metres away from Moyale Police Station as he was heading to seek asylum at the police station.

4. On 4th September 2007, Mr. Gaaromse Abdisaa was shot dead in Moyale town – Kenya while in bid to save his life and seek asylum.

5. 6th November 2007, a group of ten (10) Oromo refugees were attacked in their living apartment in Eastleign Nairobi. At least two were killed on the sport and some injured.

6. On 20th March 2010, Mr. Asefa Alemu Tana, a refugee with UNHCR File No.: Neth 029833/1 was found dead at his home near a bathroom, with deep head injuries. He lived in Huruma with his family members.

7. Mr. Dalacha Golicha<img class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-5586src=”http://i2.wp.com/www.ayyaantuu.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Mr.-DalachaGolicha.jpg?resize=100%2C100″ alt=”Mr. Dalacha Golicha” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />On 1st February 2013, Mr. Dalacha Golicha a registered asylum seeker with UNHCR appointment letter was shot dead at his home in Huruma Nairobi.



8. Mr. Mohamed Kedir<img class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-5587src=”http://i1.wp.com/www.ayyaantuu.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Mr.-Mohamed-Kedir.jpg?resize=100%2C100″ alt=”Mr. Mohamed Kedir” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />On 4th April 2013, Mr. Mohamed Kedir Helgol was shot dead and left in his private car along Eastleign Street. It’s our great belief with no doubt that the killers of Oromo refugee are the Ethiopian secret security agents in Kenya.



9. In 1994 a twenty four year old Boru was found hanged on a tree at the backyard of the camp. Most Oromos believe that the EPRDF agents killed him.
10. In 1994 an unknown gunman, who is believed to be an EPRDF agent, shot and killed many Oromo refugees inside the refugee camp.

11. In the same year (1994), an Oromo religious man, Sheik Abdusalam Mohammed Madare, was shot and wounded seriously. As a result, many Oromos living in the camp had protested against the discriminative killings of the Oromo refugee.

12. In 1995 three Oromo houses were burnt down in Kakuma camp, where a 5 year old baby girl, Hajo Ibrahim, was killed.

13. N 1996 a frustrated Oromo refugee, who fled from the camp and was found dead in the surrounding area, after half of his body was eaten by scavengers.

14. In 1998 a group of masked gunmen, showered bullets in the Oromo section of the camp for several hours.

15. In 1998 Mr. Rashid Abubaker was found dead in Eastleign by gunmen believed to be EPRDF agents.

16. In 1999 Mr. Sulxan Adem, Awal and Mohammed Seraj were kidnapped by unknown secret agents, and disappeared.

17. On 3rd June, 2000 a young nationalist Abudulwasi Abdulaziz was killed by EPRDF government secret killing square at Juja Road at Pangani. He was a member of Oromo Traditional Band.

18. In the same year (2000) Mr. Alamu a well known and respected Oromo in Dadab, was killed by unidentified people, but it is believed that those killers were assisted by Ethiopian authorities.

19. In the same year (2000), a UNHCR field officer named Shida had found one of the Ethiopian community members who bought a gun to kill the Oromo. She was said to have brought the person to Nairobi so that he would be charged in Kenya for his killing attempt.

20. In the same year (2000), one Oromo refugee was shot and lost one of his limbs.

21. In the same year (2000), in Dadab Mr. Solomon was shot dead.

22. In 2001 Ifrah Hassen was kidnapped in Kakuma by unknown group of people and her whereabouts unknown to this date.

23. In 2001 Mr. Jamal Mussa, Mr. Mohammed Adem and Mr. Mohammed Jamal and Tofik Water all disappeared and their whereabouts are still unknown.

24. In 2001 again the one Oromo refugee was killed by planned car accident, the car was driven by an Ethiopian who is believed to be an Ethiopian government agent.

25. At the beginning of 2002 Awel Mohammed Hussen was kidnapped from Dadab, and then found while he was taken to Dolo Military Camp in Ethiopia where he was killed by EPRDF soldiers two days later.

