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On Ethiopian Famine 2015/2016:Despite its higher severity in terms of intensity and magnitude as compared to similar humanitarian crises in recent time, the current hunger in Ethiopia doesn’t receive adequate response yet from national and international aid organizations. November 23, 2015

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On Ethiopian Hunger 2015

By  Tolera Fikru Gemta,  Social Media  (Facebook)

Despite its higher severity in terms of intensity and magnitude as compared to similar humanitarian crises in recent time, the current hunger in Ethiopia doesn’t receive adequate response yet from national and international aid organizations. Though good news are coming about bilateral aid support from U.S and certain EU members, the INGOs which have got ample experience in the area of humanitarian responses in the country are either still on the stage of preparation or did not yet plan to respond. The irresponsible position of the ruling party-EPRDF – that claimed the drought would not be beyond government capacity- might have contributed for the late and/ or no response acts of the aid organizations.

Moreover, Aid organizations become more curious about their mandate/roles and forced to operate under strict precaution (even in the case of emergency interventions) since the new civil society law enacted in the year 2009- that explicitly prohibited them to undertake any right based projects. The critical question usually asked by the practitioners goes, “is there any thing as such which can not be a right in the development endeavor? be it education, livelihood, economic empowerment or emergency food support?”. The ruling elites have never wanted to properly address such confusions emanated from their notorious enactment, as their main intention is to narrow dawn the space of civil society in Ethiopia’s political engagements.

Whatever the reasons, the emergency response support to millions who are severely affected by the disaster is already delaying. The results of such irresponsible acts might claim the lives of the vulnerable groups, if the trend continues so. The internationally accepted “Humanitarian” principles and standards are being compromised in Ethiopia due political irresponsibility in the ruling elites and lack of adequate sensitivity in the aid sector. The hunger incident has already severely affected the life of 15 million people through putting at least six regional states in “red level” hot spot situation. Oromia regional state having more than 125 most affected districts is leading in the humanitarian crisis. It should be noted that the recurrent drought crisis is proportionally shifting to South of the country during the recent incidents.

The claimed “food aid” through various government owned mechanisms do not address the need of all affected communities fairly and equally mainly due to autocratic political acts. The target community/ localities that showed their support to opposition forces during the recent national election 2015, for instant, would be discriminated by blind cadres during such government based aid support. Denial of such food aid-humanitarian support- to certain severely affected households due to failing to pay membership fee for OPDO- ruling party in Oromia region- was also observed in some areas.

Thus, alternative emergency response interventions should be in placed immediately. The Aid Organizations (INGOs) and other national civil society organizations as well as the entire community should act now, irrespective the prevailing political and bureaucratic challenges.


SBO – Sadaasa 22, 2015. Oduu, Qophii Beelaa, Dhimmoota Adda Addaa Irratti Gaaffii fi Deebii Namoota Gara Garaa Waliin Taasifamee fi Qophiilee Biroo





Oromia (Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Miidhagaa Tolaa): Gazaxessoonii bayyeen dhaabbiilee sabqunnamtii itoophiyaa irra Godina Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Miidhagaa Tolaa (miidhagaa lolaa) dhaquun waa’ee hoongeefi abaar yeroo isan nama gafachuu barbadaan, Bulchaan Aanaa Miidhagaa namonni akkaa ittii dhihatanii hin dubanne dhorkaa turan. Boodarra garuu nama dhalaa takkaa kanuma warrii Aanaa qopheysee qabanii haseysaan. Isiiniis waan isaan dhooysuu barbadaan osoo hin dhooysiin ittii himtee


Amharic Program-በኢትዮጵያ በተደጋጋሚ እየተከሰተ ባለው ረሃብ ዙሪያ ከእሸቱ ሆማ እና ግርማ ጉታማ ጋር የተደረግ ወቅታዊ ዉይይት:: Nov. 21, 2015



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