26. In the same year four Oromo refugees escaped in Kakuma fleeing to Nairobi from planned assassination by EPRDF squad.

27. On 2nd November 2002 Mr. Indalkachaw Teshome Asefa was murdered by Ethiopian security forces in Moyale town.

28. On the same day the body of Oromo women, believed to be murdered by security force was found in the town.

29. In December, 2009 an organized attempt by the Ethiopian government to deport some innocent Oromo refugee community members Mr. Mamed Said a well known elder of the community Mr. Alemu Ware and Yesuf Mohamed was reversed by the help of concerned bodies and the cry of Oromo community members.


1. Mr. Legesse Angessa and Teklu Baleha Dhinsa were abducted from Dhadhab Refugee Camp and deported back to Ethiopia.

2. In 2005, Mr. Liiban Jarso, Olqabaa Lataa and Amansiisa Guutaa (former student from Addis Ababa University) were abducted from Eastleign, Nairobi and unlawfully deported back to Ethiopia. In connection to this and many other disappearances of Oromo refugees, hundreds of Oromo refugees marched into mass demonstration and gathered outside UNHCR office in Nairobi on 27th December 2005 to complain the rise of insecurity and abduction cases instigated by the Ethiopian government and claimed that some had been killed.

The Kenya government authority intervened and the security detectives arrested three Ethiopian men believed to be secret security agents deployed to cause atrocities to Oromo refugees in Kenya. The three; Mr. Tesfaye Alemayo and Lulu were charged and tried before the law court which ruled and ordered their deportation to Ethiopia.

3. Tesfahu Chemeda 3<img class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-5588src=”http://i0.wp.com/www.ayyaantuu.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Tesfahu-Chemeda-3.jpg?resize=100%2C100″ alt=”Tesfahu Chemeda 3″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ />On 27th April 2007 the Kenya terrorist police arrested Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda and Mesfin Abebe from a Nairobi hotel. They lived as recognized refugees since 2005 under the concern of UNHCR mandate. They were charged as suspected terrorist and arraigned before a law court in Nairobi.

Efforts by members of Oromo community, Kenya Human Rights Commission and the UNHCR to prevent their refoulement went to no avail, when on 7th May 2007 during a court hearing of Hebeus Capeaus, Kenyan officials told a local judge, and the two were already deported back to Ethiopia to face terrorism charges.” (Oromo Refugee Committee in Kenya, 2013).

Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda has been killed in Ethiopian prison and Mesfin Abebe is still in prison.

IV. Another example of mass killings in neighboring countries: According to OSA appeal letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Massacre of Oromo Refugees in Bassaso, Puntland (Somalia) on Tuesday December 01, 2009 in which at least 67 lost their lives and hundreds wounded and another time in Bassaso at different place on 02/05/09 mass massacre of 65 were brutally murdered and more than 100 others were injured.

Ethiopian government security force hunting Oromo Refugees anywhere in neighboring countries nonstop.

V. According to the recent HRLHA’s Urgent Action and Appeal of October 25, 2015, 131 Oromo refugees in Kenya targeted to be abducted or assassinated by the TPLF regime. The action started with the first named in the TPLF list, Mr. Dabasa Guyo Safarro, 80 years old, an Oromo cultural legend, resident of Mololongo, Kenya for more than thirty-five (35) years disappeared on September 27, 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya.

We are highly concerned for Mr. Dabasa Guyyo’s safety and security as well as the security of other 130 Oromo refugees named in the list.

We request President Uhuru Kenyatta and the government of Kenya to protect Oromo refugees in Kenya and stop the Ethiopian government boundary violations and harassing Oromo refugees.

We ask the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to urge the Ethiopian government stop human rights violations and abuse.

We request the ICRC to take urgent action in search of the where about of Mr. Dabasa Guyyo and safe his life.

We request the UNHCR to protect registered refugees and urgently work on their applications to secure asylum request to third countries.

We request the third countries governments and societies to support refugees who are in urgent need of security for their lives in providing asylum and urgent process for their resettlement.

Peace and justice for all,

Yours Sincerely,

Dinknesh Deressa Kitila
International Oromo women’s Organization
Board Director

Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere!!!


OMN: Jim Bernholtz’s Appeal on The Disappearance of Dabbasa Guyyo Nov. 14, 2015


Oromia (Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Miidhagaa Tolaa): Gazaxessoonii bayyeen dhaabbiilee sabqunnamtii itoophiyaa irra Godina Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Miidhagaa Tolaa (miidhagaa lolaa) dhaquun waa’ee hoongeefi abaar yeroo isan nama gafachuu barbadaan, Bulchaan Aanaa Miidhagaa namonni akkaa ittii dhihatanii hin dubanne dhorkaa turan. Boodarra garuu nama dhalaa takkaa kanuma warrii Aanaa qopheysee qabanii haseysaan. Isiiniis waan isaan dhooysuu barbadaan osoo hin dhooysiin ittii himtee November 23, 2015

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???????????Famine in Ethiopia 2015


(Oromia Press): Gaaafa sadaasa 21, 2015 gazaxessoonii bayyeen dhaabbiilee sabqunnamtii itoophiyaa irra Godina Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Miidhagaa Tolaa (miidhagaa lolaa) dhaquun waa’ee hoongeefi abaar yeroo isan nama gafachuu barbadaan, Bulchaan Aanaa Midhaga namonni akkaa ittii dhihatanii hin dubanne dhorkaa turan. Boodarra garuu nama dhalaa takkaa kanuma warrii Aanaa qopheysee qabanii haseysaan. Isiiniis waan isaan dhooysuu barbadaan osoo hin dhooysiin ittii himtee.

Waan dubartiin san gaazexeessitootattii himtee keysaa akkana jatteen “Nuti hoongeen nuttii hammattee jirtii. Namnii goodanaa jiraa. Anuu ammaa goodansafiin demaa. Edaa edaatuu hiraata osoon hin nyatiniin bulee. Gargaarsi yeroo dhufe mallaqaa kaffalleeti katabamnaa. Abbaan araddaa maallaqa nurraa guurrateeti nu galmeeysaa. Qarshii san kan beeyladaa qabu horii gargureetii ittii kannaa. Walumaagalatti kan qarshii dhibbaa 300 hin qabnee gargaarsa kana hin fudhatu. Gargarsii osoo ummata hoongeen miidhame biraa hin geenye namootuma muraasaaf hiramee dhuma. Gargarsi aanaa keenyaa kan caasaalee araddaatifi kanuma nama qabenyaa qabuu tahe.” jattee icitii silaa isaan dhoysuu barbadaan mara jalaa bafte.

Galgaluma san TV Oromiyaa sagantaa kana dabarsee ture. Garuu kan nama aja’ibsisuu gazaxessooni kun waan intaltii dhala san ittii himtee hin dabarsine. Kan isaan dabarsan “rakkoo beelaa hin qabnuu tan nuti qabnu rakkoo bishaan dhugatiiti” tan jattu dabarsan. Kanaas kan ja’e nama bulchaan aanaa qopheesseen kan dubbatamee dha. Wanni nama gaddisiisu garuu bulchaan ummata bulchaa jiru kun ummata moo mootummaaf akka dhaabbateedha. Sagaleen ummataa ukkamamtee ummanni beelaan dhumaa jiraachuun kun akkamitti xiqqolee garaa isaan hin nyaanne jechuun ummanni bal’aan kaabinoota aanaa komachaa jiran.

Akka odeeffannoon gara Miidhagaa Lolaatii arra nu gahe tokko ibsitutti, hoongeefi beelaan wal qabatee haalli amma naannoo sanitti argamuu akka malee yaaddeessaa tahuu irraa kan ka’e abaar akka baroota dheeraa dura naannoo sanii namoota kumaatamaan baqachiisee turee san daran tahuun shakkisiisaa jira ja’an. Gargaarsi waajibir naannoo san dhufaa jiruus kan kallattiin ummata bira gahaa jiru osoo hin taane kan aangawoota araddaafi nama qarshii qabuu qofa akka tahe ijaan agartoonni naannoo sanii himaa jiran.

Haaluma wal fakkaatuun aanaalee walakkaan horsiifatee bultootaa tahan kan akka Qumbii, Mayyumuluqqee, Gola Odaa, Baabbile, Gursumiifi Cinaaksaniis beeyladaan isaani margaaf bishaan dhabaaf jalaa dhumaa kan jirtuufi ummanniis haala yaaddeessaa taheen beelaan xuruurfamaa jiraachuufi gargaarsi dhufu eessa akka gahu wanni beekan akka hin jirre odeeffannooleen garasii nu dhaqqabaa jiru ni hima.


Oromia (Buraayyuu): Burrayyuutti dubartoonni lama ijoollee isaanii waliin hurufatti gataman. November 23, 2015

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???????????Tigrean Neftengna's land grabbing and the Addis Ababa Master plan for Oormo genocideSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people. Say no.


(OMN:Oduu Sadaasa 22,2015): Godina addaa naannawa Finfinnee qarqara Magaalaa Burraayyuutti, dubartoonni Oromoo harka qaalleeyyiifi, abbaan warraa sababa dhibee HIV AIDsiitiin irraa du’e, mana godoo keessa jiraatan keessaa ari’amanii ilmaan isaanii waliin daandiirratti akka gataman OMNtti himan.
Godina addaa naannaawa Finfinnee, Magaalaa Burraayyuu keessaa jiraataa kan turte dubartiin Oromoo Caaltuu Deebisaa jedhamtu, abbaa worraa isii dhibee HIV-AIDS’n erga dhabdeen duuba, jireenni itti hammaatee rakkinyaaf akka saaxilamteefi kiraa manaa kafalachuu dadhabuu irraa kan ka’een ijoollee isii lamaan qabattee magaalaa keessaa gara qarqara magaalaatti akka baate OMNtti himteerti. Dubartiin kun, maagaalaa Burraayyuu, qaraqara magaalatti baahuun isii, mana ona barbaaddee itti galuuf akka ta’e dubbarteerti.
Dubartiin Oromoo, Tigist Fantaayee jedhamtu tan lammeessoo ammoo, abbaa manaa isiitiifi ijoollee isii afur woliin kiraa manaa kafalachuu waan dadhabaniif, mana namni ijaarratee keessa hin jiraanne qe’ee eegaafii, mana nama biraa keessa jiraataa akka turaniifi dhumarratti worri mana qe’ee isaaniitti gallaan, carraa Caaltuu Deebisaa akka isaanirra gahe Tigisti dubbatee jirti. Dubartoonni Oromoo harka qalleeyyi ta’an Caaltuufi Tigist mana caakkaa keessatti ijaaramee oneeru, kan waggaa sadiif namni itti hin galitti, waliin akka itti galan Tigisti Faantayee OMNtti himteerti.
Dubartoota Oromoo rakkinni maatii taasisee, miseensi maatiin lamaanii namni saddeeti ji’a torbaaf namni abbaa kanaa osoo hin jedhiniin nageyaan keessa jiraataa turanii, ji’a torbaan dubbaa garuu qaamoleen mootummaa ijaaramanii kanniisa keessatti horsiisuuf matii saniin keessaa bahaa akka jedhaniin Tigisti dubbarteerti.
Durbatoonni Oromoo harka kaleeyyii kunneen kara qaamni dhimmi ilaallatu, bulchiinsa magaalaa Buurraayyuu bira yoo deemanille, “nuttu ajajee keessaa bahaa nuun jechuun, qabanii nu hidhanii qodaa keennaalle alatti darbannaan sodaannee baanee daandiirratti bahuun, ala buluu erga eegalle guyyootaa sadiin lakkosfneerraa” jedhan.
Lafa Oromoo irratti ormi cakkaafi lafa qabatee jiraataa osoo jiru, nuuti daa’immaan Oromoo harkatti baannee daandiirratti gatamuun keennaa guddaa nu gaddiseesee jira” jechuun Tigist Fantaayee dubbateerti.

Daani’eel Bariisoo Areeritu gabaase.



Biyya itti dhallanne gudanneti abban hirree Ethiopia qabeenyaa keenyaa saamuun itti xiqqaatee maati 6 mana issanii keessa gara bosonaati bineesaaf darbatee jira.Akkuma suuraa issanii armaan gadiiti argitanitti maatiin kun kan jiraachaa turan Burayyuu ganda Malika Gafarsaa Goxii Burqaa Illaala jedhamuu sabaa oromo ta’an irran kan ka’ee daimaa walin lafa ykn mana isan kessaa jiraatan fudhachuudhan gatamanii jiru.

– See more at: http://www.caboowanci.com/2015/11/22/maatin-lamii-oromo-6-bosona-keessati-gatamanii/#sthash.1EpJKlcl.0O9NfIVb.dpuf